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  1. My friend and I realized that operations in the day are a lot worse than in the night. In the day, the operations for Jersey Devil and WW's Lasso were awful. Luckily, those shifts were replaced midways through our wait and the line picked up. Jersey Devil was dispatching every five minutes, and then when the shift change happened - trains were constantly moving and not stopping at the station. Nitro was the most impressive crew by far. We were having trains out of the station while the other wasn't even back yet. Ka was also really fast with dispatching, but that was towards the end of the night.
  2. I do adore this addition to the park. I think with the amount of attractions this park has, the line might be bad, but not unbearable. The times I went to the park, the worst lines might have only been about twenty-thirty minutes. If you ride the rides with the worst capacity first (joker, dark knight, justice league), you can pretty much ride what you want to ride. Also, as full as this parks' lineup is, the missing link is a Boomerang of some sort.
  3. With all the backlash the new management gets, I will agree that I enjoy attentiveness to things other than roller coasters. Out of all the additions going to other parks, this is the one I'm most excited for. I love arrow log-flumes, and honestly I wish this had been done to log jammer back at Magic Mountain. With so many log flumes getting taken away, it's awesome to see that this one is here to stay.
  4. Since this current Summer season was drawing to an end, I wanted to make one more trip down to Hershey Park. I decided to go on Wednesday, and the crowds were relatively quite slow. The other reason for this trip was to buy the Scrambler coaster-dynamix model as a gift for my friend/boss who owns Adventure Park USA, as we have a scrambler at our park, and his birthday is coming up. I went with a coworker who had gone with me at least 2 times over the year, which made the trip a lot more relaxed. We didn't feel the rush to get every credit, we could just do what we wanted to do. We did Fahrenheit first as it was a walk-on, and we rode the front seat. I've ridden the back seat of Fahrenheit before, and it was amazing. The front seat is less intense, but I did enjoy the hangtime on the inversions. That one airtime hill after the the double corkscrews/overbank was powerful, but I still prefer the backseat. Fresh from a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure where my friend and I had ridden El Toro for the first time, we went onto Wildcat's Revenge afterwards. We've ridden it before, but now we had something to compare it to. While front row on El Toro was great, I don't know if I prefer Wildcat's Revenge more. I think both have great finales, but Wildcat's Revenge is more enjoyable. The aggressiveness with the airtime is easier to take in when the track is butter smooth. El Toro wasn't rough by wooden coaster standards, but I'm also not sure how many times I could ride it. The finale where the airtime hill goes into a sharp turn is the part that I found a little bit uncomfortable. In contrast, Wildcat's Revenge rips you out of your seat, but there isn't any part that I find rough. I've only ridden Joker at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom out of the other hybrids, and I will say that I prefer this over that. We rode Lightning Racer next. We got the front row of Lightning Racer and while it was a little forceless - it was a lot smoother than any other seat. The coaster definitely banks on it's interactive elements, but I do wish that the little hills throughout the attractive gave some airtime. I don't really notice a huge difference between Lightning and Thunder other than Thunder feeling slightly rougher. In a couple of years', I do think a retracking might be in order. Not unbearable, but more noticeable than years' prior. Afterwards, we went over to ride the Hershey Drop Tower. It's not a bad drop tower, and gives you a full experience. I do think the launch feels weak, but I do like the view and length of the attraction. We then did Coal Cracker. We ended up doing this twice throughout the day. I'm a sucker for log flumes. Next to roller coasters, I'm a huge log flume enthusiast. Out of the log rides, it's not the most special, but it definitely is cool to interact with the other attractions as you float along. I also enjoy how throughout the ride, the little waves in the current can splash over your boat. It's not quite to the extent of a rapids ride, but it's more than you usually get on a log ride. The airtime hill at the end isn't bad either. Next was Great Bear. Last month, my friend and I had done Talon at Dorney Park. My friend hated Great Bear the last time he came, and he didn't have too much of a reason other than it feeling so/so. I didn't understand the criticism, but I sort of do now? I love Great Bear, but I do think it lacks a finale. Talon might be less intense, but it feels more full. I don't know if it's a fair criticism though since the space Hershey had to work with wasn't ideal. We got to ride the front seat, and I liked it a lot. I just wish there was more of a finale into the brake run. Our next rides were on Superdooperlooper, and Skyrush. These are the