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  1. It's a good thing they were able to slow down, otherwise that could have been a grizzly situation. Something like this might give other people paws from doing alpine coasters, but I'm the polar opposite of those people. I wouldn't let an encounter like that stop me from spending some koala-ty time with friends and family.
  2. The founder of the park was Lee Merrick. Just a clever little name for his weekend plaything while running his business.
  3. As you can imagine, some other things have been going on since the last update, but I've been picking away at the design when I get a chance. Been tweaking the ride path and I pretty much have it how I want it. Maybe a little fine tuning here and there, but I'm pretty sure I've gotten it where it won't be taking off arms and hands. Currently working on designing the support structure at every bent down to the half inch - doing my best to make this sucker ride like an RMC. Even for a small mind-sized ride, it comes out to about 120ish bents, so it's pretty slow pickings. When the park was b
  4. This was started nearly a year ago? Man how time flies. Hello TPR, long time no talk. Well, no vertical construction pics to share or front car unveilings yet, unfortunately (part of me thought we'd get the ride built around the same time as West Coast Racers at that rate), but I've been busy contacting folks and ironing out a proposed layout. Still waiting on some emails, but I do have a 1.0 layout to share. I think it looks really promising so far. After studying the blueprints for the Meteor, I set out to design a sort of hybrid ride combining the building methods for the Meteor (as
  5. My bad, how did I never respond to this? I haven't been in contact with anyone from the House of David. I'm wondering if the train in question was the one we just traded for from Chicago. As you can see from the recent Little Amerricka trip report and from the photos below, the cars are a bit on the rough side. Still, they're better than nothing, and there are some parts we can salvage off them. One plan is to also fabricate two more cars while rebuilding them so both coasters could run 5 car trains. The way my boss figured, PTC junior trains are lighter than full-sized trains, which wou
  6. I was planning on heading to the park for the first time this year with a first timer. I have the season Flash Pass on my card but I'm struggling with accessing the reservation portal. Of course it brings up an error when I try to access it with the order number and email. I've looked around the website and the app to no avail. Anyone have any advice? Also, what are the steps to adding a person to the Flash Pass for a visit?
  7. Of course we get a TPR visitor the one weekend I'm on vacation. Darrell is actually the owner of the park, lead maintenance guy, fabricator, part time operator, etc. He traded the trains with a gentleman in the Chicago area for some odds and ends. We didn't even see the trains prior to picking them up - they were just described to us as 'rough'. I'd certainly agree with that. We're hoping we can salvage most of the running gear. The seats and frames were most likely going to be replaced no matter what. Glad to hear you enjoyed your visit to the park. It's not a big corporate park with to
  8. Hey there TPR, we have a bit of a coaster update. You know, if anyone is interested in that kind of stuff around here. I was able to take a peek inside our off-site storage building a couple of weeks ago. Lots of goodies in there - extra ride parts, several pallets of wooden coaster lift chain, various odds and ends. The log flume boats are all accounted for, waiting for someone to put them to good use. Both the trains from the Lincoln Park Comet were there as well. The story goes, when the Comet derailed on its last run ever, the train was simply left there on the brake run, where it
  9. Hey again all, thanks for the responses. A bit cold to go to work today (-55* F), so it gave me some time to catch up with everyone. A new roller coaster would almost absolutely be wood. The owner wants to keep everything as in-house as possible to keep costs down, and the up-front costs for a steel roller coaster would be rather steep. Plus a wooden coaster would fit the old-school theme of the park a little more. Chatting with the boss man a short time ago, he mentioned he contacted GCI about how much one of their Big Fun models would cost - just materials, all in-house labor. (No one's
  10. Hi there TPR, long time lurker, finally decided to join in on the fun. I work at everyone's favorite amusement park located directly next to a cemetery, aka Little Amerricka, in Wisconsin. We have some ambitious plans for the future, and since it's been a while since anyone's heard from our little operation, I figure I could fill in on what's in the works. Quick backstory - I was wrapping up my degree a couple of years ago and heard that my local childhood haunt was undertaking an expansion involving the park's 16" gauge railway. I contacted the park about volunteering during my search for
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