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  1. I visited skyspace LA last weekend and made a short vid
  2. Thank you everyone! ^ The park actually did look pretty good! Also I used a Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L ll USM for these with a Canon 6D.
  3. Over the weekend I took a little break from studies to spend a few hours at SFMM to test my new camera lens. I thought I would upload a few here for you guys to enjoy...so...enjoy!
  4. Thanks everyone for their generous feedback. I will no longer be posting on these forums, so if you guys would like to be updated, just check my YouTube channel. I will be posting new offride videos every Tuesday and Friday for the next few months.
  5. Just made an offride video of Millennium Force, so I'd thought that I would share it here:
  6. ^ Is correct (sort of) < Not much of a hockey fan v would rather watch baseball
  7. ^ Yes they do look at the pass, and they do it right there at the early entrance line. The seemed pretty strict about it, because there was actually quite a people with regular passes and tickets who were denied through.
  8. I just got back home from my amazing trip to Cedar Point a few days ago, and was able to get a bunch of awesome shots of GateKeeper! Enjoy!
  9. Just posted my first offride video from Cedar Point a few minutes ago of GateKeeper!
  10. I've never have actually put thought into making a list, but since I just got back from my first trip to Kings Island a few hours ago, it made me put a little thought into it. So I guess it would look a little something like this: 1: The Beast (Kings Island) 2: Nitro (SFGAdv) 3: The New Texas Giant (SFOT) 4: Diamondback (Kings Island) 5: Tatsu (SFMM) 6: Outlaw Run (SDC) 7: Maverick (Cedar Point) 8: Raging Bull (SFGAm) 9: Millennium Force (Cedar Point) 10: GateKeeper (Cedar Point) Looking at it... I don't really have a preference for any type of ride (though the B&M hyper coasters are my favorite type). I think it really depends on the mood that the ride ops put you in, as well as the excitement from the fellow riders. Those are probably the biggest two factors that actually come into play on my favorite ride experiences... which lead to my top coasters. I seriously took my first night ride on the beast a few hours and I must say... OMFG It was the best coaster experience that I've ever had in my life!
  11. The Beast at night... it was actually a few hours ago. OMFG AMAZING
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