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  1. So Racers has had queues of 4 - 5 hours. But what have the queues been like for Mater's Junkyard Jamboree and Luigi's Flying Tyres? They both look like they have much lower throughput, although I suspect a lot less popular.
  2. Blatant post just to get entered into the bag of crap contest.
  3. I still can't work out what order the elements are from that POV. I'm guessing there's an inline twist in the darkness and then a vertical loop after the launch followed by the Dog Tongue. But then what?
  4. ^ Isn't Transformer a KMG Move It? This video shows the proper way of riding Tagada's, standing up.
  5. This looks incredibly similar to the Vekoma Family Boomerang that opened at Drayton Manor a couple of weeks ago. I wonder why?
  6. So today I was a VIP guest for the grand opening of Nickelodeon Land at Pleasure Beach Blackpool. The celebrity brought in to do the honours of opening the rides was legendary thespian Mr. David Hasselhof. They've done a great job with the new area which has given a fresh vibe to the park. The internet is going to be flooded with photos of the new rides. So I'm just going to post pix of me doing my paparazzi bit hassling The Hoff. Here you can also see the new ride from Mack, a Splash Bash, think tea cups in water. I can assure you he just trying to read what
  7. As a TV geek any idea why this cameraman had a monitor on the top of the camera? Did you notice what it was being used it for? I've never found myself wishing I had one one when there's a perfectly good view finder and a colour flip out screen on the side. It's bad enough lugging around the kit I already do without adding a bulky monitor. And yuck V Lock batteries, I much prefer PAG. And forget those sexy Gerstlauer trains I'm more interested in the camera rig. What is that to the left of the camera mount, was it a light, monitor or a radio cam transmitter?
  8. It was indeed lovely and smooth. Nice to ride a Boomerang that didn't give me a headache. It's a great step up coaster from the likes of Troublesome Trucks. It appeared some sections of track had been ground down to possibly remove some rough patches as there were areas where the paint was missing. But overall it was a great ride for the target it's aimed at, so don't go expecting an extreme experience as it's not meant to be. They were a bit behind schedule with the installation so the queue line we experienced today didn't have all the interactive elements it should have. They're working
  9. They're waiting to see how this year goes before making any decisions on new rides. Peppa Pig World proved very expensive so they need to recoup some of the money and then see where they are to know how much they can spend. Due to the level of theming in PPW, they don't want to just slap down another ride, they would want it to be highly themed too. So this naturally makes any future purchase more expensive than it would have done prior to PPW. They are going to give some of the older rides a makeover with new signage etc. to try and bring them more in line with the parks new direction an
  10. The soft openings are by invite only. Yesterday and today were press days. Next weekend is golden ticket competition winners. Then it opens to the public on the 9th. They're being very strict on access, I saw a few people getting huffy that they weren't being allowed in. Peppa Pig World looks simply stunning. The park hasn't scrimped or cut any corners. It really changes the park from a small local amusement park to a national park. Pretty much every ride has a little extra touch from on board audio to visual effects. The animatronic Peppa Pig scene in one of the houses is pretty cool as i
  11. I've ridden at least half a dozen of these across Europe and the US and they are share the same trait, they're rough. I know due to their car design some affectionately call them George Forman Grill: The Ride.
  12. Apparently Intamin don't know anything about this. So it's not a genuine Intamin Zac Spin. If it's a copy it's even more crazy that they're using and Intamin promo video for it.
  13. Looks like it's got some interesting elements. Just a shame is so ludicrously short. One day some one has to build a full size coaster will be built in the UK, although I suspect this'll have to be a woodie.
  14. Not wanting to be too picky but, Fiorano GT is actually a Maurer Sohne creation rather than a Premier Rides coaster. This is a photo of a section of the track for it waiting to be painted at the Maurer factory. I was invited to their factory as part of their 10th anniversary celebrations. Fiorano GT Challenge track waiting to be painted at the Maurer Sohne factory.
  15. It does look like a fantastic ship, but I think I prefer the more art deco and traditional feel of the Wonder, the Dream looks a bit too modern and flashy for my liking. But then I was part of the inaugural launch team of the Wonder working as a sound and lighting engineer in the likes of Studio Sea, Wave Bands and the deck parties, so I'm bias. I actually got asked to go back and do the rig and launch of the Dream but turned it down, might go and do the Fantasy though. I certainly wouldn't rule out go on the Dream for a cruise, but right now I'm swaying towards going on the Wonder for an
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