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  1. haha. well; my FIRST kiss was probably two years ago with a girl named melissa. My first girlfriend and my first kiss. It was at the end of "promotion" for the 8th graders. We went to this shveet restaurant after promotion and then went to the movies and to make a long story short; i walked her home and we kissed . haha. and now . well ;; kissing is my passion ahah. not really but i've kissed my fare share. ahh. i love kissing.
  2. ^^^lol. yeah that one. hope you guys hadd fun
  3. lol. good thing you didn't put that other one upp. haha. that would've been a little naughty. tis be mee
  4. asshole father :: sick puppies. hmmm. it's pretty shveet
  5. yess this thread is very old. on my last day of school i learned too much. i am now going to be taking honors biology and honors geometry. teaching myself those subjects. 4 of my BFF's aren't coming back because it's too expensive. ooh. and quite a few of my friends found out a little secret about me that they shouldn't have found out. gayyyy. EDIT::no not literally gayy . haha. well it was gayy that they found outt
  6. that first picture is pretty shveet. i have to say. i dont have any cool pictures on this gayy old computer. so i'll just be cool and do the myspace picturesss
  7. the phrase that really pisses me off is :: "if i wanted to hear from an asshole I'd fart" gahh. I want to beat the shit out of people who say that
  8. "are you calling me fake" In a way. The tree didn't ruin the picturee. and I dont see any photoshop on Tommy's pictures. But on your pictures all I see is photoshop. Makes you look pretty fake.
  9. ^^^love the picture tommy. :] I don't see any photoshop. unlike mark's pictures. =0
  10. ^wow. ms. trenchible is a freak though. Halloween is the only movie i cannot watch alone. Such a low budget movie and a movie that no one cared to publish, but no look at it. Rob Zombie's Halloween comes out August 31st.
  11. shirt - hollister [hawaii] pants - abercrombie plaid shorts feet - socks a course
  12. shirt - tee from ruehl 925 pants - abercrombie fleece shortss shoes - verry cold bare feet. yikes
  13. photographs. myspace style. i don't wear eyeliner. my life myspace runs
  14. Question #1. How would Fourth of July Week be this year, as far as lines, and is there any special events around this time? It's a pretty busy month for BGE. They know how to handle crowds though, with such simple things as misters to keep you cool, and quick operations on the coasters. Question #2. Which rides/coasters are good to go to first thing, by means if the lines get to be a decent size as the day progresses. Griffon will be the big one. Head directly for that. Then work you're way around heading for DarKastle and Alpengeist and Big Bad Wolf. Apollo's line moves quickly. Question #3. Do any of the coasters break down or shut down often? Busch takes pretty good care of their rides. I've never had a break down except of Apollo, and that was a quick 10-15 minute fix. I wouldn't expect any break downs or shut downs Question #4. Any areas where I can get a very good angle of a coaster for a photo? Question #5. What food places are the best to eat at? The best place to have a meal would have to be Das Festhaus. Great salads, sandwiches, pizza and dessert. You might even get a showw. Question #6 and Final. What are some shows that are a must see? I'd go with Emerald Beat or Castle O'Sullivan. I think there's another one called Mystique that looks really good [/b]
  15. Those pictures are extremely nice! I just have to ask. What kind of camera is that?
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