only two rides my friend hadn't ridden yet. The loop on Superdooperlooper is still very intense, and then the ride sort of just interacts with the park. It's fun in that way, but not much. I do wonder how the ride runs without the trim brake before the helix. Skyrush was a front-row ride, my first time in the front row, to-be-exact. It was great. I have a love/hate relationship with this ride. This time? I liked it. The airtime is great, it has one of the best first drops on a roller coaster, but I'm not the biggest fan of those trains. Part of me would probably prefer the ride with the same cars used on Superman:ROS. My friend didn't hate it, but didn't love it either. Comet was our next ride, and we got the back-seat. Words cannot describe how awesome the airtime on Comet can be. The back seat ensures that during that first half, you're going to not be in your seat. The second half does have some dull moments, but once you enter the two last humps before the brake run - it's back. Underrated wooden coaster. We decided to do the Scrambler because we wanted to compare it to the one at the park we work at. There's no comparison. The Scrambler at our park is naturally very tame. It takes about 4 minutes to get to its' full speed, and about one minute to stop. I love the thing, but it is what it is. The one at Hershey Park is a lot faster, and its' surreal to ride an attraction the way its' meant to be run. After that, we rode Candymonium. As far as B&W hypers go, Nitro/Mako are the ones that rein supreme in my heart. I haven't ridden too many B&W hypers, but Candymonium is probably better than Apollo's Chariot for me. The ride feels full, and the floater airtime is great. For Hershey, it's one of the standouts for me. I think the lack of intensity helps it out, and makes the attraction feel a lot more drawn out. While Hershey has a lot of great coasters, a lot of them are compact, speedy, and really snappy. This ride takes its' time. For me, Wildcat's Revenge and Candymonium are the best additions for Hershey. They feel like full rides. You have a great start, a great middle, a great finale. We went to get drinks at the The Chocolatier. We got the Chocolatier martini, the smores' martini, and another friend who joined got a martini combo. I liked the Smores' martini, and one of the chocolate martinis' in the martini combo. (i just forget the name of it). I don't think they were that strong, but I didn't want them to be either. I got Shrimp tacos to match it, and I think my friends' got burgers. The food was good, not great, but a needed break in the system. Still a little tipsy, we went back to Coal Cracker. It's peaceful, and not too intense. My third friend really wanted to do Tidal Force. We had ridden it before, he didn't. I know how soaked you get on that ride, but I'm also cognizant that you can dry if you only ride it once. You can also take your shirts/shoes off. I only really had to take my shirt off, and my shoes stayed dry. As far as chutes go, it's large, but the hill doesn't have the punch that other larger chutes have. I think Dorney's had a better drop, even it had trims on it. We went back on WIldcat's Revenge, which had just broken down, but by the time we got in line - it started working again. If you see a ride testing, a lot of the time, it's going to open back up. My advice for breakdowns is to put a ten-minute timer on your phone, if it bypasses 10 or 15 minutes, get out of line. It's saved time, and frustration. We finished the day on Stormrunner/JollyRancher. Stormrunner is my favorite accelerator from Intamin. I loved TTD, but it's a one-trick pony. Plus, the launches on both KingdaKa and TTD are drawn out. The punch on Stormrunner's launch is what keeps me going back. A fuller layout really benefits the attraction. I prefer Maverick, but I'm not sure what that's considered. That feels like a completely different attraction. For a Boomerang, I do think JollyRancher is one of the better ones. I rode in the backseat. The intensity of those models are a lot, and can be enjoyable. After that however, we were ready to end the day. In conclusion; It was a great day. Hershey Park has a great collection of rides, and the inclusion of longer attractions such as WR, and Candymonium; the park feels more full. That being said, I did notice a lack of great flat rides. Both Dorney Park and SFGA really showcased a better variety in that department. Here, you have some good ones, but a lot of areas where you're looking for things other than kiddie rides and roller coasters. I think the inclusion of so many kiddie attractions is a good thing, but also feel like there should be a balance of thrilling flat rides too. Dark rides is another area that could use improvement. The Reeses' shooting ride is a step there, so is Lafftrak, but there should be a little more to do other than that. If not a dark ride, a show other than the Sea Lion show. I know people probably want more roller coasters, I think we just need some different additions to really help out the park. I do not think the boardwalk needs anymore expansion. I'm not a fan of the Boardwalk, and I feel like it's disrupted the flow of the park. Now with the lazy river, some slides, and a waterplay area; i think it's big enough for a tiny park-in-a-park. That's my take.
