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  1. What would Hard Rock Park be like....ON THE MOON??!?! it depends Wes.... can they prtect it from were-dragons and all the other otherkin on the moon?
  2. happy bday TPR, good to be back in time to celebrate
  3. ive been away too long. and i need to post sooo many TR's.
  4. who the hell would have posted Hobosexual....... OH! HAI!!!!
  5. the best extreme sport is still.... WATERBOARDING!
  6. personally... i can't wait for the rapture......... no one to proselytize anymore, no one to complain about gay marriage, .... anything we can do to hasten this process... a letter writing campaign maybe?
  7. im happy with anything they do that fixes its current rough shape... so long as its not as disappointing as SP:M2 in DLRP.... just rode that yesterday and... wow... fun ride minus the vekoma induced concussion... but the effects left much to be desired in all honesty, especially after Cali's refurb. The supernova was well... underwhelming, considering that it was obviously a Screen next to the track.. rather than something more skillfuly executed, or at least better hidden. Some parts were really cool.. others... well.. They made me like Crush's Coaster even more... but ill go over that in a trip report prolly after i get back to the states in a few weeks or on the boat ride back.
  8. Age: 26 Middle Name: Joseph Pet Peeve: Loudmouthed people who complain a lot. Color of your bathroom: Usually white Best Movie of ALL time: Blade Runner or The Dreamers Best Song of ALL time: Homeward by VNV Nation Best TV Shows: Doctor Who, Scrubs, House, Little Britain, Torchwood Favorite Band/Artist: Pet Shop Boys or VNV Nation Yummiest Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be: Walt Disney Morning Person or Night Person: Night person Pets: 2 cats and a bunny Favorite Color: white and blue Where you would go for fun (not an amusement park): Somplace i could either dance or sing. Coke or Pepsi: neither Opinion about Peanut Butter and Jelly: Love It, though i love PB&B more. Best Vacation Spot: Someplace with heart. Cook or Go Out: What night is it? Beach, Desert, or Mountains: Fjord
  9. mine has always been spot on, even before the people knew it themselves sometimes.
  10. wow, thanks for that insightful post, it really helps further the conversation. anyhoo.... themaster, level 70 warlock on Area 52, and a few other assorted toons... former raid leader and all that jazz on my old server.
  11. no offense there pal, but wouldn't that be the iPhone just known as iPodOS? not really, the plan would be for it to be more of a fully functional computer product. while yes it would be similar to the iphone it would be more like a melding of an ipod, a mini and an iphone. At least if the designs i saw are legit/what is actually produced.
  12. it will be an ipod that runs a version of MacOS
  13. its tough when you straddle the line too, cause you have both sides pulling you and telling you you have to choose (like its possible). My wife put it best earlier today in a conversation. "it would just be so much easier if i could just choose one or the other, choose which i wanted more, but then i know i would be giving something up and i could never do that.... its in some peoples nature to be gay, its in some peoples nature to be straight, its in our nature to be &%*### greedy."
  14. Then let me be the first. I prefer girls to guys.... in fact i could never imagine myself having a "relationship" with a guy, i just like them for play sometimes... My wife is bi and most times prefers girls, but is also a hound for guys, is married to me,... so... go figure.
  15. id do the same thing to them... seriously... what the hell is wrong with kids in this country now days. my 15yr old cousin was over here the other day and started bragging that he was at McDonalds with his friend and they went out and pissed in the ball pit.... His mom laughed and shrugged it off. I started yelling at them both and told her that if she didn't take him down there and make him tell them what he did... I would drag their asses down there and make them call the cops.
  16. worst i ever did was chase an ex employee out with a golf club.... good times. though i once had an employer who used the phrase "ill stab you" as a form of punctuation. oddly enough he was one of the better bosses i have had..................... and people wonder why i am for the most part self employed.
  17. why why why do they look like they are gonna start bustin caps..... at this point my childhood is no longer being raped, but is a victim of some brutal necrophilia.
  18. gee... thanks the funny thing is im a relatively healthy person... actually a very healthy person minus some minor mental illness (PTSD FTL!)
  19. i noticed i never posted a serious answer here other than adding hobosexual to the TPR vocabulary i think though I can honestly say i feel I fall outside of a category though.. other than... Omnisexual. I love women... hell, i married one (the fact that she loves women too doesn't hurt.) but i also find myself strongly attracted to Transsexuals and men... though in all honestly in only a sexual, lustful way. Not sure i could ever have a "relationship" with a man.... but... i just don't feel it is nessascary to restrict myself to any one type of person... or to that matter... any one person.
  20. Rast, I dont know about the others.. but i wasn't bashing Christianity... all i did was quote the bible and asked for Christians opinions of if they felt those were just as much the law as the other quotes they use in these discussions. True, i myself am not a Christian, i am a Buddhist/Taoist... so i am just curious as to your opinions on these quotes from your holy book. If thats "bashing" then that... well... paints a picture that speaks a thousand words.
  21. oh and..... "As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion..." From Article 11 of the Treaty of Tripoli 1797. Unanimously ratified by the U.S. Senate and signed by President John Adams. guess that throws a wrench into that whole argument.
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