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  1. Great photos! I popped along eariler today. I wondered where I could hear Brian Blessed's voice booming from! Now I know
  2. Alpine Coaster at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland earlier today.
  3. Excellent coverage of IAAPA 2012 Robb and team! The videos were interesting, informative and fun to watch I just hope and pray that UK park owners had their arms twisted by GCI, GG and RMC. Somethings gotta give. Surely?!!! Edit: important additional letter added.
  4. I'm just so glad that I rode Hades in its original form back in June. It seems to get a lot of bad rep amongst enthusiasts, but I for one LOVED this ride. I'm just hoping that the barrel roll (along with the new trains) will make an insanely awesome ride even more so! I have a feeling it just might. Roll on a return visit at some point in the future.
  5. Visited CLP a few weeks ago (as a stop off point between Waldameer and Kennywood). Talk about ghost town! Much to my relief, Blue Streak was running. It's a rattler (with a brief moment of smoothness during the re-tracked section). But still fun. I was just grateful it was running to be honest. I rode it a couple of times before checking out The Devil's Den (ghost train) with its 'infamous gum wall'. I felt the the ride could have done with some more tricks/stunts. Still rather charming though.
  6. Well, fast forward to June 2012 and what we now have is an attraction that's bloomin' well terrifying! Seriously, ghost trains don't normally scare me. But this one freaked me the hell out! Job well done Beech Bend. I am going to resist going into detail about the scenes inside as it would spoil the surprise. But what I will say is that it is an experience where things like to get up close and personal. You'll have to experience it for yourself to see what I mean by this. Few more thoughts about the park: Really pleasant atmopshere. Everyone was having a good time. Kentucky Rumbler is no Thunderhead, but it's still pretty darn awesome! Its got laterals galore. Its got airtime and boy does it go some on the speed stakes. The staff at Beech Bend should be given awards and medals for their awesomeness (so friendly)! Especially the ex New Yorker I got chatting too at admissions. I got the impression that she loved my accent somewhat. I really appreciated the free soft drinks seeing as I was practically melting!
  7. Dropped by a couple of times during my USA adventures. The second visit mopping up credits that we didn't have time for the first time around. Here's what I thought of some of the coasters on offer: X Flight - Fun. To simular to Stealth to be anything more than that. Raging Bull - Good but not great. Doesn't hold a candle to Nitro (in my opinion). Viper - Suprisingly awesome! Wasn't expecting the airtime it had the grace to provide me with! Demon - Love me a classic Arrow Looper. Batman The Ride - Not as intense as I remember SFGAM's being. Fun none the less. American Eagle - had both sides running on our second visit. Thought that left hand side was the better of the two (had slightly more bite). Superman Ultimate Flight - I enjoyed the pretzel loop.
  8. Verbolten was dead the day of my visit a couple of weeks back (having shut down at 6pm the night before). Hey ho. New ride. These things happen. Good excuse to head back in a few years time. Had a great day anyway (DarKastle being the highlight). Europe in the Air isn't a patch on Corkscrew Hill though!
  9. I rode Skyrush (S&M: The Ride) just over three weeks ago. The ride provides some CRAZY ejector airtime. It's just a shame about the extreme pressure that is put on ones thighs. This was the only thing that detracted from what was an otherwise amazing/hilarious (yes, it really did make me 'lol') experience! I'm with A.J. in regards to the cause (and cure) of the pain issue. It's all about having a restraint system that gets tighter through the duration of the ride, much like G-Farce (deliberate misspell ) at Drayton Manor. So, hopefully Hershey will rectify this issue, thus leaving them with a coaster that is solid gold (in my opinion). And alilstronger, I'm sure you will find (or should I say I hope you will find) some pleasure through the pain when you ride it. Enjoy!
  10. B&M - Mantis (Pain: The Ride)! Intamin - Expedition Ge Farce. Overrated waste of steel. Special mention must also go to Millennium Forceless (all looks and no substance!). GCI - Lightning Racer and Wildcat. Both were as dull as ditch water
  11. Darn thing (Wildcat) was closed when I visited CP in 08 (due to the accident). Hoped to tick it off the list during my return visit next month. Ain't going to happen now. Hey ho. Life goes on.
  12. 1998 Rattlesnake, Chessington World Of Adventures 2004 Dragon’s Fury, Chessington World Of Adventures Spinball Whizzer, Alton Towers Oki Doki, Bobbejaanland Typhoon, Bobbejaanland Dæmonen, Tivoli Gardens 2005 G Force, Drayton Manor Rita: Queen of Speed, Alton Towers Velocity, Flamingo Land 2006 Black Mamba, Phantasialand Speed, Oakwood Pegasus, Europa Park 2007 Rage, Adventure Island 2008 Fahrenheit, Hershey Park Batman: Dark Knight, SFGAdv 2010 Th13teen, Alton Towers
  13. And I envy the fact that you are going to SFMM! Long lists aint always all that! My 2011 list consists of two parks. Hence going all out in 2012.
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