  5. So currently I've seen BodiesBodiesBodies, The Beast, Fall, Nope, and The Invitation these past two months. I get free tickets because I work at the theatre in my town as a supervisor. I'm happy I didn't have to pay for The Invitation. I expected it to be bad, but in a fun way. It was really just sort of boring. It's a romantic thriller with horror elements, and maybe I'm just not really into romantic movies. Fall was another one that wasn't something I'd pay to see. It gave CW movie more than theatrical movie. It had good moments, but I found the twist a little predictable. The thrill of seeing two people navigate through an awful situation was definitely the draw of the film, and the characters were likable. I do feel that the perfunctory script feels that way when it tries to insert drama between the two characters, a lot of it is exposition, and isn't written in a way that made me care for what they were internally going through. Beast was good in a 90s-creature sort of way. It reminded me of Anaconda a lot, and I didn't mind that. The one little girl was really annoying throughout the movie, and a lot of dumb choices are made. If you can look past that, I found it very enjoyable. Bodiesbodiesbodies was just a really fun popcorn movie. It's made by A24, but doesn't really hold much commentary on it's back which isn't a bad thing. This movie plays with the viewers, and had some excellent comedy. If you go into it expecting horror, you're going to be let down. It's more like a murder mystery with gore. Nope is perplexing because in some ways, I absolutely loved it. The cinematography, a lot of the commentary woven within were subtle but definitely contribute to the plot. I think my issue however isn't with any of the commentary being so subtle or even the subplots that feel a little disconnected, it's more that the third act sort of happens awkwardly. What feels like it should be the main climax of the movie, happens too early, so the finale feels like it meanders too long. I think if the ending was more figured out, I would've enjoyed this more than US but it definitely didn't give that for me. The movie I'm looking forward to now is Don't Worry, Darling.
  6. I really love Liz Phair's first three albums. I started relistening to Exile in Guyville, which got me into Whip-Smart and WCSE. I listened to her newest album which was good, but not to the vernacular of her first three endeavors.
  7. Always go back to this song when I want to feel energy
  8. Six Flags potentially could benefit from taking a year off from adding rides, but that's only IF the rides that are in every park are given the TLC they deserve. Rides are refurbished, and their reliability is improved. Abandoned restaurants, gift shops, and midway areas are restored to their glory or removed and landscaped around. Each park gets attentive detail put into the landscaping and atmosphere of each park. That being said, I don't think it's really going to happen that successfully. Some parks like Great Adventure might have some problems, but generally get a lot more detail put into them than parks like Discovery Kingdom, Six Flags America, and the other lesser loved parks. You have to build up the brand to a consistent quality base, and Six Flags tends to struggle with that. I definitely don't think improving mobile technology can be beneficial, but I don't think that should be as high a priority over other measures.
  9. A couple pages back I read that someone thinks Corkscrew will run forever because it looks great, can run in any condition, and I definitely agree with that. I do think though, if it's possible, having vekoma come in and reprofile the track like they did with Big Loop at Heide Park. The difference here is that Arrow designed Corkscrew, not Vekoma, but I wonder if they could still do something similar to make the ride at least a little more comfortable.
  10. I had no idea that Trimper's had a Mondial Shake, I've been trying to ride one for so long. I'll definitely have to take dramamine beforehand, but it'll be worth it. I hope it's around next year. This one looks like the one that traveled to the Florida State Fair, the one from Wood Entertainment. I wonder if that means it no longer travels, but it could just mean Trimpers is renting the ride for the Summer.
