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  1. Maybe because my only real exposure to SFMM is this thread and people tend to crap on the park a bit, I had very low expectations on how much effort would go into this, but it looks a lot nicer, and done with a lot more effort, than I was expecting. My son would love this and I'd pay for him to see this just to get out the house a bit more.
  2. I mean even the world's worst RMC would be better than Gwazi was at the end of it's life.
  3. I mean if they made a racing obstacle course, I'd definitely pay to drive around.
  4. If Dollywood wants to still call it a wooden roller-coaster because its got wooden supports, let them. Does it really matter if the park calls it a steel/hybrid/wooden coaster etc? Outside of a very vocal minority of enthusiasts, 99% of the park going people won't even blink. They'll only care that the ride that they thought was awesome on the one ride they managed to get, and then disappointment at a closed sign on the other visits isn't closed as often anymore.
  5. My post wasn't supposed to be 100% serious and I also didn't say any conversation. I was pretty specific. Like real life it comes down to the situation and when, where, who etc.. If Boldikus was put next to me on TTD and strikes up a conversation in the station and I tell him I'm also into coasters and he brings up Kingda Ka then yeah after the ride maybe I'd talk some nerdy shit about El Toro and T Express over a beer. If however he just starts blathering facts at me or screaming to me even on the launch and 420ft drop about how good it is to have clam-shell restraints vs over the head r
  6. Source Wasn't expecting Everland to show up on worldwide news outlets today over a panda visit but there we are. Also the baby panda has a name now Fu Bao
  7. ^ Don't forget the endless discussions on if it counts as a new "credit"
  8. Sometimes single rider lines can put you in an awkward position when the person next to you is an enthusiast and wants to strike up a conversation on the lift-hill about how many times they've rode it before, how many times have you rode it before, it's nothing to be scared of, did you know there's a bigger/loopier coaster at another park etc.... and then you get the post ride interview on the brake run...
  9. ^ A lot of people enjoy water rides but aren't interested in getting wet, my son is one of them. Or others want to be splashed but not soaked. If the point of water rides was just to get wet then there wouldn't be all those ponchos up for sale. Korea's new flume has a windscreen and their rapids have covers on them.
  10. Looks great. I may be the minority here, and this one is amazing, but I never had any issue with the old one or it's size. I think the first time my wife and I ever went to HKDL and saw it in person, we just said the size made it a bit more unique compared to the others.
  11. Didn't they used to do this for Black Hole at Alton Towers or did you get to ride solo if not in a group? I was very young when I rode that coaster so maybe my memory is wrong but I remember it was two people in a row with one lap bar.
  12. Sean Connery: https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-54761824
  13. I get why enthusiasts make jokes about rides like these or Cedar Point's Pipe Scream that but since my son started riding things I've been a lot more forgiving on the naming. He sees it's called a coaster and that makes him think he's rode a roller-coaster then who am I to correct him. Nah, I'm totally kidding. I'm an enthusiast and obviously correcting people on this takes priority. He rode one of those powered double helix coasters at Seoul Land and was happy to have rode his first roller-coaster. I sat him on my knee and gave him a 15 minute lecture on why it didn't count as a '
  14. France has ordered all non essential businesses to close so today will be the last day the park is open before it closes down for the second time. They're taking reservations for a potential reopening during the winter holiday rush and then it seems no matter what the Corona situation is will close for a month after the New Year holiday.
  15. They had around 7 million pass holders in the previous year. I can't believe they lost almost half their memberships and season-pass holders. I expected some people would opt out, but with how cheap they usually are and the parks fan-base returning to the open parks I didn't expect the new number to be 3.7. 14% are paused, even if somehow they all un-pause and no one cancels that would still mean a 37% decrease.
  16. Bit of a random issue and easily worked around by using the main forum so wasn't sure if you wanted it reported but just in case... I've noticed some threads that I posted in, don't show up in the 'content I posted in' activity thread. I thought it might be the date so I changed it from last 365 days to anytime but they still don't show up. Granted the example here is Marineland so I'm probably not missing much skipping over it.
  17. ^I think Everland might be the biggest park in the world (in terms of attendance) to have closed 0 days during this whole pandemic. Followed by Lotte World with I think a grand total of 2-4 days closure.
  18. Wasn't sure where to post this but this is the most current topic for Children's Grand Park. Despite the 2014 refurbishment, lots of new rides built, and having one of Korea's newest roller-coasters, the Vekoma Family Suspended, this park has now closed down. I'm not sure when, I'd planned on checking out the park with my son and looking it up was hit by some articles claiming both money disputes between the owners and government and it seems lots of safety issues and cheap construction. https://paxnetnews.com/articles/66271 http://news.khan.co.kr/kh_news/khan_art_view.ht
  19. It seems the owners of Robot Land and Seoul Land are going to merge. Will be interesting to see if anything comes of this considering Robot Land is Korea's newest park and Seoul Land has basically remained with almost the same rides for the last 20-30 years. https://www.seoulland.co.kr/customer/news_view.asp?idx=1553&page=1
  20. Everland had another confirmed corona case in the park on the 22nd October. Like before with Everland's Starbucks the main focus is on the restaurant visit from 12:44-2:14. I wonder if the parks are required by the government to post these notices, normally the parks news section posts stay forever but all of these and Caribbean Bay's notices of Corona patients seem to get removed as soon as the park can.
  21. Something to lighten up this thread a little, someone designed a Rise of the Resistance management sim: http://willby.info/projects/rise_of_the_resistance_js.php
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