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  1. So like I said above, Legoland scheduled their grand opening on the busiest holiday of the year for theme parks.... Source
  2. I think it's going off discussion but i'll try and put a cap on this since Osaka is only a 90 minute flight we've been checking in quite often: The country is very likely to be opening up in the late summer or fall months but it's pointless debating until there's some kind of official announcement. In terms of this discussion about closed vs not closed, yes tourists still can't go in. Bert is also right that you can go for business through his work. HOWEVER, you need a sponsor and Japan as a culture are pretty respectful of rules. If you've gone on a business visa and someone be it a person or company have put their name and reputation out there by sponsoring you, you're expected to try and be a part of the corona fight by limiting what you are doing to business. I'm sure you could do a trip to TDL while there but your sponsor might not be too impressed.
  3. So maybe blasphemy here but since I know people like original Space Mountain.... but If they want to make Space Mountain more thrilling, I would love to see what Tokyo Disney could do if they aren't limited to the original's design and can just go nuts. Paris Space Mountain has a bad reputation but I hated Indiana Jones at Disneyland Paris and yet enjoyed Raging Spirits at TDS and Vekoma has been killing it lately with their new rides. I'd love to see the minds of Tokyo combine with a (smoother) ride like Paris'.
  4. Running: When something has more open days than Dollywood's Lightning Rod. I have no idea if SFGA's ride meets that definition though.
  5. Unsurprisingly, Safari World will did not reopen today and will remain closed for a while:
  6. Source So far Everland's only acknowledgement is that the ride will be closed today and tomorrow.
  7. The park will reopen April 21st, as will Ocean Park, but both parks are required to be reservation only as per the Government regulations. Ocean Park has more details on what is required to be able to reserve these tickets but seemingly being able to reserve will be based on filling out a medical declaration, proving you're fully vaccinated, and having an app/qr code called LeaveHomeSafe
  8. Stopped by the park last week and finally rode the Safari upgrade to do a mini-TR. My son had a great time and that's the main thing for us and why we will keep showing up to the park and he's been asking for us to get annual passes so we'll probably end up getting them now he's over 110cm but there were a few dampeners behind the scenes. Reservations are required for the 3 big rides on weekdays (T Express and the 2 Safaris) and 10 rides on weekends until 2pm. You have to be scanned into the park to use the reservation system but even on the Friday we visited, the safari ride sold out in 10 minutes and T Express shortly after. That doesn't sound too bad but we were at the park 9am and maybe 7th in line at one of the many many scanners which opened 10am exactly. We were scanned in around 10:05 and grabbed some of the last reservations. The English announcement said 'Mobile phone app isn't just recommended, it's essential'. We stopped near the entrance as soon as we entered to grab reservations and my wife said some family who were 2 behind us missed out because the people in front of them were in the middle of updating their app. Weekends, the park gets around this by opening the scanners earlier and letting people wait on main street but it means most rides are sold out 10am exactly. It was a corona thing but I'm not sure how it helps when being locked out of 10 rides drives up lines considerably elsewhere, both of people with nowhere else to go and people with time to kill with virtual passes who would usually be in the other lines. I think also people tend to grab reservations just because they can. The indoor kids area was sold out instantly but when we went in there with our tickets we saw only one other mom and child. Capacity with the system seemed to be an issue as well. T Express was running one train the whole reservation time, but once it ended they added a second train and I waited only 25 minutes. I don't have many pictures this time, people who've seen my TR's over the last decade plus know the park hasn't really changed in 15 years or so but more rides have disappeared since Corona hit or have been downgraded (The Vekoma Mad House has become a shooting ride with some light rocking back and forth next to the horror house which also became a screened shooting ride) so we didn't spend that much time doing things outside of the children's area. So here are the 10 rides that are reservation until 2PM on weekends. Weekdays are only the A-tier rides. You can grab one ride from each tier but A tier will sell out 10am as soon as reservations open. But at least the train is available... And gone 10 seconds later so now most of the crowds are locked out of 10 rides for the morning. Indoor areas or rides are also reservation only from the app. As are shows. Here's the train waiting time for the rest of the day once the reservations ended. We usually go to the park at 2PM when all rides are open and reservations have finished but since we were at the park