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  1. Mean Streak looks so big compared to TTD. Like TTD looks larger, but MS looks huge as well.
  2. Apparently Journey to Atlantis reopened after it's refurbishment, but all the figures are motionless and there is only one music track looping through the entirety of the ride.
  3. i just feel VR is a bit lazy - if you want a VR ride, create a VR ride like Spiderman or Darkastle. If you can't afford that, go with a dark ride with practical effects. Find something in the price range. If you want to update an old ride, you don't need cheap gimmicks. Kraken doesn't even feel tired yet. Subtle details make a big difference with rides. I just don't like the VR concept, at least in Florida where it seems the theme is at a different league than the other places that use VR headsets. I mean Kraken has a theme with an environment, like you go through a cave for crying out loud, i
  4. Right beside California's Great America is an IHOP which is attached to a hotel. The IHOP is very reasonable, and is a great place to eat breakfast before entering the park.
  5. I prefer Busch Gardens, but only because I like to do non-coasters and I also prefer parks that have theme over parks that have none. I feel like I'm on a mini holiday everytime I go to Busch Gardens because of all the wonderful theme that is put into the place. It feels more sophisticated than most day parks. Also they have some really cheesy but mega awesome dark rides that I adore. That one castle dark ride, and Escape from Pompeii are really fun. The coaster's are cool. The food is fine. It's just a really fun time. I also like the layout more than Hershey. Hershey is good, but I
  6. For me, i'd love to meet up with people who enjoy theme parks, but - I get irritated with coaster "talk" from people who claim they know everything there is to know. If I were to hang out with people who like theme parks, I'd prefer riding rides for enjoyment, and just enjoying the park as a park. I'd probably get irritated with someone riding something just for the credit, or someone going nonstop about ride statistics or how El Toro is far better than whatever ride we are about to go on. I do like to talk about theme parks, but roller coaster enthusiasts can be so extra. I just find a l
  7. That one "Twister" flat ride looks like it needs a major refurb. The grey skies, and the lack of people kinda remind me of a Silent Hill like environment with rides. Idk why though
  8. has Grizzly gotten worse over the past year? I rode it last year, and didn't seem to find a problem with it. Is there a particular reason you were waiting for it to end, or why it was bad? I'm sorry for the questions, I'm just curious to why you thought it was so awful
  9. Liseberg has one of my favourite ride entrances ever! It just looks so classic, I absolutely adore it! Also I really appreciate the way each ride interacts with each other. It reminds me of an orchestra. Each ride doing it's part, working together in harmony.
  10. lol Dorney needs all the coasters it can get, and in no way are they going to remove one of their most advertised coasters I haven't been on Hydra myself to judge the coaster, but even i can assure y'all that this ride isn't going anytime soon. As for the new additions, they look nice. I love the troikas!
  11. Yeah I always do Fahrenheit first, and then do Lafftrack. After that I will then do Wildcat, Sidewinder, Trailblazer, etc. Once the back is done, and time has been spent - the rides at the front of the park will all be manageable. Storm Runner's queue always seems to move, and I've ridden this at various times in the day. Great Bear will turn into a walk on later in the day, same with Sky Rush. Comet manages to always have a line whenever I go, but it usually is just the ramp that is full. The only queue I despise is Fahrenheit and Lafftrack.
  12. Personally, I've found certain seats (should i call them that as you're standing?) smoother than others on Vortex, but the ride was never my cup of tea. A ride should be smooth no matter what seat you choose. Also I just don't really enjoy standing on a roller coaster, the strain you feel in your knees is way too much for me. I'm very appreciative of this upgrade!
  13. Hurler - this ride rattles so much that you can honestly see it jack hammering it's way through the track when you watch it. That jack-hammer like vibrato is not fun. It's painful, and makes me feel ill afterwards. Kong - I've ridden Mind Eraser, and this SLC ranks even lower than that one. I don't understand how someone can find enjoyment in banging your head back and forth for a good 2 minutes or more. You can feel the jerky transitions on the ride, and transitions should be smooth. It's sad because SLC's are so sexy, and yet they ride so ugly. Soarin' Eagle - my god volares are awfu
  14. Out of what I've ridden, I haven't ridden a lot of the greats, but here is my list 1. Intimadator 305 2. Montu 3. Hungarian Horntail/Ice Dragon 4. Storm Runner 5. Manta 6. Flight Deck 7. Sky Rush 8. Superman: Ride of Steel 9. Lockness Monster - I absolutely just adore the scenery, love the drop, the tunnel, still one of my faves. 10. The Mummy (orlando) - even though it's not as intense as some of my other coaster rides, this one gives me a lot of fulfillment and i just really love it.
