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  1. Flip flops - take em off Otherwise - leave em on. Although, I wouldn't wear flip flops unless I planned on getting wet. I totally agree that people should be required to wear shoes whenever they contact any kind of floor. Coming from someone with disgusting feet, I can safely say that feet are disgusting.
  2. ^ We had that happen a few times. Once while I was up there a conveyor belt snapped off. They really need to clean out a lot of the SF regime that's still there.
  3. I was there that day! Naturally, working in the sweltering heat at "the only ride with a long line," Grizzly Run. 90% of the season I was at Mind Eraser, but putting me at Grizz was a spontaneous supervisor decision on that particular day.
  4. They traded two prospects and a first rounder. Good deal for them. Speaking of good deals (not really at all), how bout them Leafs last night? They were God awful, basically getting trounced by the Rochester Americans. Go Sabres.
  5. I bowl varsity for my high school, and I've been bowling since I was 4 or 5. Albeit, I only started taking it seriously a year ago, before that it was recreational. I only carry about a 165, and if it's not for school I rarely get time to get out to the lanes. High game is only 244, and I've only topped 600 (606 I think) once. I wish I had more time, since it's a great sport.
  6. My sister's looking for something similar to replace a CRT. We looked at this one, but that's 15 inch. Something like this doesn't look too bad, but I dunno how shipping is for overstock. You'll definitely be better off searching your circuit cities/best buys for sales first, I'd think.
  7. He's pretty good, too bad he plays for the Habs. I liked the music. But in all seriousness...go sabres.
  8. I love how it travels in a straight line, striking every single person on the path. Gotta love the lack of AI, where the people have no idea that the coaster's track leads right into the path and that a train is running, and also that they might consider moving off the path or past the no entry sign. Hoorah, RCT, hoorah.
  9. PKI, you neglected to wait for me to finish...tisk tisk. And yes, I realized afterward i didn't take nearly enough photos, but then aain we all know what this stuff looks like, right? //Adam
  10. Saturday, June 24 Raptor We had ERT for staying in the hotel, and we planned on using it on this sunny Saturday that promised to be at least twice as crowded as the day before. We were in the park by 5 after 9, but MF was still down, so the exclusive rides were TTD, maXair, Skyhawk, and Raptor. Figuring most guests would head to TTD, we guessed that there’d be no wait for Raptor. Bingo. Jumped on once on last row and once on first row. The front row ride was possibly the best ride of the trip to date. Val wanted another ride, but when we got back to the front of the queue it was 9:32 and the
  11. I found that this was one of the last things I did over at TN before becoming relatively inactive in the coaster community. It's winter and many of us have no access to thrills until it thaws outside, so here's a little nostalgia for myself but also something to look forward to for fellow Northerners... I'll try to keep to important details, because you all really don't need me to review what it's like in the 4th car on Cedar Creek Mine Ride. Plus I've done everything but TTD, Skyhawk, and maXair so it wasn't much of a revelation for me. I’ve separated key experiences... Thursday, June 22
  12. I haven't heard of such a thing, but I'll certainly be riding it asap. It'll just remind me of poker, I assume, as I play on Full Tilt. Looks pretty fun, and MFI has been building quite a collection flats in the last few years. They are catering to typical thrill seekers, which is always good to see from a family type park that I frequent.
  13. Our pleasure to help, Herb. Just to look at it with a thrill seeker's mindset, I'd think DL has a slight advantage ride-wise. Great Escape has more coasters, but only 5 real ones in Bobsled, Boomerang, Comet, Crack Axle Canyon, and Steamin' Demon. Boomerang and Demon have equivalents at SFDL, the Boomerang and Viper. Comet would be the only worthwhile reason to pick Great Escape I'd think because it's probably way better than DL's woodie, Predator. Crack Axle was actually moved from DL to GE because it wasn't very good and still had huge lines, and Alpine Bobsled is, I assume, a typical Bo
  14. I was beat to that joke. Darn. My best dark coaster experience is 11:00 PM on MF, but we'll say that doesn't count. For me, it's definitely Rock 'n' Roller Coaster @ MGM. This was the ride that first got me into coaster enthusiasm and was my favorite for a short while (until I went to CP, in other words). //Adam
  15. As aforementioned, there's isn't too much in between the two locations. If you're only looking for one park, I'd say either SFGAdv while you're in NYC or Darien Lake while heading towards Niagara. I haven't been to any parks in Eastern NY, but I can tell you that Darien Lake is just off the I-90, which you'd be taking a lot of the way to Niagara Falls. Although we don't really know what's going to happen since it was sold by Six Flags, it is a pretty good stop with 5 coasters (when all are operational) including the Intamin Hyper (the original) Superman: Ride of Steel. Martin's Fantasy Is
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