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  1. I'm planning on visiting SFOT on a weekday in early August, what is the estimated waiting time of Texas Giant? I'm disappointed the flash pass does not offer the Giant as it looks very good. Does it pull any significant negative G's and what is the best seat on it for airtime if it has any? Thanks very much.
  2. okay, the cage would be incredible if the g transitions were smooth and the negatives just around 0 , -0.2 or something of the sort...... would have to be very delicate with positive g transitions from negative ? i don't think that would work, as in first drop, negative gs, bottom of the hill strong positives... okay , so, would a hyper have more positive g forces than riddlers in the first place, why ? the large hills make for , yes longer gs, but not necessarily faster transitions of g forceexperiences, perhaps we would have to have mellow positive s and laterals but we could still have some nice airtime and make it an interesting experience ? the idea of a cage with a gratuitously loose lap pad of sorts, to let you have 3-4 inches of airtime regardless of your size, in a sitting position is appealing. perhaps an automatic large padded bar that is purposely lifted a few inches above you to allow floating,
  3. hmm that could be nice, i am not sure about it , now if you could do a suspended inverted stand up with no floor, and somehow have a restraint mechanism, or minimal floor , like say , in a sort of a cage so there is great spaciousness! I am very interested in a very twistey diving, turning , swooping, few straight airtime hills with a strong negative g force, style stand up hyper, or even mega coaster, albeit we have to deal with the restraints it could be very fun and drops on a stand up would be nice. Perhaps you could have 1 train stand up and 1 train sitting, with a dual loading station.
  4. 1. How many negative gs on camelbacks could a stand up safely pull, as opposed to with riders sitting. 2. Would you ride such a device, for the novelty of airtime while standing, presuming that we are making it with notable -gs on any of its hills, and otherwise resembling a B&M hyper with a few twister elements.
  5. try giving people and especially the ride ops a little more credit
  6. ohigosh thanks for the pov , the trim sare terrible ! but it does seem the helix is as intense now as it was then,
  7. that kissing scene was a bit racy ! they didn't explain the mechanism of copulation all that well really ! but a good video , i never got to see it either i was 8 i think, my grandparents called my parents on a payphone to ask if i could see it and they said no!
  8. i do not recall any difference in the helix intensity any of the years i have been on it including opening summer, despite the trim increase, does anyone have a POV of goliath with no trims ?
  9. hey guys i have a question i am sure has been asked before please forgive What was Goliath's trim like opening year ? I was watching a POV just now and i thought about my very first ride on Goliath, and I recall that it did not seem like the trim slowed the trains down very much.... and i know for certain the first drop used to not slow down at the top of the hill, causing air-time, Is there any way for SFMM to run the ride this way regularly ?
  10. i wonder if people who like nitro better than toro are either more susceptible to adrenaline / anticipation / big heights , or like smoother air ? i can't see why its better than el toro except it is smoooooth, the air was okay and a good ride for sure, discussion?
  11. unicoaster is a coaster where those seats are on a track and you might be able to control their flipping with a lever ( ? ) the man who invented it invented sky diving tunnels anyone can just jump into that he wants to send to fair parks, but when i describe it that way its of total exceptional safety rather than something as wacky (long words!) http://www.unicoaster.com/ ( " SkyVenture is a state-of-the-art skydiving wind tunnel designed for the general public. SkyVenture completely immerses visitors in the world of high adventure skydiving, without ever having to pack a parachute, pull a ripcord, or jump out of a perfectly good airplane. No experience is necessary. Virtually anyone can fly." ) [the other thing he designed aside from skycoasters!)
  12. great white is a good ride and i got to ride it so much without getting off because silly people were at a shamu show and the line was empty, but its a batman clone, and batman is not on your list, which is odd to miah
  13. someone explain ghostriders history to me when i rode it was the best ride ever, better than el toro, or goliath in its opening year where it had airtime in the first drop even, it was amazing, and i rode in the very back with semi-loose restraints, and had incredible air on every hill, do any of you ride it in the backseat with the restraints this way ? i think this was the year 2000 and 2001
  14. i don't remember airtime on shockwave! i went on it a few times and it was a very good ride, but perhaps its been too long ago to remember its details.
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