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  1. I am so freaking excited for Din Thai Fung to come to Downtown Disney!!!!!! I hope it's a big restaurant, they are going to be one hell of a busy restaurant!!! I also find it interesting that they are replacing Catal and Uva with a Mexican inspired menu with Tortilla Jo's and the Taqueria right down the way.. It must be a completely different type of menu maybe (hopefully), not offering the standard Mexican fare. Or... Tortilla Jo's and the Taqueria are on the chopping block after this opens, which I think it equally possible.
  2. LOL, you have ZERO clue what you are speaking about. Typically, when a company enters into a contract to build something, the manufacturer, contaractor, ect puts a lean against the park for collateral. This ensures the they are less likely to get screwed by a park not paying. That lean isn't released till the debt is paid. That is what loans are for, if you don't have the cash on hand. This is what likely happened and why the rides didn't open. SW lost their operating income and possibly didn't have cash, or could not / chose not to get loans to cover those payments. Once the payment was made, the lean was released, and the rides could open. It is not good business for any company to do what you're describing. Furthermore, you have ZERO insight into how Disney and Vekoma have structured their contracts. Or if there was any lapse in payment (and I seriously doubt there was) I am a vendor for Disney, and I sell them a shit ton of metal every day. They continued to pay on all their bills from me through the entire pandemic. So it seems unlikely that they would have not paid their favorite attraction manufacturer, if they continued to pay me.
  3. Wow! That's surprising. There used to be an old defunct attraction up on that hill too, right?
  4. Hey Everyone! I am heading to the UK this summer, and wanted to see if there is any update on the current transportation options for getting to Alton. I'll be coming from/to the Manchester area, staying near Piccadilly. I know the usual options listed on their website, but what might the BEST way be? Or any other updated suggestions? Additionally, I saw that Yazoo Milk has a 2 for 1 offer for Alton and Thorpe. Anyone drink this, that has some codes they won't be using? I'm hoping to use this for Thorpe as well. FInally, I haven't been back to Alton since the ORIGINAL TPR 2006 UK Trip! Any thoughts or info on the park are appreciated. We will be getting the Fast Track Gold four our day there. Thanks!
  5. See, this is where the parade should have gone. They could celebrate their 50th together! LOL
  6. Thought I do like the new ending, I just don't want this parade. I want Paint the Night. I want a new float for that parade! Hopefully, with this being the 50th anniversary of the MSEP, it will go into a museum when it's done!!!! Or a dumpster, that's also acceptable, lol.
  7. Anything is possible in regards to making another SW:GE connection, but I seriously doubt that is going to happen with this Toon Town refresh. Look at the backstage infrastructure in the way, that was JUST built with SW:GE, and the distance that connection would have to be. It does not make sense to modify those buildings, block a backstage road during park hours, and waste prime expansion space on a single walkway. They could have made a connection, going through the new train berm, and avoiding the buildings, but again, that would have been done when that berm was made. And it's unlikely to be modified at this point (though I do think this would have been the best use of space option). I feel the only real way a connection would ever be made is with a SW:GE expansion into that area. With this new walkway built into the new structures. At that point, the backstage road could be trenched farther north, and an elevated walkway connection over it could be made.
  8. That's a better idea then the tree thats there still. Maybe even have it be themed to Rescue Rangers?!
  9. Yes, that is correct, they announced the ride would be updated. So the ride isn't going anywhere with this update to the land.
  10. I could not find a satellite pic that was so current. Where did you get that from?
  11. The wide dark line around the perimeter is a new perimeter road. The turn around for this is nestled up against the back of the Till & Harvest Food Hall. I've circled in red, a point that you can use to get your bearings on where it's located. Seems it might stay completely behind the restaurant. But essentially, yes, the new ride runs nearly the entire length of the area.
  12. Surprised they went with a single color for the track and supports. Doesn't look bad, just unusual I guess. A gold/yellow tone would have added a nice look too.
  13. I swear, the next thing I expect to hear is that Mystery Lodge will be reopening in 2022! LOL
  14. It appears that is exactly what they are planning. Hopefully they are spinning trains or something unique.
  15. So, has anyone seen any discounts for Haunt this year? They are normally at Burger King, but I haven't seen any yet.
  16. I do not believe it is supposed to be the space station, though they share a similar distance from Earth. The ISS sits around 240 Miles. The number could come from Math though. That distance could be the sweet spot for large/heavy things to have a balance between the Earth's gravitational pull and the centrifugal movement of the object. OR! It's totally arbitrary!! LOL
  17. It seems to me that the company is being slow and cautious on purpose. I would guess they likely don't want to have to roll back to be more restrictive, so if they go slow on the reopening, that is less likely to happen.
  18. I wish you the best of luck!! Hopefully Max Pass is back in use by then. But, the only real light crowd time left is January - February!!
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