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The "Picture Of Me" Thread

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Two of the four challenges that have deeply impacted my life this year. All I'm missing is a murder hornet nest in my backyard. What a year.

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I'm the skinny one in white who looks like he's dying. Sorry for the bad quality. It's a picture of the screen, because I am very parsimonious. (Big word! :dork: )

I had my hands up for the first drop, but the rest gave me a headache. I still love this ride, though. It made my top 5 list. Every onride photo I had that day looked weird. When I was on Millennium Force it was raining really hard, so it hurt to open my eyes. Right when I could open my eyes inside the second tunnel, the camera strobe light flash caught me by surprise, causing a very strange look on my face. I wish I could have gotten a picture of it. My Raptor photo was funny, too. I had a really serious look on my face, and I had tears rolling straight back on my face.


Wes "I always cry on fast rides" D.

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Here's a pic of me on SB from last year, the first time I rode it.


ADMIN EDIT: Edited size of photo. Photos need to be 800x600 or less and under 150kb.


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Here are some pictures of me while down in Myrtle Beach


Heres me on a pier down at the beach

Me helping put up one of the walls on one of the houses we worked on

Chowing down at Medieval Times


And...to top it off, a picture of my dog Xandra which I took while on break

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In chronological order...


This is my "I got wetter than I thought I would" picture taken last summer at Hershey. My girlfriend was the smart one that opted out of that ride.



Knoebel's Snappin' Action



This is me in the "World Largest Ruby Tuesdays" in Branson two weekends ago. I was trying to make pouty lips but it looks like something else I won't detail.


(Take notice of my margarita that is in a mug. *sigh* They had a 2 for 1 special, so I asked her to bring me one. She ended up bringing me both of them at ones, both in mugs, not typical glasses. I was pissed.)


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Dude, we've got a ton of people from Iowa on this site! It's amazing! I'm from Iowa (look at the sidebar,) Outlaw is from Iowa, just a town away from me, and josephwanek is in both Des Moines and Chicago. Crazy... anyways, I might post a picture later.


^Don't get the Strawberry Lemonade at Ruby Tuesday... very bad experience.


Oh, and Trav32, I know the 'crossover' thing... but for our's, we have a little half circle bridge about a foot and a half long, with a fake fire that lit up... I quit before I 'crossed over.'

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Here is me, walked the kids up to the carosell, and the lady asked if I was riding with them, I asked if I needed to, she said yes, so I got to ride the Merry go round, Yippee, and who is there to take my picture, my wife, thats alright, I know how to get her back, by posting her picture on this website


My wife, this Easter, getting close, baby due May 10th


Well here I am, this ride is so scary, I wet my pants

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I'm the last guy in the left with they gray t-shirt looking at the camera.

The other screaming guy is my boyfriend... it was his firstime in Le Monstre, a duel-track woodie coaster in la Ronde, Montreal. It must have been the 20th time I rode it, I knew where to make a pretty face lol!


Other pic of me...


Is it me or this forum is full of goodlooking people...

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