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  1. Hell yeah, another marathon Tom PTR! That ride in the last picture looks awesome! LOL
  2. LOL, I was at both parks yesterday too. Finally got my Leap the Dips ride. It's actually pretty damn fun. Totally buying an armband next time I go. When did they remove the mouse coaster? I missed seeing that weird plywood mouse entrance. Anyway, holla at your boy next time. I like meeting new peeps. -Don
  3. I'm so going to the fair next year! Who wants to meet up? I hope there is a Steak and Shake nearby. I'm force feeding apollo meat products, LOL!
  4. This thread is making Jesus cry, and he was nailed to a cross!
  5. I know we're all really into coasters and everything but can we try and act normal once in a while?
  6. With the amount and size of the European traveling fairs it would make sense to have a dedicated ride construction company. Where in the park is the new area going? Is it all where Cop Car Chase was? I think it's kinda funny that Movie Parks' Santa Monica pier will have way more stuff than the actual one! LOL! I agree about the park being kinda bleh. I had much more fun at Schloss Beck right down the street! YAY Schloss Beck!!!
  7. ^ Right. I must have forgotten that I've never flown internationally before and that I never recieve e-mail updates on low european fares. What is this magical place called Cincinnatti? And Delta...sounds mysterious!
  8. They absolutely can. I've flown to Paris from the west coast US in the off season from the mid $300's. Anybody can go anywhere cheaply, just not in July.
  9. I'd rather go to a small park than one of the major chain parks any day. I actually have plans to visit WWW and Joyland in June (provided it's actually open). Part of me is just pissed at the park, the city, and the whole situation. I'm trying to find out if anything is actually going to happen with the park before I drive all the way out to Witchita. I actually have a historical connection to Joyland. My stepdad grew up around Witchita and has told me stories about when he was a teen his friends and him would wander around the park at night and drink behind the coaster. I've got to visit for this tenuous family connection alone! I'm not bagging on your guy's park at all. I've been to Uncle Bernies, I know that there are much worse parks than Joyland! I just hope the park gets going in a few months. Otherwise what the hell am I going to do? I sure as hell don't want to drive across Nebraska again! Joyland, please run your crappy coaster soon. I need to trespass and get drunk underneath it this summer!
  10. I didn't send any emails dude. Why do I care about your crappy park in Kansas? I don't want to have to trespass just to get a credit. Plus I've been to Jeepers, I already got the Kansas credit...
  11. Wait...unless I missed something we ARE fanatical weirdos! I think bombarding the local city council is the beast thing to do. Even if it doesn't change anything, at least we'd get to pester and annoy people! These people work for the city (supposedly), that gives me and everybody else just cause to harrass and annoy these people with reckless abandon. Why should they be free to just go about their jobs? They are getting paid to serve us, and it's our job to make them fell sorry about taking that job! We probably can't make the situation any better, but we sure as hell can make it worse! I've already sent e-mails to each address from several different accounts that I created. In one I clamed to be a banker with "loads of cash" just so I seem legitimate. Joyland! OMG!!! -Don
  12. How did I miss this thread? I rode them both in the same week last febuary or something...when did we go Wally? Anyway, while it still wasn't glass Eejan was much more plesent than X. I actually didn't mind my last X ride, but Eejan was much more fun. I know it doesn't seem like there is much more that X offers but you really feel it! The full/full was just awesome! Also, what's up with the $84 park admission? General admission is only $40.29 us and $45.68 canadian. Plus all throughout the winter admission has been discounted to only $31.05 us. I checked 5 other dollar currencies from new zealand to hong kong and couldn't find your $84 figure. Did you accidently buy a two day ticket? And yeah, JR Chou line all the way to the end then jump on the fuji train all the way to the park. It takes about the same time as the bus and it's like $25 us. Is there a bullet train or something that I don't know about?
  13. ^Hey, I wear a speedo in my front lawn and curse all the time and I'm happily married...do you hate me too? Guess what, you live next to some jerks. It happens. Now we're getting to the bottom of it. A gay kid stole your best friend and now you're jealous, hurt, and alone. The problem isn't your own insecurity...it's the gay people next door!
  14. I also says that a man must never uncover a womans vagina during her period (refered to as "the sickness") as that is her blood fountain. If he does then they are both to be cut off from the people. Moses sure was thorough! There's even a few lines about beastiality!
  15. Oh! I got one! RE:Bible banning homosensual marrige While it may condem gay sex, does the bible not also extol the virtues of marrige? What if the gay couple takes of vow of chastity, would that be ok for you spaceace? BTW, love the LeSaber in your avatar!
  16. Wait, I think if Robb uses some of his other kids this could totally work! You could take some crazy farmer wife lady on Balder a few times and feed her hot wings! It would be great! Then drop her off in Valencia with a shopping list and tell her to find her own way back! She'd be slingin' rocks on the parkway in no time!
  17. Hell, our wedding in Long Beach was more than that! I think internet trolls should be banned, but we can't all get our way...sigh. And you say you won't be getting married anytime soon, can't imagine why!
  18. I don't get it. Why is it pointless? Disney didn't feel like waiting around for CA and FL to finally update their laws. They took the initiative and just went and changed their rules for the wedding pavilion. I think it's great! Don "Doesn't see what the big deal is" Garrison
  19. Thanks! I intentionally left that space blank because I couldn't think of anything cool to put there. I've got a few ideas and I'm sure I'll come up with something when I go back in next week. Yay Totoro!
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