at opening for a change I snagged some panda passes. A depressing indicator of how long Corona has been around. The baby panda was born just as Corona hit. I figured when Corona finally ran its course, I'd trek out to see the baby panda. Now we're seeing record numbers of cases and that baby panda is now just a panda. A second red panda has joined the exhibit. Onto the main reason we came to the park early... To see the filming of Back to the Future 4. Not sure if it is just a weekday thing or a problem with the cars but despite the press photos showing two car trams, all of them were only pulling one the day we rode. All of them have the vents but also the trunks were open on all the cars as well, it was only 20 degrees when we rode but summer heat can hit 37C. The new trams are very nice and open though. You can see how much vision you have when riding. Approaching the first gate. The view wouldn't have been this clear from the old buses. Apparently the new low to the ground trams make for good scratching posts. More views from the new trams. I can't show you what happened next since TPR is PG-13 but there was quite a lot of it happening on this tour in the lion area. Unlike the bears who were all passed out. So that's the new Safari World Tram. I'm not sure if they run two trams on weekends or there's maybe a design or overheat issue but it does mean this is the hardest ride to snag reservations for and even on a quiet weekday lines were over two hours all day. And the park was quite quiet on the day we visited as well. On our way out I grabbed a snack. Seemed kind of funny to put cute faces on something you're about to rip apart. The reservation system is really hard to deal with, there's a lot more SBNO rides covered up, and the ride part of the park is unchanged so there isn't too much to do. I've written most of this TR as an enthusiast. However as a father, I'll always have a great time. My son doesn't care if the park is a time capsule. He loves it there, and it's still his favorite park so the park will keep getting my money. When we are there early, there's always also the zoo and multiple gardens (that replaced Eagle's Fortress and another that replace the Small World boat ride) to walk around in until the reservation times have finished and queues can spread out again.
  9. Interesting to see fully grown Groot in the advert since that will place it somewhere around before the climax of the first movie. I assumed it would have been set around the same time frame as Mission: Breakout to keep Gamora in it and so they could include Baby Groot and sell a ton of merchandise with him on it.
  10. The whole city of Shanghai will be subject to lock-downs with a spike in cases since China is still pushing for zero-corona. It seems Disneyland has been shut since March 21st. I think a lot of Chinese parks are going to be hurting and it's hard to see if China can keep the zero policy going for the long run. Hong Kong has been quarantining and hospitalizing everyone and those parks will have been closed for 4 months if they are even actually allowed to reopen.
  11. All Lotte World's big Intamin rides are set at 190cm maximum height and T Express is set at 195cm.
  12. ^^ you’ve got to thrown in the fact it was tilting. There’s a lot of complicated numbers because of the tilting and it’ll probably come up in the investigation on if he had any chance of surviving it. Maybe if he realised how much danger he was in pushing up against the restraint to brace against the forces and push himself into the seat as much as he could but it will take a lot smarter people than me to calculate that. There’d be a lot of forces at work when it hits those brakes I can’t see how he could have held on there on that tilt. It’s be like going off a slide at a huge speed in mid air and grabbing a hand rail above you. Even at a lighter weight and not his you’d lose your grip instantly or your arms would be ripped out their sockets.
  13. For discussion this is the picture: Source I haven't cropped it this time because the other riders are already censored and as you can see from the post above and the numerous news articles, the poor guy's face is now everywhere anyway.
  14. I think the diagram shows perfectly what could have happened. The sad thing is that if it was a regular drop tower without the tilt he likely would have survived even with the restraint that high. Whether he should have been allowed on even a regular drop tower with the restraint that high is debatable though. Some people have discussed how the ride wouldn't depart if bars are too high but do we know if this kind of drop tower allows that? The worker is seen pulling down empty bars but I've seen a few drop towers or rides that can depart with restraints still up. There are plenty of rides that don't green light restraints: Vekoma family coasters like HKDL Grizzly cars for instance. I know for a fact that the S&S Hyper Drop in Korea can run with restraints open because there is video of people riding next to empty chairs and them slamming shut from the forces mid-ride. I know most people are talking about them adding seat belts to the ride when the investigation finishes but I wouldn't be surprised if they also remove the tilting function and turn the ride into a regular drop tower.
