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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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I think the record has to do with drop. Either steepest or tallest. It may not break the height record but could still break the drop record with a tunnel or trench of sorts. Intamin would be the ones to push a coaster like that... and at least we shouldn't have to worry about the coaster being as rough as SOB if they did!


No dice, Great Adventure's water table is extremely high. This is why S:UF didn't get a tunnel when it was built. Record breaking drop will only come as a consequence of record breaking height. I'm still putting my money on steepest drop as one of the record breakers.

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Six Flags Great Adventure, the World's largest regional theme park,

will soon announce the details of its dramatic 2006 expansion plans.


One quick question... How can something be the worlds largest regional theme park? Is it a regional theme park that is the largest in the world? I didnt think SFGadv was the largest theme park... What gives?


Rob " :? " D

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I guess 2006 will be the year for wooden coasters. Woot! lots of new coasters being bult for the 2006 season.


You lucky Americans. Getting all this new wood year on year. We havent had one since 1996 (unless you count the kiddie one up north ). Hopefully our 'year of the wooden coaster' will come one day though.


And the debate over whether Balder is a 'real' woodie or not is silly in my eyes (though you are all entitled to your own opinions). Who cares if it uses the same wheels that steel coasters do, and that it runs on laminated track. Its still a 'real' woodie (an amazing one at that!) in my eyes, just not made in the same 'classic' style as others. Ever heard of evolution

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No such thing as a height exclusive.


Parks may make exclusive deals for types or styles of rides, but no height deals. Parks would simply go to another manufacturer if that was the case. And, in this case SOB was built by RCCA and this is being built by INTAMIN. Obviously after they built Kingda Ka they have no qualms about or agreements not to, break their own records, let alone those of another manufacturer!

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