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  1. We went a few weeks ago, and honestly... it's the best Six Flags could do. Which isn't a knock whatsoever. It's a humble attempt at some holiday fun. I'm sure it's a bit overpriced, but if you're stuck in So Cal and don't mind paying a little, and maybe waiting up to an hour from the time you enter the parking tolls to the backstage entrance, it's worth it. The areas that are decorated are pretty decent, and this is probably the only time lots of people can drive their cars through a park. Pull in the side mirrors between the JetStream supports.
  2. Wow. I just found this randomly while searching the web for something unrelated. The file is long gone. RIP. (What a nerd I was 10 years ago)
  3. Since when did triumph ever start with neon fluorescent lighting? If anything, a power outage was a blessing.
  4. *climbs out from under rock* Some might consider it cool to be able to pick the next color scheme for ad covered trains / stations.
  5. Loss Prevention roams the park in undercover clothing. Of course, they're usually looking for crimes harsher than line jumping. But I know they often catch violators of everything.
  6. I know the Disneyland Resort has its own Anaheim Police Department sub station on property in clear view of guests.
  7. If I ever caught any groups or person vandalizing , destroying, line cutting, or breaking any sort of park rule I'd round up any 18+ volunteer ride ops / leads to personally detain them until security / sheriffs arrived. Not sure if its protocol , but it worked. And it made all the guests rather happy. It also beats calling security and waiting 20 minutes for them to arrive. But it takes a lot of initiative for that sort of action to occur. As it goes above and beyond what your duty calls for, but wanting extreme changes comes with extreme actions. I've also had many guests who would follow rule breaking guests around the park and then point them out to security when they would arrive. Point being, there are good apples and bad apples. But more often than not the bad apples are the ones that get noticed.
  8. That's a bit of a generalization don't you think? Especially considering all the new changes that have been going on throughout the Six Flags company?
  9. Not likely, ride operators have far too many other things to worry about.
  10. SuperShawn, I don't want to step on anyone's toes ... but the park has been known to close certain attractions a bit earlier if there's an event that begins right at park close.
  11. ... These are just things people say all the time. Pardon the guests for not knowing everything. . Perhaps we could start a thread called "Weirdest things you've heard the CEs say". Now that would be a thread!
  12. Yeah, as someone who's worked in multiple theme parks I can safely say that the concern isn't about YOU. Its not about you losing your $300.00 glasses, the baseball cap you've had since your a kid, your mickey ears , are god forbid some dirty bag you just picked up off the floor and decided to place on your head. Its about the safety of everyone behind you. I can't tell you how many times I've had to deal with injured guests due to some ignorant guest who decide to place their hat back on after a vehicle has left station.
  13. FIXED. Also went back and spelled Dorney the correct way in the title. Please review the TOS found here : http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21962&start=0 I understand you're young, but please use proper grammar. Including capitalization.
  14. This is because the park implemented the new q-bot system and kept operating procedures the same on all attractions with the exception of X2. You can add in a fancy new system, but its nothing if you don't redo the way your guests are divided and boarded. Not to mention for it to effectively work you'd need new positions along with new training; which simply won't happen there.
  15. They just want another reason to call magic mountain shady! Magic Mountain does it, its shady , Disneyland does it its labeled at 'strategic marketing' by them. Tale as old as time!
  16. I'd put money on it that there will be lockers on Terminator. They were first added to the highest popularity rides and then were added to this right below them. I trust and hope that Terminator has lockers like found on all the other major attractions. Its not about the intensity of the attraction, its about building and enforcing a new strict policy about no loose bags or articles on the ride or left in the station area. And I can't see a better way to further that than with the addition of the locker system on Terminator.
  17. Why why why why why man... this thread is horrible. Someone aint reading the TOS... this aint got no purpose!. Short-ay says, "Read the TOS ! http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=137 " LOCKED ahahahahahahaa
  18. No, you guys are all wrong. THIS is what they should of done. I've even included all 3; an entry , exit, and flashpass line. Also notice where SFMM should of put their preshow. If they had done this they wouldn't of spent more money on adding a building and they would be less in debt, then they'd be able to turn on the Goliath tunnel misters and run superman with both sides. .... Seriously. Can't we all just accept that Magic Mountain probably looked at every angle and are aware of possible problems that maybe, JUST maybe we aren't aware of which has prevented them from building it a certain way.
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