  15. ^Just to be clear, he's talking to a different group of riders about seat belts. Their friend didn't want to ride and even states to the man he's filming to get their reaction because he asks the worker if they'll return to the same position they left which the crew member confirms. That's why the screenshot above is angled like that. You never see the workers speak to or interact with the boy who was in the accident. The video is presumably shot after restraints have been locked. You can see a blue coated worker pull down a restraint in the background on an empty chair. The middle rider of the group being filmed does pull down on his restraint to check he's locked in for certain and looks like he pulls up as well. Hard to tell from a video but they do look locked from that rider doing that. The only restraint checks that are actually on the camera is with the 3 filmed riders. The worker does pull on one of the 3 riders restraints shortly before the ride starts and another where he pulls lightly on the 2 men's restraints but not the girls just seconds before the ride starts to climb the tower. The internet is already full of pitchforks for the workers and a lot of claims 'They didn't check restraints' or taking his joke about seat belts as a sign the workers didn't fasten the boy's (non existent) seat belt. His joke sounded like he was pretending there was a belt next to the girl... something like Did you check your seat belt?.. on the left side, seat belt seat belt) and comments seem to be running with that meaning he didn't properly do checks.
  16. So the video is on some sites but it didn't feel right to post or screenshot with other people's faces in so I've cropped it on a point where the boy is facing away so for the sake of discussion here it is: Not sure whether it's ok to post the full video since it is pretty clear and stays on the boy for some time, I assume some members will look it up for discussion but maybe the mods will know more on what's acceptable here. It's hard to tell from the angle but was the person sitting in front of/on the bit that goes between your legs? Or was big enough that with the restraint that high (it departed with the restraint like that) that I guess once the seats tilted and it hit the brakes the gap would be big enough that he would have slipped right out since there's no seatbelt between the legs. One of the riders in the video literally says to the crew before departing 'Why doesn't this have like the little click bit, the seatbelt?' and he replies 'Seatbelts? There ain't any.' The crew even jokes as the ride departs 'Did you check your seatbelt?.. (not clear)... seatbelt seatbelt.' The first member of staff that runs in is on the phone presumably to the emergency services and the second lady who arrives says to the staff as soon as she arrives ' You did/didn't (not sure which she said) check him?' followed by 'You guys are sure you checked him?'
  17. I was going to joke that Screamscape will move on from Kumba and claim this one's end of life instead but...
  18. So 400m down the road was Wolmi Theme Park. After 3 viking rides and 3 tagada rides as well as being owned by the same company as the previous park, I was curious what rides they would have to differentiate from their sister park being so close together. Looking up old videos online, the park was hope to a pair of S&S towers, which would be a little unique for Korea and a Chance Double Inverter.... I remember Submission at Alton Towers being one of my least favorite flat rides but again it would be a ride that was unique to Korea. 400m down and we've already arrived. Notice the yellow curves on top of that building? That's where the other park is located. To answer Northwind's question, yes that is a monorail. Welcome to Wolmi Theme Park. These two rides do stand out and can be seen all along the sea-front. You may have noticed already that one of the towers is missing. Giant ferris wheels aren't as common in Korea compared to Japan,but there are quite a few parks that either have them or keep them SBNO for over a decade, cough, Everland, cough, to look pretty. This one had a more unique carriage design at least. Here's the monorail from earlier. It runs along most of the island, but it's a one way system and trains seemed to go about every 10 minutes. Corona here was 500,000 a day and the stations looked busy so sadly we skipped it. It's a shame, because it went right around the perimeter of the park and this would probably give great views of hereand of the rest of the island. I love little seaside monorails, I remember riding one in Yokohama with little curtains on the window and seeing Blue Fall (RIP) approach as we went to sea paradise. So the original space-shot was removed, which was a shame but at least there is another S&S space shot in Korea (future spoilers). However they left in Hyper Drop, which would be unique to Korea. Unfortunately it was closed despite it being a busy Saturday due to fireworks. It's still listed on the site and ticket box so maybe I was just unlucky but the space-shot next to it had recently been removed. Let's move on to the open rides.... and it's another Tagada. So this is the 4th one in one day. Plot twist though, there's also a mini one. Korea starts them young on training for this ride. Let's look for another completely unique ride that hasn't been seen 