  15. lmao though, most of the people complaining about the buckles probably haven't ridden this contraption. I know I haven't. I mean like, why must people always play the blame game whenever a tragedy occurs? Let the officials do their job, and wait for an answer. It's not only disrespectful to the park, the engineers, and your post count - but it's also not respectful to the family. They probably are looking for honest and true results to find out what happened and who is at fault, and all these "know-it-all" responses aren't helping anyone out. Just gonna put my two cents in.
  16. Wow I had no idea this effect doesn't work from time to time. I feel so blessed today now I've only been on the ride twice and I clearly remember being petrified/excited that we would be going through the waterfall, followed by relief when we actually didn't go through it. Yeah, it was really funny because i've been on it so I was already prepared to be relieved that the waterfall would lift up, but then the moment i saw the boat ahead of me can destroyed by the waterfall, i knew i was in for a soaking
  17. Something really funny and unlucky happened to me and 3 other boats on Ripsaw Falls So there is a waterfall on the lift that clears out so the boat can go through, but this time the waterfall didn't clear out. It rained ontop of everyone's head, and got all of us soaked. I asked a worker, and he say's it glitches from time to time on that effect. It can really get you DRENCHED, more drenched than you already get on that ride. I was soaked for the whole day after it. Anyways, has this happened to anyone else on here?
  18. Looney Tunes are iconic in their own right, yes. However, even when kids enter Six Flags, they're not really thinking about Looney Tunes. I doubt that when they see a roller coaster themed to road runner that they even know/care it's themed to that. As for the mascots, unless one looks absolutely creepy, kids usually do like mascots if they're cute and friendly looking. That's all that matters. Unlike Disney where the characters are as much as important as the park, I don't think looney tunes defines Six Flags as much in a way that the park needs to care on if or if not the looney tunes are re
  19. i always dreamed about a Alien Encounter like ride themed to Raptors at Jurassic Park like Raptor Encounter
  20. Best: This ending isn't too thrilling, but I really enjoy the tunnel finale for SuperDooperLooper, it's just really fun. I also really enjoy the finale of. I also enjoy the way Montu ends because it's a lot of going through tunnels/arches. I just have a thing for going through walls/arches/and tunnels. Lamest: Jeez. All I know is Anaconda at Kings Dominion's finale would be good if it wasn't for that dreaded coat hanger transition. Also if Gringott's is a coaster, it was fun, but I was disappointed by the way it end's. Nothing really spectacular. The signature coaster at Freestyle Music P
  21. This question varries for me because there are elements on multiple launched coasters I enjoy. . I Volcano, I love how surprising, and thrilling the blast comes. It doesn't have to stop for the launch, and yet the suspense is very intimidating. I also really like Rock N' Rollercoaster, but as for the ride it feels quite similar to the Premier LIM coasters such as Flight of Fear/JokersJinx. But I like all of those. The Mummy I think is the most fun I have on a launched coaster, that or Storm Runner. They're both just really fun, even though Storm Runner is real short. These are the
  22. looks can be deceiving. I enjoy all log flumes, they're fun rides. They're always relaxing with a hint of thrill, and they usually make people smile. Everytime I ride one, i see smiles on every rider. My favourite flume would probably be Dudley, but traditionally; I adore Dorney's flume. Never rode so I can't really say I like it, but the POVs make it look really unique. Out of the one's I rode, I think King's Dominion has a real nice one. Also Busch Gardens Tampa has a nice log flume as well.
  23. The log flume at California's Great America doesn't even try. It seems like it was plopped down, and the foliage around the turn towards the water park aren't even maintained. That being said, it goes fast around the turns, and every little dip or curve, a nice plop of water goes into your lap.
  24. Honestly, I did enjoy the Beetlejuice show. The actors included the lead actor seemed very invested in the part, and they'd interact and excite the crowd really well. Disaster was fun, but often the line would make me want to skip it, it's still a very long ride including the show, I just wish it's replacement wasn't fast and furious, but it could also be very cool. I'm biased as I haven't ridden the hollywood version, or seen a Fast and Furious movie.
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