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  1. Correct. From my understanding you only get things like bring a friend free or discounted tickets for your "home park". But parking is chain wide and merchandise discounts are chain wide. This is for the season pass though, I don't touch the memberships. I would assume the same applies if not more.
  2. Knock You Down Keri Hilson ft. Ne-Yo and Kanye West
  3. Hey guys! Long time no talk. As some of you in this thread may know, for a year and a half I had a goal to lose 100 pounds by SFGAm Opening Day 2021. Yesterday was the big day, and I am happy to report I was at -101.8m pounds! If you would like to hear my story about riding Maxx Force for the first time, look at my post in the SFGAm thread! With that said, I have three goals in mind for SFGAm Opening Day 2022, but I "only" want to hit at least two of them. 1) To weigh less than 200 pounds. This has always been a "far fetched" dream that is not so far fetched anymore! 2) To weigh less than
  4. I went for opening day yesterday, it was a mess. No consistency with rows. For example(s), Raging Bull and Whizzer were loading every row, Viper was most but not all rows, and then Maxx Force was less than half the train. Most restaurants were closed. For lunch, Chop Six was still closed at noon. We went to Johnny Rockets and their computer software was not working in the kitchen. So after you placed your order they took your receipt to fill orders. It was a gigantic mess and they fell way behind. They would come by every 5-10 minutes and ask for your order number, and nobody knew th
  5. Obviously I would prefer this project to go somewhere close to me, but my first thought was that I was glad to hear that this project is going forward for 2022. Maybe it was originally supposed to be 2021 and was pushed back? But either way I'm happy to hear a park is going forward with a significant project.
  6. Not exactly a missed opportunity, but something that slapped me in the face and could have been a disaster... I live about 75 mins from SFGAm and 90 mins from Indiana Beach. I have been to SFGAm ~48 times in my life and Indiana Beach ZERO times. Naturally, when Indiana Beach closed I was kicking myself so hard. I was extremely upset with myself. I'd like to thank Gene Staples for the opportunity to redeem myself.
  7. I just bought some brooks because I'll be on my feet a lot this summer for my internship. Traditionally I wear generic nike gym shoes for all activities
  8. Keep on Keeping On Travie McCoy ft Brendon Urie
  9. I contacted the park and they told me that all the rides would be open in the indoor water and theme park, but "only selected rides are usually open in the outdoors and its weather permitting. We cannot tell yet what rides will be open at the outdoor for that day as we also get those information within the day as well". A little confused, I responded back asking if they try to have all rides open and they replied "If the weather is nice, coasters and go karts will be open but the whole outdoor park will be fully open memorial day". So not sure if they are just going to pick and choose what to
  10. I only got one ride Friday night and it was a middle row, so maybe that is why. The woods and dark was awesome and its pacing is always great, I just did not get the air I got last fall I'll be back at least once this year and I am excited to give it another go! I really want to love it, I know before this weekend trip it was my favorite wooden in the park.
  11. Just bought a clear drawstring bag for both amusement park and sporting event trips!
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