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  1. The title "Beware of the Magic Donkey at Lotte World" was the last remnant of that majestic candy pooping jackass. It was replaced by this boring sculpture which I'm not even sure is still there. But this new forum lets people make their own custom member titles doesn't it? So if people really did miss them, they can just insert their own?
  2. I had friends finally get to Lotte World to be disappointed to find the Aquatrax had all its water pipes removed actually a very long time ago and the water drained so maybe this is actually the world's second aquatrax?
  3. I mean neither is Bizarro, and he got a roller-coaster when I don't think he's ever made a real live action appearance, has he? I'm sure someone will quote one of the 90s Superman tv shows at me which basically just used the name and the likeness ends there. Black Adam doesn't seem a bad guess. Only other yellow character that comes to mind is the Reverse Flash, since the Flash movie is also coming. I don't actually know the layout of this park at all, but I'm assuming it's in a DC themed area which is why everyone is guessing characters and the ride not getting any name?
  4. Everland are introducing a paid fast pass to the water park for the summer season, limited to 300 a day for roughly 40 dollars you can skip 3 lines: Mega Storm, Wild Blaster and Tower Boomerang or Tower Raft. The water park and Everland is currently pretty dead due to record high corona numbers but pre-corona these slides could get 2-3 hour lines each in the summer.
  5. Oh, there'll be no complaints here. I'm very excited although I'll wait until the 'new' factor wears off and queues die down so probably a 2022 visit. I've just seen some discussion about how the park will probably have less than 10 rides total at opening and I think people need to keep their expectations in check. Without doing too much of a deep dive into Korea and it's developments, unlike older parks like Everland, Seoul Land, Lotte, Gyeongju, or E-World or even newer parks that have been built as just parks like Robot Land or Legoland, this is a theme park that is part of a development complex. What that means is that parks are usually just a requirement of building the malls or casinos. In this case, there's a premium shopping mall here so for the owners, they don't actually want you doing a full-day park. With the park and the luge next door, the actual aim is to get people into the mall. So people will probably only do 2-3 Luge rides and then go to the mall. For the park, having too many rides works against what their intentions are, and even then this park is still much bigger than most of this kind. I think I remember TPR members on one of your trips encountering at the original Lotte World, that the park was no re-entry so if you left you were basically stuck in the mall. It's an interesting Google but it's actually illegal for Koreans to casino gamble, even abroad, apart from one casino (which was built in the middle of nowhere to make it hard, but everything just built up around it and there's now a water park and one of the biggest ski-resorts in the country there). So when the casino/hotels show up they're usually built with foreign players like Chinese in mind so their required amusement areas normally come with the bare minimum of rides like Wonderbox or Shinhwa World or sell pay per ride tickets. They're just there because they need to be.
  6. The park seems to be almost complete, reportedly opening in September, but with corona hitting record highs in the country I can see Lotte delaying to avoid the negative press other parks have been seeing. Flat rides have been testing but no sign of the roller-coasters or water ride testing yet, but in more important news (for Elissa) the luge park next door is open. The park is pretty small overall, but any new additions in Korea are welcome and it's pretty common for these types of developments where adding a family park is a requirement as part of the development deal to add shopping malls or casinos (e.g. Shinhwa World, Wonderbox, or the proposed casino resort in Incheon) Source
  7. As much as it's easy to make fun of the marketing and stunts usually pulled by this marketing team, I think this one was a great idea. The park really is lacking for flats and the travelling fairs really need somewhere to call home during the pandemic so a win-win and the retro adverts of transforming robots/aliens in the park to cover up that they aren't too natural a fit was a nice little touch.
  8. Damn, I don't have a lot of bucket list flat rides but this is one I really, really, wanted to try out.
  9. No, I remember following a line of people thinking there'd be a ride of some sort and it just led to a giant mecha head that did a mini show of flashing lights, projections and noises. Was kind of cool to see but the anime fans probably got a bigger kick out of it than me. I do like anime but there was always so many fighting giant robot shows that I never really got into Gundham or this.
