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  1. Well read this if you want to know why they installed lapbars: www.themeparkinsider.com/reviews/universal%27s_islands_of_adventure/dudley_do-right%27s_ripsaw_falls/accidents/
  2. That's strange that you found Lightning Racers rough. I was there the week before you and I found the ride to be very smooth. I found Wildcat to be a lot more rough. Cool pictures. Makes me wish I was I could be there again.
  3. I have to disagree with you. Intamin OSTRs rape perfectly good rides. Stormrunner, Fahrenheit, and Maverick could be so much more enjoyable if there was nothing killing your thighs or side of your head/neck. I have said this before but it needs repeating, Intamin is better than this. For me personally, I get my neck bashed and my thighs killed on every ride that has this type of restraint. Heck the restraints are the reason that I don't like Maverick that much. Does anyone else feel the same way I do? I partially agree with MagicMountainMan. I feel that during the ride that the restraint will get tighter with the forces pushing down on it. On Fahrenheit and Storm Runner the restraint did start to squish my thighs, and it became somewhat uncomfortable. Now I wouldn't go as far as saying that it ruined the rides for me, and it didn't really affect the overall experience for either of them. Both of the rides are actually in my top 5. The restraints do have room for improvement, but for the time being I would say that compared to many of types of restraints on rides that Intamin OTSR could be a lot worse.
  4. I walked right by Nomar Garciapara at the local YMCA during one of his off-season workouts. I didn't bother him though. He seemed busy with his trainer.
  5. While its not the biggest drop, or the steepest. I really enjoy Comet at Hershey parks first drop. It's really cool how you head right for the river below the ride. The drop also has a good pop of air.
  6. I'm gonna be a Hershey in a few days, and I will be there from opening to closing. I just want to know what rides I should do first, and what would be the best order so that I can make the most of my day. I got a basic idea of what I'm gonna do, I just thought it would be smart to get some other opinions.
  7. We are going on a Wednesday, 2 days before a Nickleback concert, so I think we should be alright with avoiding the concert crowd.
  8. Haha Yankees lost to the Nationals.... That's pretty sad, but then again Ching Ming Wang was pitching.
  9. I have one more question. How does the Hershey preview plan work. This is when you go to the park the night before for free before the day you get the tickets for. Do you buy the tickets the night before and just go into the park from there, or do you need to get the tickets in advance in order to participate in the preview plan?
  10. I'm going to take you up on this. I really want to see this ride, it looks awesome!
  11. I'm stopping at Hersheypark around the 8-10 of July. I just want to know what to expect for lines so I can plan accordingly. If you have any other tips, like good places to eat or which rides I should do first please share. Any advice is appreciated!
  12. Your architecture has improved so greatly since Hawaiian Escape, and the Monster Mash Hotel looks awesome!
  13. That seems like a pretty large park for a Triple-A team, and it also looks really nice. It reminds me a lot of Camden Yards in Baltimore with the building in the outfield.
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