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The "Picture Of Me" Thread

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What better place to have my very first post on the glorious TPR, but posting a picture of me!


Haha, this looks more like me! But the question:: which one??? It's impossible to tell!!


Doesn't really look like me. Isn't it annoying when people post pics and are all like, "Oh this totally doesn't look like me but here it is!" Yeah, this doesn't look like me.

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Two of the four challenges that have deeply impacted my life this year. All I'm missing is a murder hornet nest in my backyard. What a year.

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Oke... you asked for it



Me at photographyclass at school, we bored so we decided to make some pictures using the hairdryer



Oke, seriously now... This is me as you would see me "normally"

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This pic was taken a year ago when I had my neice Lareina on my lap while showing her one of my NL death machines. To this day, she still wants to watch my painful creations as well as others.


Who says babies can't like coasters?

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That is the viewing terrace of the mountain lodge on top of Zakopana, Southern Poland/Slovakia with the black slope(sp?) in the background. I had a knee injury that was still healing, and as so I did not get to ride a snowboard as I had planned.

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Oh yes, you're cool alright. So is rock climbing.




You're pretty cute :-x


...and you don't live too far from me in general.


It's be cool to meet up with you somewhere/sometime, if you don't take that in weird stalker-ish way.


Now to get back on topic:

I think I probably uploaded this crappy pic already. But oh well. I look like a zombie. I can't wait to get my digital camera

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ok about time for me to post a couple of pics. These are the best ones I have on my comp right now.


heres my dad and I with RVD! (Im on the right)


heres my on-ride photo of Raptor, I look really messed up though


heres me infront of TTD

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