  10. I Fuji Q will be adding more thrilling capsules to the ferris wheel, 2 cage enclosures where you'll be completely exposed to the winds but in true Fuji Q style this probably popular add on will only have 2 gondolas. This in addition to the 4 existing almost all glass couple capsules. Source
  11. It just says this summer. One thing some people have pointed out that people are taking as a reason we might see this expanded to other places is the name is 'Disney Premier Access,' the same name they use for the up-charge movies on Disney+. So people are thinking this could become an official name across the board for anything Disney does that is a paid add-on.
  12. I wonder what the total cost would be per person in the peak season could end up being if you did every ride once since they say prices can go higher than 15 euros. Might be the second most expensive fast pass after USJ. Hopefully they can do a premium ride all of them once somewhere down the line rather than having to constantly make little payments on the app. Even USJ is finally offering one of those after years of juggling multiple booklets.
  13. Disneyland Paris replacing their free fast passes and existing paid premier access with a pay per ride model: Source Also
  14. I'm really surprised it's taken them this long to put something extra in the film. I always thought PhilharMagic would be an easy ride to update and promote considering the movie consisted of mini segments than can easily be switched in and out. I really thought when Frozen first became huge there'd be a snow effect incorporated and a Let It Go segment into the ride to get people to re-ride or new people in. A lot of my younger students aren't even too aware of pre-Tangled movies since they're into the CG Disneys. The floating lanterns of Rapunzel would have looked great in 3D as well. But then again I also thought this would get some extra segments from various newer movies and randomized with each ride after the Imagineers introduced the concept with Star Tours 2. My wife has a soft spot for this ride so we always check in if at Hong Kong or Tokyo but it seems they are the only two not getting the update.
  15. Imagine being the only car stuck upside down, while all the others managed to stop upright.
  16. I guess I forgot about having a beer and driving later. As a teacher on a visa I need a spotless record so I don't touch any if driving but if I do, I've just got so used to Korea having 'replacement drivers' for your cars that I can just drink heavy since they are almost the same costs as taxis and I don't have to go all the way back to find my car hungover the next day.
  17. Why is light beer so popular in the USA? Maybe it's the British in me and what is usually in our pubs but that was a big culture shock for me when I visited. Maybe it was because everything else I was prepared for when visiting Pennsylvania to Ohio: The magazine racks of just hunting, guns, fishing and dirt racing, check. Giant slushies: check. Your gas station's (Sheetz) having more food served than most restaurants: check. But for some reason I did not expect light beer to be in the fridges of the houses I stayed in or so prominent in all the bars. Although meeting some Armish who were on a 'field trip' to Sheetz was also a strange experience, considering their lifestyle, them thinking my England was New England yet they can order a sub from a touch screen just fine.
  18. Because I'm sure some internet sleuth will come across it in the coming days and try and link it together, Asia's Intamin Pre-fab woodie T Express is closed next week but it's scheduled maintenance that was announced weeks ago and not related to El Toro.
  19. Not sure where to post this. California's is now Guardians and Tokyo's has it's own backstory and the article specifically mentions this parks original so I assume it's going to be based on this tower: Source
  20. Tempted to go check this out for my birthday because the design looks fantastic. I've seen a lot of Korean versions of musicals here but they've nearly all been of musicals I'd previously seen in English. I think the only one I saw in Korean without previously seeing an English version was Aida, and I was totally lost. I'm assuming the musical doesn't stray too far from the movie so I should be fine for this though, anyone who has seen the Broadway version can cofirm?
  21. It's like that for pretty much anything though: news, restaurants, movies, political commentators etc. Is it obviously just trying to get clicks by having an extreme reaction? Move on. I always just find a couple of users or reviewers whose posts I generally agree with and see what they have to say.
  22. I don't know why but I love these rides, I wasn't expecting much, and we only did it because the queue was short, but Skyhawk was one of the few flats I made time to get some re-rides on at Cedar Point.
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