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  1. This year I'll be going to Six Flags Magic Mountain semi-regularly, and maybe Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and California's Great America at some point throughout the year. Also, in June I'll be visiting the Midwest and am excited to return to Cedar Point and Kings Island!
  2. 1. X2 2. Twisted Colossus 3. Goliath 4. Full Throttle 5. Batman: The Ride 6. Apocalypse 7. Superman: Escape from Krypton 8. Ninja 9. Tatsu 10. Viper
  3. Knott's Berry Farm: 1. Ghostrider 2. Xcelerator 3. Silver Bullet 4. Montezooma's Revenge 5. Sierra Sidewinder 6. Jaguar! (I almost always avoid the rest of these rides) 7. Boomerang 8. Coast Rider 9. Pony Express 10. Timberland Twister
  4. Has anyone here ever taken public transportation from NYC to SFGAdv and can tell me what it's like? I'm visiting New York for the first time at the end of the month and I'm really hoping this is doable.
  5. I really want to try to go to this. It's been about five years since I've attended a WCB. I remember seeing you guys backstage at Knott's last year while I was working, it made me feel sad that I wasn't a part of the fun. I definitely miss all of the ERT.
  6. I'd love to hit up the SFMM day! Just need people to hang out with haha.
  7. Anyone know if you have to keep the window open? The music is driving me crazy, but I don't want to mute my computer/everything else online that involves sound.
  8. I don't know, having Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, Seaworld, IOA, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, and soon to be Legoland all within an hour or so is pretty good variety if you ask me. Parks with a lot of coasters work the best for home parks. I love parks like Disneyland and BGW, but when you go there all the time the theming becomes less and less special. SFMM doesn't get old too easily because there are so many coasters to ride and keep busy with, but I could never go to Disneyland 6+ times a year. Same goes for the Florida parks... and they're all so expensive which is annoying when it comes to season passes. I stick with what I say about not too much variety because the majority of the parks are B&M looping coasters (which I am not a fan of) and coaster-wise, each of the parks look to get very old. And, like I said, outside of Florida you have to work to get somewhere. Florida is, IMO, an amazing vacation spot but I do not want to live there.
  9. In the US, unless you can drive, SoCal and Orlando are the best places to be. You have several parks nearby, and unless you have flexible parents, you won't be traveling much, so you might as well have the most close-by, easy-to-get-to parks around possible. Once you're old enough to start traveling frequently, SoCal and Orlando will get boring because you don't have too much variety, you'll most likely be tired of the parks already, and other than your little area, it takes a lot of effort to get anywhere else. For example, I've completed California, plus Las Vegas, Lagoon, and Castles n' Coasters. Now what do I do? My only option is to drive 20 hours to Texas... which isn't exactly ideal. I've always thought Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia are perfect places as you can make weekend trips to several parks, as opposed to being stuck and bored with the same parks for years. In the end, though, weather plays the biggest factor into where I want to live, so to avoid the humidity, I'd prefer to just stick with SoCal... I mean, KBF will probably get something interesting in a few years, right?!
  10. This just makes me more excited to see those overly colored sprinklers. Let's plan.
  11. I did that with you fully in mind. If anyone must ever speak the word janky, I think of atem times.
  12. Day 3, Busch Gardens Williamsburg. BGW is an amazing park, and easily knocked Cedar Point off of my #1 spot. The coasters are incredible, the water rides are great, and the park is just beautiful. The layout is so confusing and I got lost so many times, but it's almost like they do that on purpose because you end up in some other area discovering something else. Even with so few rides, I could (and did) spend all day there and I would have loved to have even more time. Ride operations are fantastic and lines move so quickly. Ride Count: Grover's Alpine Express - 1 Griffon - 4 Alpengeist - 3 Loch Ness Monster - 2 Apollo's Chariot - 5 Train - 1 Le Scoot - 1 Escape From Pompeii - 1 Roman Rapids - 1 Skyride - 2 After going to Grover at opening (you know you're a credit whore when you get the kiddie coaster that'll have long lines out of the way first!) I headed to Griffon. Fun coaster, but definitely not Top 10 worthy. It's extremely smooth and re-ridable but just doesn't do much. Hanging on the edge in the front is great though. These are pretty uneventful... After two rides in a row on Griffon, it was time for Alpengeist! Alpengeist is like a steel, looping version of Voyage. It's fast, forceful, gives you so much, and never ends. I loved it, but it's impossible to ride twice in a row. Still, the experience it gave is amazing. Back row is a must because you're just being whipped through all these inversions and you have no idea what's going on. It is also the best B&M Invert I've been on. Hawt. Loch Ness Monster is such a fun coaster. Smoothest Arrow looper I've been on... but that doesn't say much. Janky drops with air FTW. This area of the park is just amazing. I think this area alone just automatically makes BGW the best park ever. Unbeatable. Well, except for Tokyo DisneySea. The skyride gave some great views. So Apollo's Chariot... Best ride in the park. Solid Top 10 coaster. It really surprised me for a B&M Hyper. I still stick with my opinion that B&M Hypers are the most uncreative rides ever, but Apollo gave some great floater air that I'd prefer to a lot of ejector air. It's smooth, re-ridable and just a lot of fun. Kills Diamondback and, as I found out later, Nitro. LOL, Nitro... ah... Great skyline from everywhere in the park. Le Scoot was short, but had a good last drop. Waited an hour for it. Meh. Walking around this area was really sad. Pretty much the whole Northern Italy/Western Germany area is dead. As close as it got to night rides. Park closed at 9. And that's all I have for BGW. Just like all coaster enthusiasts need to ride Beast at night or go to Cedar Point, they have to experience BGW. Find a way to get here, it's worth it. Next up is Six Flags America. Preview: lol.
