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Cirque Du soleil


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  • 2 years later...

Cirque just emailed us a tickets pre-sale for their newest production of


TORUK ~ Inspired by the film Avatar.


We got tickets for mid-December, with great front seats, a bit off of centre.





They're using city arenas for the World Tour, instead of their striped chapiteau.

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^ Have you checked to see, whether it's touring near (or in) Austin, Bert? I suppose you already have.


not Austin, but keeping an eye on Houston. . as they typically get the Cirque touring shows.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Very cool news, since the pre-sale of tickets for the December showing, just ended.

All of our entire section is SOLD OUT! And this is for a mid-December night's

performance, too. Amazing. Vancouverites luvs their Cirque, lol.


Can't wait. I will miss Le Grand Chapiteau, though.


Where the production will actually happen, in.

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  • 1 month later...

Been wondering.


Has anybody seen any progress on the Cirque du Soleil Theme Park,

being built in Mexico? I forget the actual city it's in.


This is more in line with the Theme Park Forum, but Cirque itself,

is in this Forum, so there it is!


Found the thread for it: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=69446

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  • 1 month later...

Not trying to SPOIL THINGS for anybody, but...here's another photo I found of

the production of Toruk, we're seeing this Thursday, can't wait!



And the viewpoint of this shot is approximately where we'll actually be sitting,

when we see it!



This is getting exciting, here. And we're using transit, so there's no parking to figure out.



Just beautiful. I can't wait to see this!

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  • 4 months later...

Tickets just became available for Cirque's touring production of KURIOS.


So I got a pair, for David and myself! It's not here till Oct-December.

But that's okay. I've bought tickets a year in advance for these shows, some times.



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^ I saw Kurios a few weeks ago. While its not my favorite as far as story goes, it had some great acts. Including one act that lets just say used a candlestick very clever. Any cirque fan will enjoy this show.


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  • 1 month later...
  • 4 months later...

We saw KURIOS two nights ago. And it was wonderful! So different than a lot of the other Cirque shows.

Lots of copper and brass colours in the set design and a lot of the costumes, too. I loved the whole steampunk

look of it, with all the gadgets and characters moving around the set.


And yes ^^ that act with the "candlestick" was totally freeky! When "the upper half" of the act appeared, you could

hear everybody in the audience suddenly realizing what was going on. And start screaming disbelief. Awesome act!


My least favourite act was the female bicyclist doing her act "in mid air." Didn't jive with all of the rest of the

performers, in my opinion. She looked like she was an audience participant, definitely looking like a "tourist." But

not part of the entirety of the production design, if that makes sense. I thought she was just stuck into the show.


I also figured out I've seen 10 productions of Cirque! Together, me and David have seen nine of them. The 10th Cirque show

for me, was ZED, which I saw in Tokyo at Tokyo Disneyland, before they (sadly) shuttered the show, in late 2011.


P.S. I ALSO had the golden fortune to be included in one of the pre-show "sketches" that the wandering clowns do,

before the show actually starts! I got picked out by one of the "scientists" (?) who noticed me in my very colourful Disneyland

t-shirt. He first had me stand up and show the shirt off for the crowd, then he "put me to bed" with a HUGE pillow over (poor) David's head,

a snood on my head (look it up kids), and a very big blanket. Then one of those baby mobiles was installed above my head. Awesome!

I went along with it all, snoring and falling asleep, then trying to wake up without "him" seeing me. Fun comedy to be a part of.

I definitely had some of the audience close to us enjoying it.


Then I got to add to that first part, just before Act 2 started! Another clown "scientist" was working through the audience. I immediately

told David, "if he comes this way, I'm, going to hit your shoulder with my head. Go along with it." And it did indeed happen. So the other

"scientist" woke me up, and the crowd loved it!


I even got compliments on my way out, with those saying they had no idea I wasn't an actual part of the show! Very cool to hear.


Also one of our fave acts in KURIOS. The mechanical hand was pretty cool to see, "walking."


The t-shirt in question. With Mater at DCA, Sept.15, 2016.

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  • 3 months later...

^ The last actual ice show I saw, was back in June 2006, with the first TPR Tour, to the UK.

