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  1. I was just musing. Thanks for the input, Robb. As I thought it over earlier during lunch, I realized the platinum flash pass is the way to go. It's expensive, but will ensure that I get to fit in everything I want to do. Looks like I'll get to go to Magic Mountain and Knott's. I'll leave Disney for when I have friends or family with me. Thanks all for your help!
  2. Hmm. I totally plan on being at Magic Mountain for a whole day, so maybe I don't need the flash pass? Or maybe I can make do with the gold flash pass, instead of the platinum, save $55. I wonder how many rides have a single rider line.
  3. Thanks for the tips. Is Knotts something that I could do in a half day? I'm a bit of a sucker for tourist traps.
  4. Going to be spending about 3.5 days in LA later this month. I'd like to definitely hit up SFMM, but am torn about other parks such as Knott's, Disneyland, DCA. I'm not sure if it's worth my time at those parks versus doing more touristy things in the area. I'm assuming that if I want any chance of getting everything done at SFMM in one day, I'll need the Platinum Flash Pass? FWIW, I'm going to be doing this solo. Is it worth going to either of the other parks in the area, other than for credits?
  5. I'm gone not even a year and this is what they do! Looks like I'm going back to North Carolina next year.
  6. 1. Indiana 2. North Carolina (Chapel Hill) 3. Great idea spaceace. Be sure to add the city/town of your state/country, since there are people sending from different places. As for my facts, I put down that: 1. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was the first public university in the United States. (Founded in 1793). 2. Chapel Hill was one of the first Southern municipalities to recognize Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
  7. My postcard along with two great facts about Chapel Hill is now on its way to Ohio. Good luck Sammi!
  8. I got you covered from the great state of North Carolina.
  9. I've got a Spanish broad sword almost exactly like the following at home. That's my weapon of choice if anyone breaks in to my apartment. Spanish Broad Sword. Maximum blunt force trauma.
  10. Well, there was one winner in Indiana and it wasn't me. Back to dreaming.
  11. 1. Pay off all the loans I've already accrued and then cancel all future loans. 2. Pay off the rest of my family's debt (dad, sister, mom amounts to well over 200k) 3. Get my parents a nice house in New York. 4. Buy my sister an apartment in Manhattan where she can live comfortably while she finishes medical school. 5. Buy my dad the Mercedes he's been wanting. 6. Buy my sister the Audi she's been wanting. 7. Buy myself a nice and BIG house in Chapel Hill where I can live while I finish school Van Wilder style. 8. Buy a nice set of cars. Nothing too extravagant. Ferrari F430 (for the weekends), Ariel Atom (for racing), Mini Cooper (for daily driver), Saturn Sky (for daily driving without a top). 9. Invest in security for house and cars so nobody messes with my stuff. 10. Put a big bunch of money in a high yield CD so my wealth can grow. 11. Deck out my house with high end electronics. 12. Throw an ENORMOUS party. 13. Do other stuff that I haven't thought of. P.S. I've got $5 going on the Powerball tonight. Fingers crossed.
  12. Because of the lack of proper age, I can really only respond with big time beers. So I'd probably just have to go with a Heineken or Corona if I have the money and am not just drinking to get drunk (yay college). If I am doing that, then I'll poison myself with Bud Light or Miller Lite.
  13. Oh wow. I didn't even realize this. One of the pictures is of the Bayside LIRR station, right by my house. That's incredible.
  14. Scored a 90 (71/79) on my Race and Ethnic Relations midterm. Yay me!
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