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  1. I don't hate Grizzly at Great America like many people do, but the forces on that ride are nowhere to be seen
  2. Yeah, I live in South Bay, but on the news it showed a lot of Vallejo suffering from the fire, I don't think Six Flags is as much in danger as the homes not too far away from the Ferry. Seeing the bridge surrounded by flames is insane. The smell of smoke in the south bay is incredible, my heart goes out to everyone affected.
  3. Didn't Six Flags learn from the 2000's that this is definitely not a good move? They'll go bankrupt again, and all parks will suffer. Not to mention that the brand for both parks are entirely different, and I feel that's how the public likes it.
  4. The ride looks absolutely beautiful. I've never heard of the coaster itself but it's such a unique take on a racer, and I'd love to see a company try and recreate it. Stunning work!
  5. I live in Santa Clara county, so I was going to do my annual California's Great America trip. I'm trying to think of who to spend it with because while I have lots of good friends, a good amusement park companion is a different feat. Will they ride this? Will they mind going on water rides? How much will they pack? Those kind of things. I am not going to visit Six Flags Discovery Kingdom this year. My last visit was kinda meh. Even with the RMC Joker, I just feel their lineup is full of shuttle coasters, and full length coasters that feel like shuttle coasters (superman). Also the layout is so weird, I just don't have fun there. I might go to Six Flags Magic Mountain this year and Universal Studios Hollywood, but we'll see.
  6. I went to Cedar Point once and on that day, TTD was a walk on, but Gemini, Iron Dragon, and Corkscrew had longer waits. I think Magnum is still very popular but I think it's something people don't rush to. It's not large crowds entering the ride at one and when people do go to the queue of Magnum, it's already clearing up the people in the station waiting to ride. At California's Great America, my current home park, you'll often see Grizzly really popular, even when it's only running two or three trains. Meanwhile, there are times when Flight Desk and Patriot will be a walk on, like 15 minutes minutes for a front row seat. The Demon has two row seating, but never is as popular as The Grizzly. I think this might be because kids love The Grizzly, it's the icon for them in the park. Especially since a lot of kids have to grow into Demon to be cool with going upside down, and with Grizzly, they don't worry about that. Flight Deck and Patriot are lucky to have seating that takes in so many people, so that's my theory on why those are usually walk ons. Kings Dominion used to be one of the parks that I'd go to a lot when I was living on the East Coast. Dominator, Volcano, Shockwave, Backlot Stunt Coaster, and Flight of Fear would get these large waits but Intimidator 305 would never ever be crowded. I think the GP have rides that they feel are too scary. I feel they look at I305 like a housewife looks at scientology after watching a documentary on it, it terrifies them. But also BLSC, Volcano, Shockwave and FOF all have low capacity. I've noticed at Busch Gardens Williamsburg that you'll often see Alpengeist as a walk on and that baffles me. It's like people forget it's there, but it's always such a fun ride. Nessie, Apollo's Charriot, and Verbolten are always more popular. Even when BBW was there, I'd remember it having longer waits than Alpengeist. I don't really know why this happens, it could be because Alpengeist's entrance isn't as easy to find? It also does have good capacity.
