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  1. Here's how I rank... I put almost no thought into it. You kind of get a sense of what is really good, and then just go quickly straight through. I always find that once I go back and look, you start second guessing yourself "well, was this one just a bit better?" Some people already said it, that ranking isn't supposed to be taken too seriously. As long as the coasters are in a general location, you're set. When I look at my top 10 steel and wooden I think "that doesn't look too shabby" not "Oh, was Olympia Looping better than Intimidator 305? Or what about Goliath. Was that even better?" I feel trying to quantify an opinion is rather silly when anyone who looks at a top 10/20/30 etc. list really just wants to know "What are the best rides that I haven't been on? Maybe I should visit that place next"
  2. Emergency trip to Six Flags Fiesta Texas 7/14 and Sea World 7/15/12. Then Fly back and go to work the next day with 3 hours of sleep. Really need to sleep now but too excited...
  3. Ok, It's about time I stepped in with all this Green Lantern bashing. I just got done riding it 10 times today (61 times this season). Green Lantern isn't rough. There are a few rows on... I believe the X train towards the back that are a little rough but I would be no means call the ride rough. I personally find Bizzaro to be worse. I previously read that people thought the loading was slow on the ride. I've been on every B&M stand-up but Riddler's Revenge and I've witnessed many ways of how they go about loading stand-up rides. I'd have to say that the Green Lantern crew is fast only 2nd to Mantis' (I have no idea what Cedar Point does to keep their crew so... focused on speed). I talked to one of the girls about it, and she tells me that a bunch of people have been quitting, So I wouldn't be so hard on a crew when you can tell that people are being trained. I am by no means a fanboy of the park, it's just the closest thing to me. I'm not saying that when you guys went it wasn't rough or having a slow crew, but I'm not a fan of one bad experience and you need to tell the whole world how terrible the park/ride/employees are. In other news... Fender Bender's foundation has FINALLY been poured where Evolution used to stand. So sorry people on the new hottness trip, I will be amazed it is ready by the time you guys visit.
  4. I've done it twice. I'd really like to get out more but tires cost a fortune. I do it in South Jersey, It's way smaller than that, the entire course is just tight turns with the occasional 200 feet of straight track. I drive a mostly stock 2007 Chevy Cobalt. I generally finish...last or close to it.
  5. For Drafting... New Jersey Devils! Pittsburgh Steelers, and Phoenix Coyotes.
  6. Ok, So 6/24/2012. I walked around the Manasquan Reservoir 3 times totaling 15 miles. After eating at the Cassville, We decided to check out Blackbeard's Cave in Bayville, NJ to check out their miniature golf. It's been a long day and a great meal so logically I needed some relief. I saw this attractive looking pole and... I was feeling really good about this. But there was a problem.I felt something or someone was looking at me. I was spooked and discovered just what it was... It was a franken duck!! PS. No public urination actually occurred.
  7. They removed the drop tower from Clementon? It was the best ride there last year.
  8. Can I get some Goliath at La Ronde love? Every hill was filled with perfect floater. At least when I rode it with the trims on.
  9. That is so disappointing. I was probably at SFOG the day or two after you left and had to ride the Vekoma train on ninja and it was absolutely terrible with the old GASM train sitting right there in the transfer area. I really wish I got to ride it, I bet it really is night and day depending on what train you get to ride.
  10. Ok, I think i got it. It's just a rather strange way to purchase tickets on the screen. So I would put in my information for me, press add to cart, then edit the criteria for the guest, and hit add to cart. If I have it right.
  11. One question.. I see that guests get the club TPR membership rate, but I don't believe guests would get the season pass discount rate. Would I just add on $5 to the order?
  12. Oh, this is exciting, I was like Elisa, I was a Geography minor and enjoyed GIS. What program are you using? ARC GIS? I'm still getting ARC user magazine just because I registered my program. I have respect for you, you had to do a whole lot of research, and having experience, it may not seem like much, but it take a long time to get all that data in. I hope you enjoy doing all this, it's always fun.
  13. So, I saw that sub-topic about the "best pic ever" thought, "That's a pretty tall order, i bet it won't live up to it" clicked, and I'm impressed. It beats Hanno's Winjas photo (if you haven't seen it, you're missing it) I would have to agree. That photo alone makes me think, "I should go on another TPR trip" because girls are awesome... and so are the coasters. Keep up the good photos! Hopefully we get to see some faces!
  14. I'm off from work next Saturday (sept. 11) and was considering going to take a long drive over to Conneaut and Kennywood. But i can't tell from the website if the park is even open. Was this weekend the end of the season? The website just talks about hours during "the season" but never really says when the season begins or ends. The title posting about the coaster being open Sept 2-6, doesn't make it sound like it is either. But I just wanted to check before driving over there just to find everything closed.
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