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  1. I'm heading down to Busch Gardens in a couple weeks to check out Howl O Scream for the first time and seeing these photos makes me even more excited! Busch Gardens is one of my favorite parks so I can not wait.
  2. Finally made it to the park today and Boulder Dash is indeed awesome again. Jerry did say they ran into a problem with Wildcat's lift hill so they had to rebuild it. He hopes to have it up by the end of June. Assuming testing goes well. Today was a short visit due to rain and the park closing early but the park looked great.
  3. Wicked Cyclone looks amazing and I can not wait to ride it. I didn't care for cyclone much so I'm happy this is happening. This will be my first RMC coaster.
  4. Stinger has been down pretty much the whole season. You didn't miss much by not riding it. Personally, I wish Laser stayed and stinger stayed away from Dorney.
  5. I found Big Mike! Big Mike, if you read this, thanks for the condolences and the hug. I rode Skyrush and it is definately a top 10 ride. It was a little uncomfortable in the thighs, but overall it was an amazing ride. Train 1 was way better then train 2.
  6. Hello all, I was wondering if I could get some input. I'm looking into buying a Digital camera. I'm a noob at this and I want some nice pictures. What do you guys recommend? I want something that nots too expenisve, and not too cheap. I just want a good camera. I hope you can help me decide! Thanks in advance.
  7. The page loaded in 3 seconds and I'm using Internet Explorer 8. It looks great btw...
  8. ^ Yeah there is actually. During the Haunted Graveyard season in October, the rides are open until 11 friday and Saturday nights. The wait for rides usually aren't long. Unless you go on Halloween.
  9. Don't for free Soft drinks at Lake Compounce! Make sure you ride Boulder Dash at night, it is amazing.
  10. ^ Acutally yeah, if you have a facebook, add Six Flags Great Advanture. They have put up a few pictures of the deconstruction, which they aren't wasting time.
  11. I was at Waldameer the first week of June and the Ravine Flyer 2 was smooth and amazaing. I didn't feel one rough spot. I also didn't see any graffiti, but this was a month ago.
  12. Danny those pictures are amazing! I'm still waiting on your Lake Compounce photos, but these are amazing and I'm jealous and I wish I was there with you bro. I'll take a lap on Boulder Dash for you...just continue adding photos to this trip report of this amazing country.
  13. Steven, that photo you took on the first page of this thread, the one with Shoot the rapids. Would you be willing to send me that photo? I tried to PM you but I think I kinda dumb because I couldn't get it to work lol...anyway let me know.
  14. Robb, I am a huge fan of the Coaster Expedition series. I LOVED volume 13. No only does the CE series show the rollercoasters, but it also shows other charm in the parks. I like seeing all the different parks and what they have to offer. Hope this helps, funny thing is..i'm watching Volume 13 right now again!
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