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Cirque Du soleil


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^ I saw that, and it made me wonder what languages is this sing-a-long going to be in?


Not to mention, nearly all the "songs" from all Cirque's shows are not (to me) 'memorable' etc.


But I took and look and listen. It was nice. Loved all the acts in it, and the music as well.

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I honestly believe there's another thread for Cirque... in another context. None the less...

I just grabbed two VIP tickets to Cirque's (then) First Show in Vancouver ..... Alegria. We first saw it in 2003, their first tour of a show to Vancouver, since causing a huge sensation at our 1986 World`s Fair!

I still have the program and tickets for it.  But next year, April 22nd, we will be seeing it on David`s and my 50th Anniversary date! 🎂

It cost me nearly $700 Cdn. for the tix. But it`ll be VIP, with free parking, drinks and nibbles before the show begins,. Free program, too.

Even I can`t wait!!!


The 2003 programme/program.

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^ This will be the first time, we've ever repeated a Cirque show!

But like I said, it was our first one, so the timing is awesome for our anniversary.

And I get to give it to him as a Holiday Day prezzie!  🎁 (with VIP free parking)

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9 hours ago, Nrthwnd said:

^ That's okay. It's a hoot just to be able to re-visit it, after all these years.

And the CD is still one of my faves to play, of all the Cirque show CDs I have.

Alegria, Love, & O are my top 3 Circue soundtracks

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^ Very nice choices.

My fave CDs are Alegria, ZED, and KA, although I have never been to Vegas to see any of their shows, including KA.


This was at Tokyo Disneyland from 2009-2011

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^ 1000% worth the visit to Vegas just to experience (in the order of show greatness:  "O", "Love", "Mystere", "Ka" . . . then any of the other options, (I'm just not a Michael Jackson big fan, but I've heard "One" is fun).   "Zumanity" seriously under impressed me, but I think maybe that shut down?

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......With the way current medical 'things' are going, I am wondering if Cirque's Alegria Tour will still come to us in late March.

Best case scenario, I get my $$$ back, if they have to cancel, etc. Still, it will be sad if they do have to cancel the tour.

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Alegria is now playing in Vancouver! And we're going to be seeing it this coming Friday, Earth Day, April 22nd. On our 50th Annniversary!

From heading into town for other things, I see we've gotten the blue striped chapiteau  to see the show in. Very nice.


And we're going to have the VIP Experience, too! Free cocktails, food, cast meetings, and program!

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^ It was the first Cirque show that toured to Vancouver (2003), so it, and the soundtrack cd, are a  fave of ours.


The original program we got, back in 2003.

I'm bringing it with us for this 2022 tour. To 'compare' the tours, etc.

Will post a TR once we're there and in the VIP Tent, etc. 😊

🎪 🎪 🎪

Done! The "Alegria" TR is at the end of my 50th Anny thread....


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Well, I just ordered two "VIP Experience" tickets to another Cirque du Soleil show coming to town, one year from now (!): KOOZA.

This is the show's second appearance in Vancouver, the first being in .... 2010. And we saw it back then. And got the CD, too. 😊

This time though, we're getting perks with our "VIP" tix, including great seats, open bar and nibbles, and it all costs ..... $632 (cdn) for two tix.

It's a perfect Solstice Gift to give .... the both of us, heh. And this will 'almost' be paid off before the year is over. Woo hoo!


The soundtrack from the show we saw, in 2010.


This could be a "new version" of the former show. Like ALEGRIA was re-done. And still awesome to see .... again.

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