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  1. The Magic Kingdom wasn't too bad today since most people seemed to stay away. I posted pics on my site HERE. It was weird seeing Main Street closed off: And the backstage pathway was lined with Main Street vehicles and floats as scenery:
  2. In most cases it has to do more with manufacturers than the parks. When a manufacturer goes out of business (like Arrow or Schwarzkopf), the parts become more expensive (if available at all) which usually means the end of the ride. All those Schwarzkopf flats of the 70's were great rides, but when they wear out they just become too expensive to maintain. Same thing with Arrows coasters and flumes. When you combine the scarcity of Arrow parts with the poor design of the rides (the coasters tend to tear themselves apart, especially the suspended coasters) parks have to weigh fixing versus replacing and when ridership has also dropped off with age it's a no brainer to remove and replace in many cases.
  3. YAY! Cyclone started out so good, but has become unrideable the past few years. Next summer when I get to visit I'll be able to ride again without as much fear of whiplash...
  4. Great PTR! We keep driving past and thinking about going, now I think I have to bring my niece so we can check it out. I'll make sure she uses the restroom first though...
  5. Awesome coverage of IAAPA. I've been sharing your updates for the past two days with everyone I know.
  6. Wow, it's been a while since I checked in here and I'm so happy to see my thread still goign and being so supportive and positive! Maybe I should start a new one: "Are you a top or a bottom or versatile?"
  7. Mmm I never knew Puck had such a great voice. Check out the video: http://www.bestweekever.tv/2009-10-09/so-pucking-hot-one-more-reason-to-love-glees-mark-salling/
  8. Ummm...this was your second visit to the park this season alone, and you obviously have a season pass and plan to keep coming to the park (and probably SFNE since you're midway between them), why do you keep paying $15 to park each time instead of just paying $45 once and being able to park all year at all SF parks?
  9. Wow, great little film! You even got the old Rolling Thunder sign when it still worked right! We are starting work a little (well really HUGE) project on theme park history, so I may tap you for some info and pics if you'd like to share them.
  10. Thanks, that's my site. We have a mutual admiration society going here since I've been addicted to your great blasts from the past! There's one thing I've been looking for on the web but haven't been able to find yet and I'm hoping you might have it or know where to get it. I remember on the original 321 Contact they did a show that featured coasters which I remember watching over and over on video tape until someone recorded over it. I remember it featured Tidal Wave at Great America, and I wanted to ride it SO BAD just from watching it! PS- Any Great Adventure stuff you have I'd love to get copies of
  11. Hmmm...Six Flags America is three words, and they are LONG overdue for something new and big. The last rumor I heard was Six Flags was adding 2 new GCI's for 2009. We know Magic Mountain, and rumor has been SFOT, but then again it may be something else going to Texas. Another GCI at SFA would be great and give them a great niche with 3 great woodies... Just a thought.
  12. Glow in the Park is the best thing Six Flags has added in a long time! It blew me away, and is the caliber of a Busch or (possibly even) a Disney endeavor. I posted a bunch of shots on my site, but here are a few of them as a preview: This really is something you HAVE to see in person! Six Flags New England actually got lucky with getting Glow in the Park instead of the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight is a fun family coaster, but it seems to be disappointing a lot of guests who were expecting a HUGE thrill ride instead of the themed family ride that it is. Glow in the Park was a great surprise, and leaves guests with a GREAT impression at the end of a day at the park. Everyone, MAKE SURE YOU SEE GLOW IN THE PARK IN PERSON! Pictures and video just don't do the parade justice.
  13. The Boy & Girl Scout days are VERY busy...hundreds of scouts plus their families. The gold Flash Pass is the way to go!
  14. On the last conference call Shapiro specifically mentioned how he wants to get rid of BOGO at SFMM and SFGAdv, but they found it was necessary to keep it or it hurts attendance too much since both parks have done it for so long now and everyone expects it.
  15. From all accounts this is to fix the design flaw exposed last year with the incident. Apparently the rolls were putting too much stress on the train (as well as the riders). The decision may have been more on Premiere's part than Six Flags since the ride has been a lemon since it opened and they were probably threatened with legal action if they didn't do more to fix it. Of course now it will also not be able to get stuck upside down in the rolls with passengers stuck.
  16. Press Release From Six Flags: Smart move on Shapiro's part since obviously people who like Theme Parks also seem to like Wii.
  17. I'm so amazed at the maturity of this thread...but not surprised by the results.
  18. OH...MY...GOD! Thats insane....They already have 2 kiddie areas!!! Im so mad. They are milking this "Family Oriented" idea way too much. Aren't a few other Six Flags parks going to get this as well by 2008? Why does everyone assume this will be a "new" area and not a re-themed section. With Six Flags current finances, re-themeing kids areas is the cheapest and most effective way of giving parks new attractions without breaking the bank. A couple of new kid rides, some fresh paint and some new scenery and any Looney Tunes/Bugs Bunny/generic kiddie themed area can become Wiggles World or Thomas the Tank Engine land. Those are far more marketable to families than the old sections they are updating.
  19. I find it funny that everyone "knows" Six Flags, and they see this ride being neglected or sold, or rebuilt over asphalt...at this point even Six Flags doesn't know Six Flags. Those rides were old and unmarketable, and had little or no book value with the costs of maintenance and replacement parts being what they are. This is a B&M which can easily get replcement parts/trains, and offers a great, reliable ride and lots of appeal to guests. The new management is a complete and total wild card. They are trying new things and doing things differently. Who knows, we may see something completely unexpected happen to this ride.
  20. Has anyone thought the red might just be PRIMER for the finished color? Most metal primer is a red like that...
  21. I'm still kind of surprised there aren't more lesbians...I've seen a few fe-mullets at ACE events.
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