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  1. Jesus you're all so cynical and almost naive So they're not focusing as much on the hardcore community, well that's because they need to appeal to a broader community in order to make a profit, because that's the whole point of developing and selling a game. If you haven't realized that by now, you've missed the boat. Once it's released, I'll pass judgement, but I'm going to be realistic and not bash a game until it's shipped. I would hope you all do the same.
  2. I wish Dorney would get an awesome dark ride, at least they'd have that on Great Adventure. What was the last major addition that wasn't a hand me down from another park, Hydra? Dorney's due for something big. Take out the Dinosaur walkthrough, lots of prime space there.
  3. The stunt show never really appealed to me and once was enough. Glad to see that area of the park get a major overhaul. Last time I was there it felt like there was so much unused space. I'm excited for Toy Story land, it will tie in nicely to the next sequel being released.
  4. Eh, Zumanjaro just lacks that "oh S@#%!" feeling that I want from a drop tower. I feel like only 1st gen Intamins are the only ones that capture it the best. And Tower of Tower in DHS
  5. Eh, I tried. I have to backtrack to a previous save that was around year 3 for it to work correctly. I think its time to call it. I have a new park I'm working on but nothing worth showing yet, kind of waiting for RCTW and Planet Coaster to come out. I tried getting into Theme Park Studio but I wasn't feeling it. For now I'll just lurk, I never felt like I was really that good any way...
  6. Looks good, realistic but simple for the most part. I'd suggest some path covers and curbs to give it some more realism. Aceana's Pavement Essentials was my go to for that. Would love to see some night time shots, great lighting makes parks extra special, keep up the good work!
  7. Wish I could. The save file corrupted a while back and then life got in the way, so the project is unfortunately dead. Once RCT World releases I may have a new project
  8. Go to Great Adventure: World's tallest roller coaster? check World's tallest drop ride? check El Toro? check Namtab for the time being? check El Toro? check Safari? check El Toro? El Toro? El Toro
  9. Rode it the first time last month, sucker punched me right in the jaw. Good riddance. Just build a carbon copy of Volcano there. That ride was simply awesome, my favorite in the park.
  10. It's not always easy jumping back in but it's looking good already. Keep it up!
  11. Year 12 Pre-Opening Update Crews have worked day and night to bring Illum Hills back to life! A few major changes to the park layout has opened up exciting new possibilities and experiences. Ken Brower, spokesman for Marquee, has said "You won't be disappointed with the changes!" Here are a few more preview shots, only a short while until guests can pass through the gates again! The entrance plaza has been restored to its former glory A manmade lake has been dug and filled in the middle of the park. What's that in the distance? The new park gift shop , information center, and restaurant has finished all exterior work. Interior still has a lot of work left to be done. The park has installed CONDOR and added BATTLE BOATS to its amazing lineup! No word on the Wonder Wheel's location The Rotor survived! It has been moved next to CONDOR. Over in the distance, Plunge still stands! Marquee has spent a lot of money to finish Kanaloa Rapids and landscape it. They trucked in and planted a lot of bamboo. Park overview for Year 12. Such a small park has grown so much, and continues to grow! What does the future hold for the park?
  12. Fantastic work! Your entrance to Kong and Buffalo River Country are standouts.
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