  13. I thought special time on the log rides was reserved for me. Of course! After 9PM.
  14. My lovely TR from Virginia to Massachusetts and every amusement park worth going to in between! Also includes some Philadelphia and Baltimore sky. Yeah, I'm well rounded. Day 1 was uneventful as we (my dad and I) just flew from Los Angeles to Philadelphia, then drove down to Maryland where we spent the night. Day 2 was when the fun began at the first park of the trip, Kings Dominion! I met up with my friend Brad (B-RadG) and it was just swell. We really got to know each other on the log flume. You had to be there. Anyway, Kings Dominion was a really nice park. Lots of trees, good rides, easy to keep busy at. There's a lot of Paramount niceness scattered around the park, including some solid theming. I really enjoyed my time there. Total ride count for Kings Dominion: Dominator - 3 Intimidator 305 - 8 Flight of Fear - 2 Anaconda - 3 Backlot Stunt Coaster - 2 Drop Tower - 5 Shockwave - 1 Volcano - 4 Avalanche - 1 Boo Blasters on Boo Hill - 3 Ghoster Coaster - 1 Taxi Jam - 1 Shenandoah Log Flume - 1 White Water Canyon - 1 Grizzly - 2 Hurler - 1 Ricochet - 1 Rebel Yell South - 1 Eiffel Tower - 1 Dominator was first because KD opens it 30 minutes before park opening! And it still doesn't get a line! It's an okay ride. Other than Medusa West I'm really not a fan of Floorless Coasters; they show B&M's boring side the most. Other than the fact that it actually does a have a somewhat interesting layout, nothing stands out. These freakin' cobra rolls man! And then to i305 at opening! I could've gone 10 minutes early with my Platinum Pass, but I decided it would be much more fun to go with the GP and observe how they think/what they do. So what do I think of i305? Kind of a confusing ride. There's a lot that I liked about it and a lot that I felt ruined the ride. The lift is fast, the drop is disappointing (like wtf?! I did like it though, the height helped take your mind off the trims, but there's better), the turn was intense (didn't black out in the front but lost vision in the back; farther back you sit, more intense it is) and the hill is very... "Aight, I'm on a hill... Now what?" You really had to focus on the track and move yourself during the twisties or else you'd get neck-chopped. They weren't as enjoyable as the should have been, but it's good to hear that the new restraints improve that. Unfortunately I missed those by a couple of days... While all of the twists could hurt, I still found them pretty awesome (I know I don't make sense). The speed taken during them is just incredible. One thing I love about this coaster is how different and unique the layout is. It never gets old, and I kept coming back to the ride, which overall means it's a winner to me. I got eight rides total, never having to wait more than 5 minutes unless I went for the front (which I did twice; worth it!). Overall, I rank the ride towards the bottom of my Top 10. By this point of the ride your restraint has completely stapled you. No air... Or at least you can't FEEL any... Went over to FOF next, which is just okay. The first half is always great on these coasters but then it just dies. It's a bit better than KI's but not as good as Joker's Jinx. Anaconda hurts. Good drop... But ow. More Premier... And Cedar Fair trains!... Don't really enjoy the Backlot coasters, too many twists for such a compact layout. After pizza at Victoria's I got Shockwave out of the way. What the hell did I do to you?! Awesome. A highlight of the day. SoCal needs one. Volcano is a lot of fun, really enjoyed this coaster! The first launch catches you by surprise and the second launch/roll out of the mountain is amazing. The rolls are fun. Good drop into the brakes. And the ride just never got old! Smooth and reridable, definitely a Top 20 coaster. A mirror. Then we rode Avalanche which was uncomfortable, pretty meh... Boo Blasters was a great dark ride, rode three times. These are the best kiddie coasters ever. So I got my Taxi Jam credit! There was no line, so I just walked up cluelessy and when I was about to get on, the ride op stopped me and asked who I was with. I acted like I didn't know I needed to ride with a kid and I told him about my whole coaster count thing and after a couple seconds he just let me on. Thanks KD Dommy at sunset. Turns! Turns on a B&M looper. IKR... Is this when people say "omg failed artsy shot!!1"? I just call it getting under the coaster and flipping my camera. It works for that, right? Right > Left. Hahaha... Why do these have to be so expensive?! $25 per person? No thanks. I'll jump off my bed instead. Why ride this when there's the Eiffel Tower? Hurler is that really rough coaster that you just laugh on. It's okay, but it sucks. Right? Ricochet has a drop... Moving on... I got so many of these side-view ferris wheel pics. They just try to be so cool. Here's some more KD pics from Tuesday, Day 4. I went back to the park for a couple hours and then it was off to SFA. More rides on i305 FTW! I'm from SoCal... Can I still ride? Millie does have more air, honestly. And is just so much better. Kinzel must be happy... i305 does have a betchslap into the brakes, but Raptor's is better. Sorry! Only ran one train on Tuesday. Still no line. Anaconda is such a beautiful coaster... Too bad it tries to kill you right here... Lots of hang-time though. i305 is way too cool to be through the trees. I will never look at Log Flumes the same again. Grizzly is a mini Beast. Rough and awesome at night (lolololololololololol). And for my last ride to review... Rebel Yell! Didn't get any pictures of it. Really lame out n' back woodie. It only ran one side both days I was there and they both happened to be the same side. First missed credit KD was a sad park to leave. I got so many rides and had such a great time at the park. There really weren't any crowds and the only ride with a real wait was Volcano! Next up, Busch Gardens Williamsburg!
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