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  1. Shuttle Loops, no doubt! Much more smoother. Boomerangs torture your head and neck.
  2. I am looking at graduate programs around the southeastern part of the US. I want to get my MA and Ph.D possibly in English. Would you recommend University of Florida. I know my Gamecocks play them in sports every year, but I dont know much about the school. Any input would be awesome. Thank you!!!
  3. SFOG GASM IS EVIL GASM, oh you felt to me just fine until you trimmed your breaks over the last line right before the last hill ended. Oh GASM, if I sit in your back, To the medic is where my butt will be tended. Wooden planks stretch for almost a mile, and you fall from 120 feet in the air. But how come when the seatbelts destroy my privates, its rambling trains dont seem to care? Damn you, GASM, I wish you were like my girlfriend and would give me a GASM. Yet, even that is a rare thing, and while I walk away from your grasp, the doctors hand I will clasp, and I will yell with a voice full of rasp, Go to hell, GASM, go to hell.
  4. Im an English student studying to become an English professor. Does that count? I also do not need to see pictures of mass amounts of 11 year-olds. It makes me feel dirty. *Takes a cold shower.*
  5. Six Flags New Orleans HAD the worst guests, I swear to you. There were groups of these ghetto kids, and I dont want to say its because they were black, but they were black. (Im not trying to be racist, here, people.) Well, they were all dressed like thugs, and one from a group bumped into my brother and almost threw a punch at him. Well I, being supremely pissed, yelled at that idiot and told him if he ever tried it again id beat the living shiiiiiiittttteeeee out of him. I didnt hear from him again.
  6. I am the Nickelodeon Flying Super Saturator because I like to spray my hot........ Ill stop.
  7. I visited SFOG in July. I used to find that GASM contained great airtime and was quite smooth for a wooden coaster. That being said, when I rode it in July, I found it to be extremely rough. The back car was unbearable. My knees would constantly bang against the front of the car, and since they have that brake right after the last hill, the hard impact of breaking so hard bruised my ankle and hurt my chest from the "whiplash," if you will. I found Ninja to be way more smoother and exciting.
  8. Have any of you worked at Cedar Point or the Disney parks in the summer? I am thinking about working there during the summer. Now, I know Cedar Point has apartments, but do the Disney parks? And how was the work experience, the people you met, etc. I am thinking about this pretty seriously so any input would be helpful.
  9. How tall are you? I have found that makes all the difference in riding Ninja. Im 6'1," so I can get by without Ninja hurting because my head and neck are higher than the restraints. If you can sit up as high as possible it shouldnt be a bad ride. And this year, Deja Vu has been open more often than not. Have fun on it, its great!
  10. Ok guys im sober now.... And I can't believe you guys actually responded to my post. It was created in a total drunken state. You guys are great.
  11. So yeah im pretty buzzed right now and I thought of a coaster idea while in my inebriated state................................. How about, a wooden standup coaster that goes through a waterfall? That would be hardcoreeeeeeeeeee.
  12. Actually, Six Flags isnt on the lake. They have a man made pond they call a like, its a subsitution for the real thing so they can recreate some old amusement park New Orleans used to have.
  13. With Hurricane Katrina about to hit the area in the next day, its safe to say that SFNO probably will be destroyed after its all over. The winds are at 175 mph. Its unbelievable. So pray, light candles, do whatever, im not religious, so I dont care. Lets hope the people that run and work at the place and everyone in that area survive!
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