3 times already in this TR. OK, joking aside let's now move on to other flat rides of the park. There's a jumping ride just like the one 400m down the road. A old school simulator... I think I saw another one of these somewhere. And the Universal Studios log flume. I didn't take a picture in the last park but would it surprise you at this point to know that there was also one of these (minus themeing) at the previous park? If you didn't believe me before that this is Universal Studios Log Flume, well Spider-Man is also there plus you get lightly splashed in the face just like most Universal rides. Notice the trampolines/rolling pin slide in the background, that was where the space-shot used to be. There were a couple of rides unique to the park. A road train was here, which are fairly common in areas where families visit. And an assortment of children's rides and indoor play area under cover or inside for when there's bad weather. Up on the roof to overlook the park. The boat ride is probably not running today... Spin Coaster, the islands only credit. This ride is where the Chance Double Inverter used to be. The park seemed to be mostly visited by families and with Cyberloop replaced by this coaster, the Space-shot replaced by trampolines, I would not be surprised if Hyper Drop was actually closed for good. I'll close out this TR with some shots from the Ferris Wheel. Some high tech air-con in here. Like most indoor rides, it was covered in grafitti. Was hard to tell why the ride was closed, no-one seemed to be working on it and I can't find any recent videos of it from after my visit. The Hyper Drop may be the tallest ride on the island. You can see how small the park is from the top of the Ferris Wheel. For a seaside park thread, I haven't shown much of the sea... That's because the view is under construction.... If you look in the center of the picture you can see the drop tower and Viking of the other park to show how close the parks are to each other. Ok, I'll wrap this park up with some final views and thoughts of the island. If your coming to the island for rides, you'll probably be disappointed. It can be a little trek from Seoul but it's not too bad to get her overall. It is close to the airport though so can always be a first port of call if you're flying in. Although I didn't visit there's also a very small indoor park called Wonderbox even closer to the airport. China Town is also located at the entrance to the island. If you just want to eat some food, enjoy the sea views and just get a break from the city life though, it's probably one of the closest seaside parks to Seoul. See you next time Wolmi Island.
  19. Sorry to resurrect an old topic but I had the same problem with rotating pictures and might have a little easier way than using editors or paint. So posting here in case this helps anyone. So same photos, from same camera. I did my first TR and rotated a bunch of photos and it was perfect, no problem. But this time sorting pictures for my second TR I encountered the rotation problem and I couldn't work out why so I thought back to how I made the earlier TR. I think when you just rotate a photo manually by right clicking or just using ctrl+r or the rotate button it causes the error. You have to actually force Windows to re-save the photo for the forums to recognize the rotation properly. I know most people have been using paint or editors to get around the problem but it can be done just through windows photos, you just have to do the extra click to force the photos to save again for the forums, Windows just rotating them won't be recognized. This picture is straight from the camera. This one was from right clicking it and clicking 'rotate right'. No re-saving the photo It looks fine in the folder and on my screen but on the forum it instead has been mirrored. Opening the original photo on windows, so the photos app, and clicking rotate gave same result, So did pressing ctrl+r. Both look fine in folder and on screen but flipped in the forums. Photo wasn't resaved. This time I remembered from my older TR's I was using the edit and create button on photos so I rotated and clicked using the save a copy button (or just clicking the littler arrow next to it and using save) and overwriting the file there. This time TPR recognizes the file and it's orientated correctly.
  20. Here's the original trailer with the 10 names when the concept was first announced: Nothing official from the park or the site that runs this ride but Twitter people seem to know the exact ride and owner of the travelling fair circuit because the name Wilmot's Air Raid seems to have been repeated a lot. The park opens on Monday so I'm assuming that someone's seen it or heard the news for everyone to be so confident about it.
  21. There'll be a new Retro Squad ride coming in 2022 to replace Mixtape called Spinjam. Rumor is due to there being 10 names related to the Retro Squad, and with this new ride matching as well, it seems rotating in and out temporary rides as the new attractions could be around a while. Also in Alton Tower news the teenage couple in the Smiler Accident back in 2005, recently got engaged. The injuries were obviously horrific and life-changing so let's focus on the good news, and not the greatly exaggerated reporting of the accident speed. Source
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