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  1. The giant was a total rebuild, there is no original track left on the ride. It was replaced with full on steel. The topper track simply sits on top of the laminate layer and replaces the running layer of the laminates. giant is a whole other beast from rattler now
  2. ahh hell .. well I might be able to squeeze this in .. I haven't done this event since ... well 2005 i think.
  3. Try to fly into SNA (Orange County/John Wayne) if flying, it's the closet airport to Anaheim. And fairly reasonable rental car rates. There is also LAX and LGB (Long Beach), but LAX has all rental cars offsite and it's a pain to get in and out of. I've never flown in or out of LGB. Also don't forget, Knott's and Adventure City are within 5 miles of Disney (on the same street even)
  4. I just hope the Starliner is saved .. It would look good at one of the smaller Orlando attractions, but I doubt any have room .. FunSpot near Old Town may ... but who knows .. send it to Texas! I had such a blast on that ride in Feb .. the rest of the park was kinda "meh".
  5. The Cyclone is owned by the city, Astroland just had an agreement to operate the ride, I'm sure they will find an operator for the next season. Also, the Wonder Wheel is not apart of Astroland. Deno's Wonder Wheel park is safe and is not owned by Thor, that park has not been sold as reveled in a few news releases and will be operating in 2009 from all knowledge. Astroland consists of the log flume, tower area between the fences by the Wonder Wheel and across the street from the Cyclone. So the Miler coaster is safe as well as the Spook-A-Rama dark ride across from the Wonder Wheel. Sadly the cool little Big Apple coaster is apart of Astroland .. I love that turntable.
  6. Western Playland is in Sunland Park, NM now .. just over the border from El Paso .. they have a Galaxi and Miler coaster ... Also Oasis Lanes in El Paso has a Wisdom Dragon Wagon .... the place is a bit strange however ....
  7. sadly, THBS at SFOT when it opened for the media ... May 16th. Up next .. Dorney!
  8. Do ACME stores in PA still offer the discount tickets to Dorney? I know GIANT offers Hersheypark discount tickets, but we are looking for some Dorney ones as well and saw that last year they offered discount tickets. Or any other place in the Allentown area offer discounts?
  9. I forgot about this place, I guess I'll have to check it out when I'm there in 2 short weeks!
  10. if you have the ability, buy the flashpass online prior to your visit so you are sure you will get one. We already have purchased ours and we don't visit until Aug. 4th
  11. Since your staying on property .. make use of the EMH (Extra Magic Hours), it helped us alot to get in extra rides on Everest and other Magic Kingdom stuff
  12. You can't forget the best kept Disney Secret .. DVC ... sorry .. I had to and you should understand once you return
  13. We hit up Magical Midway and the StarFlyer .. fun ride .. scary as hell if you have a fear of heights like I do. The slingshot is the same as at Old Town .. but they are great rides. Other than that .. it was kinda small .. big go kart tracks and an S&S Space Shot .. and kinda ghetto the night we were there.
  14. Let's see ... it 1) Makes the loading faster due to people not having to secure articles on the dock and getting out of the car 2) secures YOUR valuables from people taking them off the dock 3) keeps the ride crew from having responsibility of any loose articles 4) secures the loading dock from loose articles that could cause someone to trip or blocking the access for handicapped people Frankly, I don't see where your argument lies .. sure it's a money thing .. but then again .. these things are for YOUR safety, and I don't mind paying for that IF a need too. Also, I remember taking my camera bag on dock of Wild One and SROS at SFA this August .. hell .. both SFA and SFGAdv had no issues with loose articles on any ride we rode, except for Kingda Kaka .. which was expected since Top Thrill Dragster has the same policy.
  15. The parks also have akwards hours (SFOT 4-10 before xmas and 12-6 after). Both parks close on Xmas and Xmas Eve. Also don't forget many rides are closed and most at Fiesta Texas will be shut down: SFOT Closed Rides: Roaring Rapids Log Flumes Aquaman Texas Chute Out Batwing Bumper Cars Crazy Legs Flashback Texas Giant Oil Derrick Batman The Ride Mr Freeze SFFT OPEN Rides: Tony Hawk Crow's Nest Ferris Wheel Scooby-Doo SS Overboard Wave Runner Little Castaways GoKarts Frisbee Kinderstein Bugs White Water Rapids Boomerang Poltergeist Motorama Turnpike Hustler Scream Daffys School Bus Express Tazs Tornado
  16. the cats are placed there on purpose to help control the rodent population, the other animals are there cause that's their natural habitat (racoons, snakes, turtles, skunks, etc.) Every so often the cat population becomes so rampant they have to clear all the cats out of the park (some are given to the SPCA and some are put to sleep, due to their violent nature).
  17. Does Great Escape currently have a tall speed slide tower? That would make sense as to the name .. since most of those older slides cause wedgies .. where as a master blaster style is more like an enema ... not sure if water sprays up on the ProSlide LIM version.
  18. Well, here's the newest Goliath .. BTR clone: http://www.sixflags.com/fiestaTexas/rides/Goliath.aspx
  19. i must say .. what a load of jacka** responses.
  20. So is Griffon running since we will be there in the morning/afternoon .. it would be nice to know.
  21. Let's see .. Arrow flume vs OD Hopkins super flume .. my 15mth old brother can tell the difference between those .. SWSA doesn't have a splash down boat .. they have Journey to Atlantis which is similar, but different. Rapids rides are a dime-a-dozen, like log flumes .. even small family parks have these, but these are ALWAYS popular with families since everyone pretty much can ride these, unlike BTR. The State Fair of Texas is about the same distance from SFOT and they have changed their plans to install a B&M Inverted due to the similarity to BTR there .. they have adjust plans for a Mack Water Coaster, Woodie and another steel coaster in the future. And like SFFT and SWSA, they draw different "styles" of crowds, but they are the same. SFFT, SWSA, State Fair and SFOT all draw alot of families now, hence why "BIG" thrill rides are not a good investment at this point for SF, draw more people, more families ... they can have a good time together .. hence Tony Hawk's installation and what a smart move that was.
  22. Again .. plans change, even as dumb as most GP is, the same ride exists less than 15miles away and 5hrs north. Granted this won't stop SF from throwing a cheap ride in to hopefully bring in more cash, but dumb move none-the-less. Wait for an announcement, construction and physical ride opening ... the only thing that will guarantee the ride is going to open is physical construction and sometimes that isn't even a 100% guarantee
  23. Again track arriving doesn't mean anything. I'm not saying it WON'T be built, but nothing is firm until there is construction activity, even then, until you see testing, nothing is 100%. Don't forget in 2000, they were installing both Superman and the Boardwalk Canyon Blaster .. both were announced in a press release, both placed on the map for the 2000 season. Track arrived for both rides and track sat and sat for Boardwalk Canyon Blaster through the 2001 season when it was shipped off to Madrid for use in the Warner Bros park out there. So take this with a grain of salt. They could be storing it .. they could be using SFFT's maintenance department to do rehab on track sections. SFOT does alot of rehab for other parks .. like the spillwater ride that went to Enchanted Village, Serial Thriller trains from SFAW.
  24. ^ THANK YOU .. finally someone understands why bugging even a lowly cement truck operator is a bad idea .. you don't want them taking a grudge against you or any organization. Trust me .. parks and places read these boards, so just stop bitching and let them open the damn ride, they've already had a hard enough time with the crappy weather to be bugged by cry-babies.
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