  7. Couldn't find a better photo of it, but this version of the Big Bad Wolf logo is my favorite wordmark for a roller coaster as I love the way it takes the form of a wolf's face, with the L having that bit at the end that creates the mouth of a wolf. I'd call it a ligature, but it doesn't necessarily connect any letters with the L, but I just love it regardless. I also love this logo for Journey to Atlantis. I mean it just embodies this sense of adventure which i love
  8. Although it now doesn't have any rides other than a show residing in it, I absolutely love The Lost Continent. The facade for PA is so beautiful. I also used to love The Amity Island themed land. It wasn't over-the-top, and that's probably why I liked it. I love all the themed areas in Epcot, but I just absolutely love Future World. I mean it's funny that I'd choose this because it's not something that is unique or too unique, but I love it. The dome, the pavilions, I like the look of the area
  9. lol I was lowkey dehydrated because I was an idiot who only drank water from water fountains I could find, but that's probably why I found Wicked Twister, and Blue Streak a little much for myself. I got a migraine from Magnum unfortunately, which didn't help in the heat and it just got worse from there. Some rides didn't bother my head much, but Blue Streak rattled me a little bit, but Wicked Twister was really much for me. The motion of going through those curved twists are really forceful, but it was too much for myself. I did notice Gemini a little rough now that you mention it. I actually had high hopes for Gemini, I just wish I remembered it more
  10. I went to Cedar Point on the day of the Eclipse, and I managed to get onto every roller coaster which was great because I only had one day. My first rollercoaster was Millennium Force, operations were very slow, but it was still only about a 15 minute wait. Afterwards I tried out Rougarou second, and usually I don't try for the front row unless I am sure that I have enough time which today I was rushing through credits, but there was only 8 people ahead of me and 3 trains going, so I rode front row. Rougarou was definitely good. I enjoyed everything about it, the pacing, the drop, it was a really good floorless. Iron Dragon was next which had a surprisingly longer line than I expected, I enjoyed it to an extent, after the second drop it gets a bit more fun. Magnum XL 200 was the next coaster, by the way I am aware many people adore this ride so I don't want to be too harsh, but I just couldn't enjoy it. I felt pain, and I got a headache right after it. The forces on that ride are incredible though, so I'll give it that. After that ride, I went onto Gemini which was not dueling that day. The ride was fun, I don't remember much other than liking the helix and bunny hills. After that I went on Maverick which had the longest wait of the day, and I heard people warn me about the "roughness" of the ride, I felt no pain and thought it was incredible. Afterwards I went on Thunder Canyon and was shocked by how wet the ride actually is. No rapids, but waterfall after waterfall. Luckily it was hot outside. After that I went onto Cedar Creek Mine Ride which was lackluster for a Mine Train coaster in my opinion, and it's sad because I love those type of rides. After that I went onto Corkscrew which was definitely a rough ride. Man I didn't expect such a small coaster to be so painful. That hill after the drop is brutal. From there I headed to Wicked Twister which I didn't like at all. I felt a bit queasy from the attraction which is sad because it was my first Intamin Shuttle, and I expected it be similar to Volcano at King's Dominion, but I just wasn't feeling the ride. I did GateKeeper after that which didn't really impress me much at all. I don't know, I mean it was cool, but I felt like it wasn't unique enough for me to remember it much. After that side of the park, I moved over to Raptor/BlueStreak/Valvrayn(spelling?), and I did Blue Streak first. The ride was jerky, but fun. I don't know, it could've been better, but it wasn't terrible. Raptor was phenomenal up until the breakrun where I hit my head really hard, but it didn't take away from it being superb. Absolutely loved it. Ever since I was a kid I had wanted to ride it because that lime green colour intrigued me. Valvryn was good, not as good to me as say Griffon/Sheikra, but it was fun. I bought a retro Cedar Point t-shirt that was only $16.00(which as a graphic designer, I couldn't not buy it, the wordmark is so beautiful), so that was great. Took one last spin on Dragster, and ended my day. Notes:) Dragster looks like a one-trick pony, but that one-trick is so good that it doesn't matter. That drop is mighty high, and that feeling when you go down it is incredible, never felt that way before. MF is wonderful, but I remember riding Intimidator 305 during it's opening season and hearing many comparisons because of the height, but now as I finally got to ride this; I don't understand the comparisons. They're very different rides. MF is a scenic journey full of airtime hills and speed. Intimidator is only about speed, and being low to the ground with some airtime here and there. I can't compare them because thety're so different. Intimidator feels more like Skyrush to me. The Wicked Twister side of the park was very dead, whole park was actually, but this side particular. It's strange because Gatekeeper, Windseeker, Delirium, and WT are all big rides and every single one was a walk on. The whole park was really dead, which makes sense because it was a monday.
  11. With people bringing up Grizzly's RMC conversation as a possibility, I'm not too sure if I'm "for" converting Grizzly. Last time I rode it, it wasn't bad. Albeit a bit boring. However, the kids enjoyed it quite a lot. It's a good ride for the family. If RMC would convert it, I'd hope they'd keep that in mind and make something a bit "less extreme".
  12. My exact thoughts, especially if they are adding "coaster" onto everything. We already have a looper, V2, Superman, and Cobra for really short, forward & backward coaster experiences. Looks like a fun addition but between my two home parks in the Bay I'm going with Cedar Fair, as Trailblazer & Hangtime at Knotts looks awesome. I was thinking this same thing, but for me it's still a new thing for my bucket list. Even if it is another forward/backward ride in a park full of shuttle coasters, and pendulum rides. I don't understand the addition of the larson loop though, I feel like they could've stalled that year, introduced Joker the next year, and then introduce this as the only larson-loop like attraction. Even though I'd argue in saying that Superman feels a bit like a large-scale gravity based larson loop, so all of these additions in that aspect feel a bit arbitrary. It's a shame that the park keeps adding shuttle coasters, and flat rides that base their thrill on going forward/backwards. I mean we have V2, Boomerang, Superman, Hammerhead Shark, and Dare-Devil already.
