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  1. Flip flops - take em off Otherwise - leave em on. Although, I wouldn't wear flip flops unless I planned on getting wet. I totally agree that people should be required to wear shoes whenever they contact any kind of floor. Coming from someone with disgusting feet, I can safely say that feet are disgusting.
  2. ^ We had that happen a few times. Once while I was up there a conveyor belt snapped off. They really need to clean out a lot of the SF regime that's still there.
  3. I was there that day! Naturally, working in the sweltering heat at "the only ride with a long line," Grizzly Run. 90% of the season I was at Mind Eraser, but putting me at Grizz was a spontaneous supervisor decision on that particular day.
  4. They traded two prospects and a first rounder. Good deal for them. Speaking of good deals (not really at all), how bout them Leafs last night? They were God awful, basically getting trounced by the Rochester Americans. Go Sabres.
  5. I bowl varsity for my high school, and I've been bowling since I was 4 or 5. Albeit, I only started taking it seriously a year ago, before that it was recreational. I only carry about a 165, and if it's not for school I rarely get time to get out to the lanes. High game is only 244, and I've only topped 600 (606 I think) once. I wish I had more time, since it's a great sport.
  6. My sister's looking for something similar to replace a CRT. We looked at this one, but that's 15 inch. Something like this doesn't look too bad, but I dunno how shipping is for overstock. You'll definitely be better off searching your circuit cities/best buys for sales first, I'd think.
  7. He's pretty good, too bad he plays for the Habs. I liked the music. But in all seriousness...go sabres.
  8. I love how it travels in a straight line, striking every single person on the path. Gotta love the lack of AI, where the people have no idea that the coaster's track leads right into the path and that a train is running, and also that they might consider moving off the path or past the no entry sign. Hoorah, RCT, hoorah.
  9. PKI, you neglected to wait for me to finish...tisk tisk. And yes, I realized afterward i didn't take nearly enough photos, but then aain we all know what this stuff looks like, right? //Adam
  10. Saturday, June 24 Raptor We had ERT for staying in the hotel, and we planned on using it on this sunny Saturday that promised to be at least twice as crowded as the day before. We were in the park by 5 after 9, but MF was still down, so the exclusive rides were TTD, maXair, Skyhawk, and Raptor. Figuring most guests would head to TTD, we guessed that there’d be no wait for Raptor. Bingo. Jumped on once on last row and once on first row. The front row ride was possibly the best ride of the trip to date. Val wanted another ride, but when we got back to the front of the queue it was 9:32 and the GP had been allowed to enter, the line had several hundred people already in it. Screw that. We got to maXair where there was only a 2 ride wait, but before we got on someone lost their breakfast in the seat, so we had to wait for clean up and 2 empty runs before we got on. Gotta say, this is one of my favorite flats, and the wait may have been worth it. Now that the crowd had really formed, we’d have to wait a while for anything. We’d done most everything, so since it had started to heat up Soak City sounded like a good idea. Soak City After a short break in the hotel, we used our day 2 passes to get in and got quite toasted. We rode all the tube slides (I think) and then the Zoom Flume (the 4 man slalom-type slide), which was probably one of the scariest rides I have experienced because it gets so close to the edge. After a ride around the lazier of the tube rivers we decided to rest for a while. Falling asleep in the sun turned out to be a bad idea. I was red for a few days. We went back to the hotel and hopped in the pool there to cool down. We grabbed some food and headed back to the park. Nothing painfully important would happen until we decided to try our luck with Power Tower again. Green side was up, and it turns out we were luckier than we thought. On the way up, we noticed that the greater powers that be were smiling upon us, as MF was going up the lift. We forgot all about PT, and Val and I discussed MF, even on the way down. We high tailed it in that direction. There were 2 rent-a-cops posted at the entrance discouraging loiterers. When we asked, they said it was only the first of many test runs, and they probably wouldn’t be open the rest of the day. BS. We figured we’d try back after a quick ride on CCMR, the last remaining coaster aside from MF. Woohoo. We mistakenly took our time getting back, as when we turned the corner in Frontier Town it was evident that the queue was open. Jackpot. Millennium Force, Part Deux Mike and Val in the MF queue. Observe the contrasting excitement. We missed the opening by probably 10 minutes, but still waited just under ½ an hour to get on. Since the wait for the rear was no longer than the wait for any other car aside from the front, we hopped on