It was called "Hot Ice" and tix were given to us as a perk from Blackpool, where we were.

Of course, most of everybody didn't like it that much, but I got a kick out of it, especially

all of the music written for it. I got the cd as a "souvenir" of the show.


So, maybe this is another "ice show" I need to see, lol. Thanks for the review and photos, Bert.


Had it's fun, cool moments. The soundtrack cd cover. TPR 2006 UK Tour.

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 1 month later...

Cirque's CORTEO is coming back to Vancouver this fall. This was the fourth touring show we saw in Vancouver, several years back.

But - they won't have Le Chapiteau along. It's going to be in the Coliseum where we saw their arena production of Toruk/Avatar.


So, we're probably not going, having seen it before in their tent. It's just not the same without being in Le Chapiteau as well.


But anybody locally who hasn't seen it, might be interested in seeing it here, or somewhere else along it's touring schedule.


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  • 3 months later...
  • 5 months later...

For our Anniversary today (15th), my Hubby bought us tix to see "Corteo" next month.


Looking forwards to it, as I believe this is a show I have not yet seen (fairly rare for me and Cirque, tho there are a handful I've not seen in North America).


anyways, not in the tent, it's in a smallish stadium, but they are presenting in the round.


should be a great show!

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^ Happy Anniversary Bert and Nick!


And Corteo was a great show when we saw it several years ago.

Won't tell you anything about it, but it's definitely 'different' in the

way the audience is seated, compared to usual Cirque seatings.


Enjoy it and again, Happy Anny!


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  • 1 month later...

back from Corteo. . . enjoyed it immensely, tho thought the 2nd half (post intermission) had several problems and weakened the overall show.


the "Romeo & Juliet" clown scene brought the show to a screeching halt and just looked messy.


overall a very solid show, that would rank in the top half of Cirque shows, tho not sure it would crack my top 5 (maybe #6 or 7).



the staging and set design overcame some weak acts (the trampoline we've seen done better, but having them designed as beds really elevated it.. and same can be said for the teeter-totter set piece.


some very unique acts tho, the floating "pole" is something we'd never seen before and were really impressed. also the Trapeze done without an actual trapeze (opening of 2nd act). . unique and so very cool to watch.


the giant balloons floating the performer over the audience, bouncing her with their hands was also quite the experience.


I did enjoy the music very much - enough that i bought the soundtrack CD during intermission.


overall? liked it, and would see it again if it comes back thru.

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  • 2 months later...

Just bought a pair of tickets to our next Cirque show..... LUZIA. Seeing it Oct.10th in great seats.


All about Mexico. And it's in the Grand Chapiteau which is the ONLY way we like to see these shows.


Except for seeing one Arena venue, for the Avatar-inspired TORUK.

We enjoyed it, but it didn't feel the same as seeing it in the Cirque tent.


This is our 10th Cirque show; 11 for me, having seen ZED in Tokyo Disney Resort back in 2011.


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  • 5 months later...

^ LUZIA is in town this week! And the rest of the month! And through November!


We're seeing it this Thursday evening.


EDIT TO ADD after seeing it: It was great! The water effects were especially amazing! I had my reserves about what I would call "street entertainment" which involved soccer balls. But that's okay. And one more thing. A "Double Act" they had going, one with a trapeze, and two on ring things that rolled... the focus was split, for myself, to the trapeze artist's disadvantage. I didn't see her changes as much as I was watching the girls on the wheels. That said. NOTE TO CIRQUE: Drop the soccer balls act - split up these two and make them separate acts, following each other. Perfect.


Photos taken from our rapid transit system, SKYTRAIN.


I like this shot. The focus being on the tent itself, rather than the usual focus of the trees close up.

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  • 6 months later...

In just one hour from now, Cirque is streaming a one hour special on Tokyo Disneyland's departed ZED! I had the awesome opportunity to see this show, with the TPR 2011 tour back then, before it sadly closed at the end of that year. Here's the link to the broadcast. Starts at 8pm EST / 5pm PST.




My ZED souvenirs, from seeing the show in 2011 at TDLR.

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