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Favorite Sushi?


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Well, whats your favorite types of sushi and where do you like to go for it?

My Favorite Types are:

Spicy Tuna Rolls

Fresh Water eel

Tiger Rolls


My favorite place to get sushi is at the Wasabi chains...

if you go to City Walk at USH they have one there.

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Now THIS is an important topic!!!!


Sushi owns. It is easily my favorite food, though no one else I know likes it, so I don't get to eat it nearly as often as I would like. But my favorites are Eel, Yellowtail, and Tuna. With rolls, I really like spicy tuna, eel, and tempura shrimp.


As far as where to get it, there is no greater place than Tokie's in Foster City, CA. Trust me, I've had sushi all over the place, and this place blows all of the rest away. They have a lot of custom rolls there that I've never seen duplicated anywhere else. The Shannon Roll (tempura shrimp) is the most godly food creation ever...



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Sushi dosen't taste like cooked fish. Nor does it have a "fishy" taste. (Unless its old ) About 5 years ago I was forced to eat sushi and I thought it was going to taste like a peice of rubbery old fish. Most raw fish don't really have that much of a taste. Most of the taste of sushi comes from something else thats stuffed in with it. Spices, eggs..etc.


Michael "Extra Wasabi Please....and NO Ginger!" Thomas

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I'm sure at least some of you know this, but I'll clear it up anyway.


Sushi = Rice cake wrapped in seaweed, can contain veggies, egg, bits of fish, etc.


Sashimi = Strips of raw fish.


The reason I posted this is that some people get the two mixed up. As for what I like, sushi-wise, I like a basic rice and veggie-of-some-kind---usually cucumber.


Sashimi-wise, ahi is fine.



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It is easily by favorite food, but like the guy above I dont get too eat it too often because no one else likes it.


My favorites would have to be:


1. Smoked eel.

2. Tuna Rolls

3. Crab rolls..


The BEST sushi roll I ever had was in Biloxi, MS at a casino. It was Barbequed Eel with an Orange California Sauce....OMG.........It gave me the best food experience of a lifetime, right there with the Shitake Mushroom Penne Pasta and Cinnamon pastry wrapped cheesecake....I wanna go back so bad!

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  • 1 year later...

pretty much everything...


but my greatest weaknesses are rainbow rolls, and albacore nigri. and im a huge fan of chirashi. when we go for sushi i usually end up eating my weight..


For you SoCalers.... when i was there if i wanted super good susi it was all about Yomama in TO, and Oishi in Canoga park... if i was in a Quanity and decent sushi mood... it was Midori in Sherman Oaks, and Shogun.

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Favorite sashimi:

-toro (fatty tuna)---my absolute favorite and unfortunately often the most expensive

-hamachi (yellowtail)

-maguro (tuna)





Favorite nigiri sushi (mound of sushi rice with topping, often fish):

-any of the above plus




Favorite maki sushi (rolls):

-any of the above plus combinations that sound interesting

-they're harder to eat but I like the inside-out rolls best


I don't like:

-uni (sea urchin roe)

-tamago (egg)


Favorite things to get at a sushi restaurant:

-ankimo, when you can find it. It's monkfish liver that has been rubbed with salt, rinsed with sake and then rolled into a cylinder and steamed. It's sliced and served with grated daikon, sliced green onions and ponzu sauce and is fantastic.

-seaweed salad, if done right

-edamame (soybeans in the pod, steamed and salted; I make this at home for a snack sometimes)

-tuna tataki (tuna lightly seared and served with ponzu)

-an "omakase" menu, if it's offered--a multi-course meal of items selected by the chef. It's expensive but usually excellent and a better value than if you ordered the same items separately.




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I think I have only tried California Rolls, in buffets (good ones, mind you) at that... the first time I ate one bite and did not like it AT ALL. The last time, it was tolerable. Maybe the next time, or if I try a different kind, I will like it... it takes me a while to get accustomed to new food

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My favorite types of rolls are Florida rolls (salmon, tuna, avacado, roe, cream cheese) but I also like Hawaiian rolls (the same but with pineapple instead of avacado) and Kiwi Rolls (slices of kiwi on top of the Salmon and tuna). Of course, I can rarely get that stuff up North, so I stick with the typical spicy tuna and spicy salmon.


By itself, I'm a fan of salmon, tuna, yellowtail, and eel. Now I'm hungry for sushi.

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