there. Again, I forgot the difference 100 feet makes. The air was more significant than I remembered, as well. Just an all out awesome ride from start to finish. As planned we checked in for dinner, but we had a while to wait for a table at Friday’s so we got in some mini-golf with the free passes we had. Nice course, but, well...it’s mini-golf. Then we sat down to eat. Didn’t wait long for food, and the waitress seemed upbeat and interested, although she annoyed the hell out of me by the end. We still tipped generously. Without further ado, it was back to the park. We spent some valuable time waiting for Keith’s parents to meet up with us at TTD, but they didn’t actually want us to wait for them, so we blew the time we’d have had for 2 rides. They wanted to see the light show, as did Mike and Keith. Val said he’d rather get in line than wait “to see some crappy fireworks” and I agreed. We had to decide between TTD and MF, and ended up going with the overall better ride... Millennium Force, Part Trois We scooted over to MF, which had a much longer line now. It wasn’t bad, as they had a DJ taking requests and we could see all the fireworks anyhow. Waited 60 minutes to get into the station and another 30 for front row. Finally, at 11:08 PM (just missed the closing of the queues) the blue train departed the station, Val and myself at the head. Best. Ride. Ever. I don’t think I’ve ever had a coaster experience like MF in the dark in the front row, and I know our German friend won’t be forgetting it anytime soon, either. From Val's myspace. It pretty much says it all. In the dead of night Val and I retreated to the hotel room, and somehow beat the others (who had decided their final thrills would come from Mean Streak and Wildcat) back. We watched Scary Movie 2 and hit the sack. Sunday, June 25 We got up, consumed the remaining breakfast hot pockets, and hit the road. We were home in exactly 4 ½ hours, and thus my miraculous Cedar Point trip came to an end. Final Ride Count: MF (2) TTD (2) Raptor (3) Mantis (2) Magnum (2) Iron Dragon (1) Mean Streak (1) Blue Streak (1) Corkscrew (2) Gemini (1) Wicked Twister (1) Disaster Transport (1) CCMR (1) Wildcat (1) maXair (2) SkyHawk (1) Power Tower (each side, 1)
  11. I found that this was one of the last things I did over at TN before becoming relatively inactive in the coaster community. It's winter and many of us have no access to thrills until it thaws outside, so here's a little nostalgia for myself but also something to look forward to for fellow Northerners... I'll try to keep to important details, because you all really don't need me to review what it's like in the 4th car on Cedar Creek Mine Ride. Plus I've done everything but TTD, Skyhawk, and maXair so it wasn't much of a revelation for me. I’ve separated key experiences... Thursday, June 22 Went to my friend Keith's house for the night. Making the trip would be Keith's parents, Keith, their foreign exchange student Val (from Germany), my friend Mike, and myself. Friday, June 23 Left Cheektowaga, NY for Sandusky, OH at 5:45 AM. We nearly flew there, as we were in the parking lot at Sandcastle Suites by 10:15, and we had stopped at McDonald's for breakfast at the Ohio border. Check in was at 4, so we had most of the day to frolic. Keith, Val, Mike, and I bought the tickets from the hotel and headed up the boardwalk to the Magnum entrance. It was supposed to pour all day, so we wanted to get started quickly in case mother nature wasn't friendly... Magnum XL-200 Did it as the first ride because Mike and Keith wanted a "warm-up" before TTD, which appeared to be fully operational. We walked on to the last car, and Val enjoyed his first ever American roller coaster. Not a bad start, if I do say so myself. Top Thrill Dragster As you can see, no clouds in the sky, just TTD. Why waste time? Val and Keith were now pumped and I was prepared to conquer the only coaster at CP that I hadn't. We unintentionally tricked Mike into riding because he asked if it was “that coaster over there” (pointing to Iron Dragon), but it looked like he was pointing at TTD’s brakes, so I told him it was. I was happy to see the wait was posted to be an hour and 5 trains were running. We waited for a rollback, but didn't see a single one the whole weekend. At least it was running almost the whole time. We got 2nd/3rd rows on in exactly an hour. I must say, although the ride itself isn't that great of a coaster, the experience of waiting for the launch is one of the greatest thrills I have ever experienced. It seems like forever before the takeoff, and the launch is fantastic. "Wow" was the only word out of my mouth for several minutes. So, how do you measure up to that? We ended up lining up for Power Tower, but both green towers broke down within minutes of each other, so we rode the red side. Val called it "lame." I think it's pretty tame as well, so we vowed to return when it was totally operational. We decided to eat before crossing the park to find something more thrilling for our German friend. 