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  1. That is sad it seems all the SF parks have bad luck this year with all the rides closing and park hours being cut. I can only hope next year will bring the chain better luck.
  2. I will also agree with the idiot part. Watching that Video and reading the Lap bar was locked still he had to of been doing something really stupid. I feel bad for the fact he's in the Hospital and hope he's ok. It's idiots like this that are causing all the up roar on ride regulation safety. These rides are safe no matter what engineers do to make them fool proof their will be some moron out there that will figure it out and hurt themselves. Parks should do a maturity test on top of the height restrictions. It's getting out of hand with people trying to be "cool".
  3. I find it amazing that everyone has to nit pick every little thing to try and prove their opinion. I personally do not care what the acceleration is or who makes what better. KK is the tallest and fastest. Dodonpa is the fastest in less amount of seconds so what. Bickering over petty stuff gets old. Someone will break KK's records we all know that. Are we going to say that one stinks and KK is better. To me the best coaster is one that packs a great punch with a long layout. That could be anything from a kiddie coaster to The Beast and so on. Both TTD and KK are one trick ponies same with Dodonpa. Acceleration, Top Hat/Hill, Brakes. Each one of these coasters has something the other does not. TTD better view over Lake Erie, Dodonpa I have not ridden but I guess the Mountains, KK on a clear day you can see Philadelphia and it has the brake at the top so you get some hang time looking straight down the drop.
  4. The extra supports on the inside are most likely to give support for when the train is going through the turn at the top of the lift before the drop. Rolling Thunder has the same thing when it goes through the high speed turn. The weight is shifted into that direction needing the extra support.
  5. That is amazing. I love Universal Orlando. This letter reassures me that this is a company that knows exactly what customer service is about. I am a business major and to read stuff like this is great. I have not always seen great business practices at several theme parks that I have attended. I will not mention names but I am sure some of us on here may know a few as well. Best of luck locating five other people. Wish I lived closer I would ask to go.
  6. I have to say after riding X opening year I am glad SFI purchased the scaled up version. Their four concepts look good but X is by far the best. The first drop blew me away with the face down dive and the rotation too upside down. I wish we had a 4-D at SFGADV.
  7. WOW I am getting more replies in this thread then the one I created for that question. Thanks guys.
  8. Hey guys Just to let you know I started the topic on the 23 rd about GL's Free Fall the topic is called Intamin Drop Tower's It is a little different cause I asked how many First Generation Towers were left. So now I will ask it here does anyone know in my topic I have three responses. Thanks For your help.
  9. I am really going to have to save for this one it looks like its going to be an awesome ride.
  10. I just read on Screamscape Geauga Lake is now removing their First Generation Free Fall tower does anyone know how many of these are left world wide? I know of SFGADV, SFMM, CP and I think one of the SF Texas parks still has one. Are their more out there it seems their a dying breed.
  11. Thanks for the clarification I have not seen a woodie at my home park built during my time. All the others were steal and I never really followed a wood coasters construction. It seems the steals are actually what I was thinking it would be like. Having the actual track in place as well. I guess I sounded lame lol thanks again.
  12. ^ Correct me if I am wrong but I thought toping off was when it was complete not the tallest support going up. Like when KK was toped it was the actual last piece on the Top Hat.
  13. ^ They have been re tracking the left over the past season. They have been doing a little at a time but it was open a lot this year more then previous years. Both sides have been down for track work and you can feel the difference if you have rode it prior to the track work.
  14. ^ Mine Train is getting the single lap bars they were supposed to have this past year. Rolling Thunder has the same lap bars with the added seat belts. I have not heard about single lap bars for it.
  15. When it was relocated to my home park SFGADV as Shockwave in the early 90's I was upset cause I was exactly one inches shy of getting on. I was looking forward to riding it the following yr. Only to find it was moved to SFAW. But I can still remember pulling into the park and seeing the lift heading towards the park entrance. It looked awesome my friend that made the height restriction said it was a rough ride. Walking threw the park now there is five rides that take up its former home kind sad but great rides in its place.
  16. Rolling Thunder has a lot of great air time just little rough and some may think thats an under statment.
  17. As long as the parks get the attention they deserve and money is pumped into staffing levels. I think this could be a great turning point for SFI.
  18. Theres a differences in this and Raymond. They ended the show after it had gone on for a while, but also while it was still strong, but it basically had picked up all the fans it was really going to get, and then they gave them a couple more seasons and ended. Where as this, Mr. Six is probably at his peak, where as in a year or 2 they could get rid of him no questions asked. But now its just out of no where. We've gotten used to seeing his old wrinkly face on television, and now they're taking if off. It was the only comparison I could think to get what I was trying to say across. I do understand where your coming from. I just couldn't think of another way to express my point but I am sure people can get the idea.
  19. To clarify the names Premier Parks bought Six Flags from Time Warner. Premier only ran a few parks before acquiring the assets from Time Warner. When they purchased Six Flags from Time Warner they changed their name to Six Flags Incorporated since it was a well known name and theirs was not as popular. So Premier Parks name was actually taken out of the equation. The people who ran Premier were still around since they were now running SFI. So call as you will Premier or Six flags its the same people running the company.
  20. I’m sad to see him go he was a great market strategy but its better to have him go while he is at his peak then to have him go when were all sick. Best example Everybody Loves Raymond or NYPD Blue they left the air ways at there peak instead of dieing out.
  21. ^ I personally don't mind but I am trying to look at it from a general perspective. Not many people in the general public are as nice and considerate as we are. So this may cause problems for possible complaints due to the fact they were spoiled for the past nineteen years it was available. The bridge only opened in 1986 when they built Ultra Twister. So it’s not a great deal since we did not have a connecting point before that year. I always try to look at parks out side the box of enthusiast. I can't always have a close mind since we are a small population. I mean parks are not catering just to our population they have a much larger one to cater too.
  22. ^ I can understand they need a service path but what about the congestion and the fact its another dead end. I found it to be a pain the neck to walk around from Medusa to Rolling Thunder and have to fight my way threw crowds. That side of the park does not flow as smooth as the other side. I think they should of kept the bridge. If anything they should build another way to connect those two areas it is going to be heavily congested with now 2 new areas on top of the Golden Kingdom in the same exact location and those paths are not that wide when heading towards Wild Side Pizza. It's just my opinion and I hope it does work out to the guests benefit.
  23. Did I read one of those pictures right? No bridge so they are disconnecting those two areas. GADV is one of the few parks that is not flowing into each section. I was happy when they created the boardwalk entrance to Golden Kingdom. Did they say why they were doing this at the photo shoot? They really should keep it so the parks crowds flow smoother. It will cause a lot of congestions in the area near Golden Kingdom and Plaza del Carnaval.
  24. Well I don't think this will delay it as much as Kingda Ka since they don't have to go as high and the problems they may encounter during testing wont be as big as Kingda Ka's but we are expecting about 7 inches of snow tonight since another storm is heading are way and we still have about an inch or two left from the previous storm beginning of the week.
  25. I spoke with an employee regarding the banners it was a miss print on the part of the company that made them.
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