  13. On my last trip here, I told myself I don't feel like coming back. Even without riding V2, I didn't really feel any push to come back and I don't really know why. However, now I think I'm going to have to come back
  14. As I live in San Francisco right now, I'm going to say Psycho Mouse at California's Great America. It's only because the ride itself has such a large queue, and I never found it to be a quality ride to wait for. As for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, I cannot stand Kong, and therefore I never ride it. Also I've never ridden V2. It's always been down everytime I've gone. Now when I lived back in Maryland. . . I would always skip Hurler at Kings Dominion. I'd also skip Ricochet. I try not to skip Avalanche, but sometimes the queue makes me skip it more times then I'd like to, but I do not ride Hurler. At Hershey Park, I don't ride Sidewinder or their Wild Mouse coaster. I don't ride Tidal Force either because I would prefer not to be sopping wet.
  15. Yeah i don't think it's too much of a drought. Plus they've gotten some nice upgrades on the 4D theatre and the stand up.
  16. I like RRR, but when it gets rough sometimes I get a bit nauseated. It's still quite fun, and beautiful to look at from ground level. I love the way the ride interacts with the set buildings, and the last bit after the brakerun are my favorite parts about watching it.
  17. I loved the queue for Cobra's Curse a lot! The detail put into it was amazing. The ride experience is very solid for a family attraction. I doubt I'll ride again, but it was enjoyable.
  18. First Coaster: Skyliner at Lakemont Park First Looping Coaster: SuperlooperDuper at HP First Dueling Coaster: Lightning Racers at HP (also first GCI) First Standup: Shockwave at King's Dominion First and Only RMC: Joker's Revenge at Six Flag's Discovery Kingdom First Launched Coaster: Rockn' Roller Coaster at Disney Studios First & Only B&M Flying Coaster: Mako at Seaworld Orlando First Water Coaster: Journey to Atlantis at Seaworld Orlando First Hyper: Superman Ride of Steel at Six Flags America First Suspended: Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens First Arrow: Matterhorn at Disneyland First Vekoma Flying Coaster: Batwing at Six Flag's America First Boomerang: Sidewinder at HersheyPark First Giga: Intimadator 305 at King's Dominion First Floorless: Dominator at King's Dominion Favorite steel: Intimadator 305 Favorite traditional wood: Gold Striker Favorite looping: Kumba Favorite launched: Cheetah Hunt Favorite inverted: Montu Favorite hyper: SkyRush (even if I'm a wimp when it comes to the restraints) Favorite giga: Intimadator 305 Favorite floorless: Griffon Favorite suspended: Big Bad Wolf (still the only one I've been on) Favorite B&M: Kumba Favorite Intamin: Intimidator 305 Favorite Arrow: Loch Ness Monster Favorite GCI: Goldstriker
  19. I've only ridden Dueling Dragons when it was actually dueling once, and I took it for granted. The ride isn't the same without the dueling aspect. I took my last ride on both about two weeks ago in the front row, and I'm sad to see it go. The thing is though is that I'm excited for whatever is replacing it. DD is a huge space that a good indoor roller coaster could take, but I also don't want another Gringotts. I would like something a bit more like a "roller-coaster" than Gringotts, and I just don't feel like DD had to go. It's whatever though.
  20. I understand that it's just a bunch of kids having fun, but I absolutely get annoyed whenever the Brazilian tour groups start chanting in the queues of every ride that resides in Florida. i get it that you're excited, but it's really annoying when you're trying to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the ride, and yet all you can hear is cheering and chanting from a bunch of kids.
  21. I love when people scream on roller coasters or log flumes when they go down the hill, it adds a bit of atmosphere. I love whenever I watch a ride from the distance, and I hear the guests on a rollercoaster/log flume screaming. Hearing the screams of the riders whenever a ride launches is another one of my favorite. It's why I love watching Rockin' Roller Coaster from the queue. I also love watching Splash Mountain or Dudley when a log full of screaming guests drops down.
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