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  1. I guess I am the only person that actually liked Gwazi, and I sat back row on both trains as well. Well, at least this means yet another new attraction (or more; that's a lot of land) to look forward to in the near future.
  2. Sigh. FINE. Robb has taken videos of this ride a while ago, though it appears he hasn't uploaded the video to Youtube yet. I would say that this park is actually relatively famous for running most of the rides under conditions most people would not normally expect.
  3. Woo! I picked a hard one! Alright, I'll give a hint every time this thread slips into the second page of the sub-forum. At first they will still be rather cryptic, but they will eventually get clearer as people continually guess it wrong. It's a steel coaster that's not in North America.
  4. So far all guesses are incorrect. I just want to note that I don't want to spam this thread with a ton of "nope" posts, so if it's incorrect I simply won't say anything unless you say something that will further the conversation in some other manner.
  5. Alright, I got a hard one. (Or at least I think it is.) Hint: Only two threads on TPR have ever been made about the park in which the coaster resides.
  6. I've been trying to look for a carnival database and have yet to find one that still exists; ridesdb used to be exactly that (pretty much the rcdb of carnivals) but that site is down now. Does anyone know of an equivalent? (Not flatrides.com; that site hasn't been updated in years.)
  7. Orlando's seriously been exploding in growth over the last few years.
  8. Holy. Crap. I'm.... I'm in love. Orlando's been absolutely exploding in the past few years.
  9. West View Park Racing Whippet? This has multiple drops into a ravine and there is an NL recreation of it somewhere. It's defunct, too. http://rcdb.com/2049.htm
  10. Here's another one with a Batman clone - and a women's day! http://rcdb.com/5128.htm I was looking on Youtube for a POV of that Schwarzkopf that they have. Sadly, I was unable to find a POV of it, but I instead found a video of a monster of a flat ride at the same park, the likes of which I have never seen before:
  11. True. And two of them are my 2nd and 3rd favourite rides! I've been hearing this year (especially from this trip) that the last bit of skyrush was not as intense as the rest but when I rode it last year that last airtime hill was just as insane as the others. Also, I'm like you. The only thing that keeps it from being my favourite coaster are the restraints. As I have said previously, I believe I figured out the reason; it seems that they are running Train 2 (the one with the softer restraints) more often. They are more comfortable and they therefore seem more tame; somehow the pain is perceived as intensifying the ride. When I went in August, I ended up riding both trains, and I could tell the difference.
  12. ^^If you don't ride directly above the axles, it' actually quite smooth, if not too exciting.
  13. IIRC, a new seat for RoS is about $100,000 (mechanisms and all.) Though that's obviously an Intamin sit down and not a B&M floorless, they are held to a similar level of quality, so I would assume it would be in a similar ballpark. So I'm going to guess $3.2 million per train.
  14. whaaaaaaa? This surprised me. I thought that putting Floorless coasters on a Stand Up layout would totally screw up the forces from the massive heartline difference. I guess not.
  15. ^A [/s] or at the end of a post is usually needed to imply sarcasm.
  16. You pretty much will never see a lack of a counterweight on an inverting flat ride. Reason being the huge oscillations in forces repeated over and over will generate fatigue that will tear the ride apart extremely quickly, as opposed to a heavier, more evenly balanced ride.
  17. Seriously, what the hell happened to Hydra??? I feel like this question needs answering. It was incredibly smooth when it opened. Every floorless I've ridden has at least a little rattle, but I would not call what Hydra has a "rattle", more like a serious maintenance problem. It doesn't ride like any B&M I've been on, more like an old Arrow or Vekoma. The height/speed stats are very modest, so there's no reason I can think of for why it would have gotten this bad. It's always been one of those anomalously rough B&M's. I've gone on it dozens of times, including in its opening year and including last year. That being said, it's still comfortable. Why? I am not sure, as the other floorless coasters I've been on are much smoother, so I can't figure out what makes this any different.
  18. ^I really don't bother with flatrides.com as I'm not sure if they have actually updated their website in years.
  19. ^^Found what you were referring to, by the way. http://www.coasterfriends.de/forum/4927-2015-neuheit-der-schwur-des-kaernan-hypercoaster-gerstlauer-hansa-park-79.html
  20. You know, we might be on to something. I just did a satellite overlay of Mantis and put it into DP. It's a near perfect fit between Dinosaurs Alive and Stinger. The "T" I added to the left is because I suspect it may be moved that much farther in that direction as opposed to where I put it so they don't have to move the maintenance bridge or change Zephyr's path.
  21. ^Hansa Park is simply not a large park. The land that Kaernan is sitting on is about as large as an SLC (or Nessie), so I'm honestly blown away that they are stuffing a complete hyper coaster in that kind of space. Plus, Skyrush is only 3600 feet of track (something like that) and that is by far the best steel coaster I've been on.
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