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  1. It seems to me that the company is being slow and cautious on purpose. I would guess they likely don't want to have to roll back to be more restrictive, so if they go slow on the reopening, that is less likely to happen.
  2. I wish you the best of luck!! Hopefully Max Pass is back in use by then. But, the only real light crowd time left is January - February!!
  3. They are wanting to expand both DCA and Disneyland across the street, Via Bridge. or Tunnel And, they would theoretically each have an additional entrance to the parks as well. The AMC area would be for DCA, and the ESPN/Rainforest would be for Disneyland!
  4. Glad to see a firm date! I am sure the first day open with be a total shit show, haha. But I'd bet anyone going in these first few weeks will just be happy to reenter the parks.
  5. Here is what the ride used to look like in that area. Photo from RCDB So, it now just takes a hard left, and drops right into the inclined U-Turn..into more brakes. I did love this part of the ride, sad to see it removed.
  6. I am actually crying right now, but his isn't about wanting to visit Disney (though I do want to). My husband and I live in Anaheim; he works for the Anaheim parks, but I also sell to the company as a material vendor. Having the parks closed has really impacted us both on multiple fronts, so I am overjoyed to have then start the reopening process!! UGH, I am so excited!!!!!!
  7. Though the pricing IS high, we really should be thinking about it as a $50 cost, with $25 of included food. But I hope it does well, and they can bring back as many Cast Members as possible. Hopefully Disneyland can do something soon too.
  8. Does anyone know the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train well enough to know if this is a clone, or a new ride all together?
  9. It's cool to see that layout more open and exposed. Taron is so well hidden.
  10. ^I think this is a joke, referencing the actual, man made lake that used to reside in the front of the park. https://denniscooperblog.com/back-from-the-dead-theme-park-map-day/
  11. LOTS of people and businesses are not following the stay at home orders here. Not that too many are specially saying screw all the safety guidelines (most are being as safe as possible). But, there is a lot of stuff open here that shouldn't be. Only the very large, and very visible companies are still closed. Like Theme Parks and Theaters. But all the gyms around me are open, either fully outdoor, or limiting the people inside. And most restaurants are offering outdoor seating still. But I do agree, that at some point, you have to just reopen everything with guidelines in place. And like many, many people have suggested, it might be better to enforce the rules with actual punishment Vs telling businesses to stay closed. I have thought this was a better approach from the start. The current guideline are obviously not working; it's time to try something different.
  12. But what is Snow White's story without the witch..? They can't just remove part of the story and have it still be the same classic story that Snow White is. I do not believe at all that this will be some washed out version, but a rebalanced story that has us the the observer. Instead of the original concept that "WE" were Snow White.
  13. ^Dare I say... could this ride actually be fun though, if they had trains that were more comfortable? I think the ride could be really fun...without all the pain. lol
  14. This ride gives me Tampico Tumbler vibes from the old days at Knotts.
  15. That looks like it would be a ton of fun. It's cool to see how small the spinning upgrade 'seems' to be. And, how fluid the turing is while also dealing with all the forces of the rides while it's moving. Can't wait to see this show up on a new ride, or even an old one!
  16. To be fair to Lance, he totally calls BS on the rumor in his post.
  17. ^It's annoying, because they could have had a real band up there. Or, at least recorded a better band...
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