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  1. Great pics. It seems like it was so short between the beginning of construction and the opening. (BTW what else does this "word filter" do?)
  2. going through band camp right now. I play the tenor sax.
  3. How come some wooden coasters (which AFAIK are harder to maintain than steel coasters) have been 0perating for over 100 years but this apparently has reached the end of its service life after only 25 years?
  4. Pretty good, just vary the trees more and replace the circled trees. They're an eyesore. replace the circled trees
  5. That turn there doesn't seem too sharp; As long as the tilt of the trains is good it shouldnt be too painful.
  6. I remember my family did that once. It ended up with more fighting than fun, and my parents eventually got sick of it and ended up picking everything themselves. It's pretty hard to agree on anything unless you're an only child.
  7. Well it's July 9th now, anyone know if it's open? Google turned up nothing.
  8. I change mine pretty often, but here's my current one:
  9. This place is giving me newfound respect for Cedar Fair and their ride naming. Talk about copyright evasion!
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