4 $10 hot dog and chicken finger meals later (Sky Ride refreshments), we made our way to MF. Millennium Force...? Walked over there, line was closed and employees were informing people that the ride was closed indefinitely, and at least for a few hours if not all day. Damn. After that disappointment, we did the usual CP run-through in true thrill seeker fashion, trying to hit every coaster we could in the limited time frame. We got on Mantis, Iron Dragon, Skyhawk, Mean Streak, Gemini, maXair, Disaster Transport, and Wicked Twister before our heads were spinning and it was time to check in at Sandcastle. We took the longest route up the boardwalk back to the hotel, grabbed some drinks and watched some World Cup. Once our stomachs were settled, we figured it was safe to return. Still hadn’t rained and it was fast approaching 5 o’clock. Hooray for weather forecasts. Upon return, Val suggested Magnum again. Why the hell not? We figured since it was a walk on anyway we’d do the front row. Good deal. Then I insisted on Raptor, so we made the trek in that direction. We took a wrong turn and ended up in front of Blue Streak, so Keith insisted we ride in the name of conquering all 14 coasters (sorry WE and Jr. Gemini). We did walk on to the front row before queuing up for... Raptor Again, absolutely beautiful day at the Point. The wait was a whopping 40 minutes, and it was starting to get hot, but Raptor (or “Rapster” as Val called it) would be worth it. We got second row because we were tired of waiting and got the expected great ride. I forgot how much better a Beemer Invert was than my standard SLC. I’d be reminded again later, though... We hopped on Demon Drop and Corkscrew before heading back to the hotel for dinner. Burgers on the grill saved us a bunch of money we would have spent on food. Keith’s parents joined us for the evening at the park. When we headed back we basically followed their agenda for a while, riding Wildcat and re-riding Mantis, which wasn’t as painful as I’d remembered, and Corkscrew. As darkness approached, we check on the status of MF: no progress. We determined TTD would be the best course of action, but Mike disagreed. Keith’s dad accompanied the three of us as we queued up at around 9:15. The wait was no longer than half an hour, and there was much rejoicing. Hopped in second row and rode it in the dark. I should have been expecting everything this time, but it was still almost as thrilling as the first ride. We figured that was a good way to end Day 1, so we headed back to SS to get some sort of shuteye. Read on...
  12. I haven't heard of such a thing, but I'll certainly be riding it asap. It'll just remind me of poker, I assume, as I play on Full Tilt. Looks pretty fun, and MFI has been building quite a collection flats in the last few years. They are catering to typical thrill seekers, which is always good to see from a family type park that I frequent.
  13. Our pleasure to help, Herb. Just to look at it with a thrill seeker's mindset, I'd think DL has a slight advantage ride-wise. Great Escape has more coasters, but only 5 real ones in Bobsled, Boomerang, Comet, Crack Axle Canyon, and Steamin' Demon. Boomerang and Demon have equivalents at SFDL, the Boomerang and Viper. Comet would be the only worthwhile reason to pick Great Escape I'd think because it's probably way better than DL's woodie, Predator. Crack Axle was actually moved from DL to GE because it wasn't very good and still had huge lines, and Alpine Bobsled is, I assume, a typical Bobsled coaster. Compare those last two to Mind Eraser (a Vekoma SLC) and S:ROS. The nod clearly goes to Darien. But again, it depends if thrills is all you're looking for. There isn't much shopping anywhere near Darien (it's surrounded by farms, if you were unaware), but it does have a very nice hotel (haven't stayed there but my dad was on the crew that built it). Glad to be of service, and I hope you have a good time in NY. //Adam
  14. I was beat to that joke. Darn. My best dark coaster experience is 11:00 PM on MF, but we'll say that doesn't count. For me, it's definitely Rock 'n' Roller Coaster @ MGM. This was the ride that first got me into coaster enthusiasm and was my favorite for a short while (until I went to CP, in other words). //Adam
  15. As aforementioned, there's isn't too much in between the two locations. If you're only looking for one park, I'd say either SFGAdv while you're in NYC or Darien Lake while heading towards Niagara. I haven't been to any parks in Eastern NY, but I can tell you that Darien Lake is just off the I-90, which you'd be taking a lot of the way to Niagara Falls. Although we don't really know what's going to happen since it was sold by Six Flags, it is a pretty good stop with 5 coasters (when all are operational) including the Intamin Hyper (the original) Superman: Ride of Steel. Martin's Fantasy Island and Marineland will be the closest to Niagara Falls (the former is on the way, the latter is in NF on the Canadian side), but they don't offer much in the thrills department. Marineland might be a nice side trip anyway, you know, if your idea of a romantic getaway is looking at beluga whales or something... //Adam
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