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  1. Love your writing style in this report, really enjoyable to read and it’s fun to remember the trip. Hyperion was a really good coaster probably my third favourite after Lech and Untamed, but that queue when we did the final ride... I think that might be my own version of hell doing that pointless walk was fine (if not annoying) but coming to that room with no-one directing traffic and looking like a huge blob of people with no discernible direction... yes hell. I do vaguely remember watching the flow of traffic and trying to get us in the quickest arm of the queue, lots of strategising. I
  2. Thanks for these Chuck, really lovely to read. Especially as my first two trips have been covered (Japan 2013 and New Hotness 2014). Such amazing memories and your commentary is always hilarious.
  3. Great report! Can't wait to read more. Seems like we did a lot of the same stuff pre-trip. De Carrousel and ARTIS were both awesome. Please do one as well! The world needs to hear about your VR experience at Walibi Holland
  4. These answers have given me a real laugh. I guess you could call it Ryder (like Ghost Rider). And also then it's not tied to one roller coaster...
  5. 1. Name 3 of your favorite roller coasters, but not your top 3. Thunder Dolphin, Nemesis, The Beast (at night) 2. About how many different parks did you visit in 2018? Not many... 3. 3. Which 2018 park visit was your favorite? Six Flags Over Georgia, really great coaster collection that covers a lot of different types I enjoy. 4. Your favorite 2018 park addition (ride, food, show, etc)? Wonder Woman at SFFT. 5. What ride exceeded your expectations the most in 2018? MInd Bender, not enough people talk about that ride. 6. Best meal/food at a park in 2018? I went to tw
  6. Great trip report, it's nice to read about a park that's a little off-the-radar. Six Flags Great America from 2013 is still my benchmark of how bad operations can get at a major theme park. Can't wait to read the rest! Edit: I just saw your comment about windseekers. Was it really THAT entertaining?
  7. I've only been on 6 and my ranking is based on how much fun I have on the ride: 1. Twisted Colossus 2. Iron Rattler 3. Storm Chaser 4. New Texas Giant 5. Outlaw Run 6. Goliath In all honesty, 3, 4 and 5 are equally as enjoyble as each other. Goliath is by far my least favourite. Twisted Colossus is just an outrageous ride that put a huge smile on my face, love the second lift hill and the anticipation of waiting to see if you will duel the other train. I'm a sucker for a coaster that uses the terrain so I love Iron Rattler, that canyon drop is one of my favourite drops in the wor
  8. You have to actually select tickets and start the process of buying daily tickets to see it. It will ask the # of times you plan to visit & how many guests before you get to the screen with these options: [attachment=0]kdafter4.JPG[/attachment] HOWEVER...FYI if you plan on going ON OR BEFORE June 30th and prefer more time in the park, tickets are only $45 for all day (Everybody Pays Kid's Prices option) vs. the $41 After 4pm/twilight ticket. Thanks so much! Feel like a bit of an idiot because I didn't find that. It'll be a July trip, so no discount ticket for a full day for me
  9. I've had a quick search to see if Kings Dominion still do those Twilight after 4pm tickets, but can't find anything and it's not mentioned on the website. Are they still a thing?
  10. I was at Thorpe Park today too! Took a picture of the ride sign for DBGT which adds some details. The actors may touch you... I'm out...
  11. Either I get to Thorpe Park in the next couple of weeks, or I wait until I fly to the US for my first trip to Dollywood. I'm so excited for that park!
  12. I'm a big guy, and while the seat belts at CP were extremely tight for me (and sometimes needed op assistance on MF/TTD) the ones on EGF were not a problem. Thanks for the reply! Hopefully I'll make it there in the next few months on a last minute flight!
  13. What are the seat belts like on Expedition Geforce? I'm a tight fit for the seatbelts (but not restraints) on Millennium Force, wondering if I have to worry if I plan an impromptu visit soon. I'm usually fine on most Intamins, it's only the seatbelts on the ones at Cedar Point that take some extra help from the operator.
  14. Everything looks amazing! Especially the different beginning to Peter Pan's Flight. I'm so glad they kept the original feel of the ride but added their own spin. Any news on crowds/wait times etc.. Also interested to see what the food's like, seen a few pictures on twitter but not a lot yet.
  15. Wrap your head around my weird opinions: Twisted Colossus Iron Rattler Outlaw Run New Texas Giant Goliath The Joker looks great! I can never tell from the POVs where I would rank something. It's definitely great for SFDK, will make it a park I'd consider returning to.
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