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Listening to a ten year old Broadway musical ..... the 2011 TONY winner for Best Musical.

And it doesn't get old, at this point in time. Hasa diga ebowai.



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Been a while, but I love this work of Morrisette's "Jagged Little Pill" album into a triumphal Broadway Musical that won two TONYs for it.


It's so worth getting and listening to, with Broadway style orchestrations!


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Listening to Aretha Franklin's awesome 1972 album, "Young Gifted & Black" on the radio now.

With retrospective, stories and stuff about the making of the album.

And "Border Song" (by Elton John) is coming up soon. 🎤

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This is playing on the radio, in full. With a lot of backstory (past and present) about k.d. and her life thru music.

Which I love. Have all her albums and the 'extra stuff' she's sung, thru the years (LIVE concerts, movie scores, etc.).

Recently (and sadly), she has stated she is pretty much done with making music. Just wants to enjoy the rest of her life, etc.

So, you really can't diss an artist, from wanting that in their life, Yes? No?

And we are already really blessed with (currently) so much music from her. 🎶


P.S. Never say never, ms. lang.


Pardon that 'stuff' up in the corner. From The Net. And Bless k.d. 💋

I could listen to ALL of her music, over and over, again. Timeless.

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Am now returning to an incredible LIVE recording, in it's entirety, of DREAMGIRLS In Concert, which happened two weeks after 9/11.

They decided to go on with the concerts. And record them. And everybody is so glad they did. The entire score is raw and awesome. So involving, from The Stepp Sisters' entrance, to the Grand Finale, with ALL the Dreamgirls together, including Effie.

I actually saw the original Broadway cast of Dreamgirls, in November of 1982. After their TONY Awards wins. And everybody was still in it, save for a smaller part. And it ended up being like a Revival Meeting that night. Very memorable.

Anyway, this is an unbelievable concert recreation of an entire musical score, beginning to end. Loved it, every play!


Find a copy if you can. Worth the search. AAAAAA+

And here's how the 1982 Tony Awards went, with this End-of-Act One stunner on tv.

Jennifer Holiday giving her all, to show why she earned that season's Best Actress TONY!

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Listening, to the latest (of 3) Original Cast Recording of the amazing Sondheim musical, ASSASSINS. With a lot of current, awesome Broadway talent in this one. This production opened in November, of last year. Off Broadway, but who cares? It's a keeper!

It's really something, when this musical sounds as fresh as it did in .... 1991? ....

All things (currently) political included, lol. Definitely a must buy. IMhO.


And Broadway's Spongebob Squarepants (Ethan Slater) is the Balladeer in this one!

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