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  1. Back In Feb saw The East Village Opera Company..... VERY Cool show! Rockin' Opera!
  2. I am 43 and to this point as well. KI and CP are my regular parks. I can handle MF and DB and all the wooden coasters I can handle. Really brought it home for me last year on Invertigo. Got off that and felt like crap the rest of the day. But for some reason Firehawk does NOT have any effect on me. I haven't been able to handle the spinning rides since I was like 5 or 6.... a bad experience on a teacup ride... I have found that getting to a cool spot, especially if it's a hot day, will help and for me the caffine helps as well. Thanks for the other tips... will try them next time out!
  3. Wow...!!!! Miss a day and a half on TPR and you miss a LOT!! Crimeney!!!
  4. ....... waiting for someone to photochop the fire trucks infont of SoB... I really have mixed emotions. I never rode sob without the loop, was closed each time I was there without it. I had a decent ride, and a beat me all to heck ride....
  5. Bring Back Lion country Safari! Ryan... last year you could see the trains covered in plastic from the Eifel Tower. Might even be a picture someplace in this thread.
  6. I gotta agree about Invertigo and down time.... Last year was the first time in the past five years that I was at KI and It was actually operational.
  7. Very Cool..... it was Chippewa Lake photos that actually lead me to find TPR. I was looking around for info on the Americana park and saw the CL photos and someplace along the link got linked to TPR.
  8. Yeah, if the guy in charge isn't "comfortable" with trhe ride, it does not bode well at all........ Glad I got to ride it the times that I did... don't see it happening for anyone else anytime soon, or ever!
  9. I remember the first ride on MF..... it was the first time that the drop took my breath away... it was AWESOME!! The lift at times on the bigger coasters can at time be a little nerve racking, but once you are upa nd over you get into the ride and forget about that. I actually got some ejector air on the drop on my first Diamndback ride. Pretty cool and smoooooth.
  10. I likey!!!! There hasn't been a red cycle in any of the footage that is out there on the web to this point. I am most certainly looking forward to this movie. I have been wanting Tron 2.0 for years!
  11. All I have to say is thank god the purple is gone.... they can come up with the most off the wall name, but I hated the purple on the fairly odd looking coaster!!!!!
  12. Happy birthday KT!! Tell mom that the sippy cups that tip and don't spil rock! You will be a star every time you knock over your drink
  13. I really think that the "for sale" or scrap yard idea sounds cool. I think it would be fun to pick up on someone elses idea an run with it. I have had fun working from someone elses workbench........
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