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  1. I know this guy's foreign but his posts were just so hilarious. From the "Post your favorite your mom jokes!" thread.
  2. I always wondered what IVs felt like. But more importantly, John, you're not black!
  3. It appears that I am going to have to take Aikido starting very soon. Any tips? What should I expect?
  4. Congrats Robb and Elissa! I have NEVER said this about a baby before, but she's actually cute!
  5. I love pretty much all old sitcoms. Oh yeah, I like listening to "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne. She's hot.
  6. I have never taken any martial arts classes but I have always found Aikido to be very interesting. I like philosophy behind it as well.
  7. Wow! This is going to be than your other dark ride! The circus thing! That was amazing and this is already looking better!
  8. I would totally do it! I love skating!
  9. People are paid to go on that show to be the suckiest peice of crap they can be. Sure, it's funny, but it's fake, like all "reality" TV shows.
  10. ^BEST DESKTOP EVER! I love that movie!
  11. I have to go to Carland! I love that movie! Great thinking by disney!
  12. Nice to hear that your cat's doing better! I love my cat and I can understand how it feels. My cat's fur started getting mangy and stuff one time. I was scared there was something wrong with her. But it turned out all right. We had give her medicine and she got better.
  13. I'm pretty confused too. But the concept art looks great! Did you draw that? That's really good.
  14. I got to touch a Wii! It's a cute little game system. My friend is saving up to buy one. He and his sister are going to pay for half of it each. Sucks that she's going off to college soon so she'll probably want to take it.
  15. SWEET! It's not over! The series and the love-fest!
  16. Aww too bad it's regional. That's the kind of sauce I would LOVE!
  17. Dang! That looked really really good! Where'd you get that BBQ sauce?
  18. Happy Birthday! You deserve to have a good one!
  19. You got all my favorite candies! Ryan has to waste money on me now too!
  20. Add me again Zack. I thought you were gone from LIVE so I took you off m friends list. QwazyBassist.
  21. Does anybody know of a Wireless Internet Adapter for the XBOX 360 besides the one made by Microsoft?
  22. I got one for Christmas and it's great! I love playing Call of Duty 3 online!
  23. I hate people who aren't thankful for everything they have. IT makes me sad.
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