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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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^Dude!!! You look EXACTLY like one of our 'non-coaster' friends!!! Creepy!!!


Hey Elissa,


thanks a lot for the nice words. :crying:

How looks a coaster-friend? When you are in Heide Park, then we both ride Limit again and again. Then you will see that I am a big coaster fan (-friend).



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Well here I go....


I love taking pictures! I'll try to be considerate and not post **too** many


I guess im risky...(however i look real short in that shot!?!)


What coaster geek isnt complete w/o a coaster shot!


Character breakfast @ IOA!


The only time you guys are probably gonna ever see me cleaned up!

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^ So is that you in your avatar?


well since this *is* the Theme Park Review Forum...


this one is courtesy of Theme Park Review! (SFOG Superman Media day)

I'm next to Derek




I had a hard time picking out the rest of these. We took over 300 pictures on our (first) WDW vacation in december. I also have about a dozen great "Kodak Photo Spot" pictures - we are always standing right by the sign, smiling and pointing at it.


Laura (my sister) and me at Big Thunder in WDW


all I said was "Blue Team sucks!"


Out of the Way!


just a couple dorks trying to fly a rocket ship (Brian, my roomate, is in the "backseat")


Let go of me Mr Potato Head! You're not my type.

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Here's a picture from last summer, at my 10th high school reunion. I'm second from the left, in the grey flower-y shirt. My fiancée, Dione, is on the far left. (In the photo, not in politics. ) The other two are some friends from high school. (Duh!)



OK, the pic's not showing up, even though I know that's the correct URL. Help, please????



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