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  1. I got 70 rides between all day Tuesday and the first half of yesterday with no fastlane. God I’m in love with KI. Beast was solid. Row 17 for smoothest and 15 for roughest. I also thought Racer was running really well (I did ride last year too). I somehow had the best rides on invertigo I’ve ever had. Hopping for a speedy recovery for the bat! I left before it happened but it was my last ride of the day.
  2. The Bat yesterday. No, that’s not a joke. It was the last ride I rode before the weather closed everything
  3. The same thing happened Monday night for associate ride night. They had two metal detectors going and the operators were HAULING, almost rolling trains. But wait was maybe 30 mins while sending half trains. Part of the problem is the clog at the end of the long straight. People who need to get to the lockers aren't able to. Corkscrew, Millie, Raptor, Rougaru and Steve are supposedly closed atm
  4. I just bought another "spy belt" for coaster riding. I found the one I have gets stinky so now I have two to rotate!
  5. I was at Kennywood yesterday. Every credit was open except lil phantom (at least the one time I walked back there). Actually, every coaster was eventually running multiple trains except Steel Curtain.
  6. Less than 100 pph is pitiful. Such a shame, I've only seen good to raving reviews for a ride that won't even see 1,000 people in a day.
  7. It's not just MA. I'm working at CP and my boss uses office supplies he took from Geauga when they gutted the place. Hilarious to see this nonetheless. Over the weekend I decided to visit the park today until I found out they were closed. Disappointing but understandable.
  8. I'm setting a goal to lose 20 pounds in June. I am ready to commit to the hefty goal!
  9. Agree with Adventure Express, I always look forward to my rides. I make sure to ride it once every tip I make to KI
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