  11. Kingda Ka was my last coaster I've ridden, I got lucky to ride it. I arrived at Great Adventure at 10:00am from Maryland, it was not running all day. In the last hour, I caught it running, and I sprinted for a ride. Wonderful ride, not my favorite of the intamin launch coasters, but definitely worth the anticipation
  12. I visited Delgrosso's growing up, and it was basically the same. We also had this indoor spinning attraction which is no longer there. It was a fun little park, I remember way back when they purchased the old Myrtle Beach corkscrew (I believe that was the ride), but didn't have the space to build it. It's nice to see the park is still doing pretty well. I remember that one tube slide with the hill always vallying;
  13. Great report! I work at Adventure Park and work the Wildcat from time to time, and the one train operations really make the ride a little tedious to run. It's always unfortunate to see a crowd of eager riders, knowing they're going to wait several minutes to ride because we only have one train. Luckily, Adventure Park is rarely crowded.I haven't been to Ocean City in so long, but I always do enjoy my experience there.
  14. I traveled for the first time on Wednesday and I was impressed for the most part. I understand staffing issues during the end of August, so when it comes to several flat rides being closed, I can understand that. I work at a smaller park called Adventure Park and even there, everyone going back to school has forced us to keep a lot of our attractions closed during weekdays. Great Adventure just had some rides closed, most were open. Kingda Ka was almost a miss for me, but it opened last minute and I was able to collect that credit. I was more intrigued to see my friend's reaction since I had already ridden TTD, and she was impressed. I like TTD more I think, but this one was still an amazing experience. A wonderful last ride. The biggest shock for me was how much I disliked The Green Lantern. Listen, I know stand ups get a bad reputation, but in juxtaposition to those criticisms I've always enjoyed them. Sure, I had only ridden Vortex at CGA and Shockwave at KD, but I thought I had a grasp of what to expect when it came down to them. Green Lantern was just a case of it being too intense for my legs, I felt like they were going to go through the floor. It hurt. I appreciate the ride on one hand because it's a great layout and I do think there's a good ride in the right seat, but I was too strained from that first ride to go and try again. I sort of wanted to savor every mundane flat ride this trip as I always just coaster count - but this time I wanted to enjoy the park. The Scrambler, called Deja Vu is a short cycle, but it was my first time riding one since I was like 10 (I'm in my late twenties now) and it packed a punch. I also did Buccaneer, which is an intamin pirate ship, and it packed a lot more punch than the travelling models from Chance. I won't say Huss as those are still my favorite non-inverting ships. The last of the mundane flats I tried was Houdini's Great Escape, a vekoma madhouse, which had 25% of the effects working in the preshow. Still impressive, but even with the motion sickness pills I took, I don't know how much longer I could take. It was disorienting. Onto the more exciting flats, or seemingly exciting flats, let me start with the Cyborg spin. I heard people talk about it being a let down, but it really just suffers from a poor cycle. When it gets going, it's fun, but then stops. The restraints are far from comfortable either. They needed padding. I was sad that the top spin was closed, I always love those, even the ones with bad cycles. The Spinsanity was incredible, you get some good airtime and hangtime. The biggest thrill about it though was getting pulled back, the amount of speed you feel on the descent. Amazing. The water rides were all fun, and gave me that nostalgic feeling. I particularly loved the old arrow log ride, it was long, and had decent drops. It's a soaker. That last drop does not play. The only downside was the rumble of the chain lift. Jersey Devil was a roller coaster I was excited to ride, I'd only ridden Trailblazer, and for me it felt like a more complete version of that. The mid breakrun didn't slow the train that much, so I had a decent amount of speed going through those last elements. I think Nitro was my favorite, it was long and had some great moments of airtime. The most intense part for me however was that helix. I had never ridden a Batman clone before this one, and out of all the intense B&M inverts i've done,. backseat on Batman was so wild. I never gray out on rides, I've ridden I305 on opening day and never greyed out, but this time I definitely felt myself greying out. It could be the difference in my age, but wow. Anyways, for a Six Flags park, I was impressed. This has a LOT of roller coasters, but it also has just so many rides for the family. The fact it has so many indoor roller coasters, and a great dark ride (which combined physical and digital sets well) - plus many kids/family rides just show it's a park for everyone. This park has the full package
  15. I don't hate Grizzly at Great America like many people do, but the forces on that ride are nowhere to be seen
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