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  1. You can bring a copy of the voucher they email to you and bring it to the guest relations windows of the other parks. My friend was able to do this during our recent trip to Florida in November.
  2. Sadly, a ride-op on the Forbidden Journey was one of the massacre victims. IOA shut down the ride for the rest of the night in his honor.
  3. If you're trying to knock all of the coasters out right away, you can head to Oktoberfest after riding AC and hit up Bolt, and from Oktoberfest you can hit up Alpengeist in Germany and Griffon in France. After Griffon, you can either walk back to the front of the park to ride Nessie or catch the train in New France, which is a short walk from Griffon. The train will drop you off near Nessie's entrance.
  4. Crowds will be light to moderate since you'll be going on a weekday. And next week is the last week of school for area public schools so the park won't be too crowded with locals. The longest I've waited for rides around this time is ~10-15 minutes for Alpengeist. Griffon, AC and Bolt were all 5-10 minute wait times on average and much less towards the end of the day. If you can arrive by opening, go ride Tempesto first and get that out of the way since that has the worst capacity of all the major coasters.
  5. Restaurant week starts tomorrow and the menus are up! http://www.helpoutdineoutlv.org/ If you're in town you should look into visiting some of these places. They have some really great deals!
  6. 1. Definitely do Tempesto first. The park will be packed this weekend so you should get there at opening and ride this right away. 2. All of BGW's coasters are fun at night, however, I wouldn't expect any complete pitch black rides. Apollo's Chariot sits at the front of the park so you won't be able to avoid lighting from the parking lot. Nessie's interlocking loops are well lit. Griffon and Alpengeist have some lighting on them as well and they both tower over the main pathways so there will be lighting from that. I would say Verbolten is the darkest since a majority of that right is inside a building, but during the outside parts you'll see some light emission from Oktoberfest and on the footbridge to San Marco.
  7. Here's a new interview with Dolly where she talks about Lightning Rod, her new resort and her fear of coasters. http://experience.usatoday.com/america/travel/experience/america/2016/03/31/dolly-parton-dollywood-dreammore-resort-lightning-rod/82440398/
  8. TV Alert! Tonight's episode of Debbie Mazar's TV show "Extra Virgina: Americana" on the Cooking Channel has them visiting Dollywood. The show is on right now (9 p.m. EDT) and will replay at 1 a.m.
  9. In the latest BGW Blog entry, there appears to be a No Limits screen shot of the coaster and it shows a single track. http://www.buschgardensvablog.com/name-game-naming-busch-gardens-first-wooden-coaster
  10. Nope, if you look at the pdf file the park released, the plans show a single track coaster.
  11. Celtic Fyre is on the BGW website. First show is this Friday at 3 p.m. https://seaworldparks.com/en/buschgardens-williamsburg/attractions/shows/celtic%20fyre
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