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  1. http://sixmoment.com/newfor2016 Scroll down for short test ride video
  2. Thanks for your help. Yes, we have visas already, so the bus directly from HK to OCT sounds like a great option. We are staying by Tsim Sha Tsui station. Do you know where the bus leaves from and where we should by the tickets? How does it work with the bus and border control then? Does the bus just wait while we go through customs? Thanks again!
  3. I appologize in advance if there is already an answer to this. I have searched. And then searched some more, and truly can't find much help with this... We are two friends travelling to Hong Kong in beginning of march. We have decided to take two days (one night) in Shenzhen, but can't figure out how to get to Knight Valley the best and quickest way. The second day we have decided to spend in Happy Valley Shenzhen. Someone wrote in their trip report that the best way is to go to the metro nearest to Knight Valley and then take a cab the rest of the way. Is this recommended? Someone else said there was a bus from HK straight to Knight Valley, but which number and from where exactly? If we start by going to Knight Valley, then head to Shenzhen for an overnight, would it be possible to catch a cab the whole way back from Knight Valley to Shenzhen? Using a taxi calculator online makes it seem quite cheap considering the distance (approx. $25). Since we are also doing the parks in HK and doing a day at Ocean Kingdom (including Mysterious Island if we have time), we HAVE to do some parks over a weekend. We are planning to do the two in Shenzhen saturday and sunday, but I am starting to think we should change this since so many people are moaning about the poor operation at the Shenzhen parks. As an alternative, would Ocean Park be bad to do on a saturday or sunday? And something else that we considered was that going to Knight Valley and Happy Valley during a weekend would be safer bet in terms of Wood Coaster and Bullet Coaster being open... Any tips and directions are much appreciated.
  4. It seems that a lot of people on here are worried that it's a Gerstlauer... If you have tried 'Fluch von Novgorod' at Hansa-Park (Germany) you wouldn't be. This coaster is nothing less than AMAZING. Smooth, quiet (which is so very important to AT) and super intense. On top of that they have themed it impeccably. I wonder if AT have been inspired by 'Fluch von Novgorod'... Also, couldn't the beyond vertical drop be indoors? If they indeed still claim that this feature will be part of the coaster. It is difficult with the pricing of a project, as mentioned before in this thread, but I know for a fact that Gerstlauer are cheaper than most manufacturers, which would allow for the extensive ground work and also open up to a very high standard of theming for the ride. I for one can't wait to see the unfolding of this coaster :•) PS. The logo does imply multi-inversions. However, I find it hard to believe that this coaster would break Eejanaika's record of 14 inversions (although I am not a big fan of this particular record, since they in my opinion aren't real inversions)...
  5. Congrats to El Toro. My favourite woodie too! Biggest surprise to me is Colossos (Heide Park). I was looking so much forward to try it when we went in 2011 (2nd attempt... was closed 1st time I went in 2010). It was so rough and seemed to be very badly maintained. Having El Toro and Balder as my top 2, I do love an Intamin woodie, so if anyone should have loved Colossos it should have been me. Nothing less than Terrible! Does not even belong in the top 30! I'm sure it did in its early years, but a ride (park) should be punished bad in these polls when they don't look after their rides, and I am thinking that a lot of people are judging it from past performance.
  6. Great stuff. Thanks everyone. More opinions are welcome...
  7. Thanks for your opinions... Last thing... Which launched coaster would you choose if you could choose between ALL manufacturers?
  8. Thanks... I have never been on a Launched X-Car (Maurer Söhne) so I couldn't say for myself, but have heard lots of bad things about 'Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit'... (although not launched, it should be VERY rough). Anyone got any views on that? And what is the difference between 'Formule X' and 'Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit' in terms of roughness?
  9. Which of these 3 would you prefer for your local park if they didn't already have a launch coaster: S&S El Loco (but with a launch) or Launched Vekoma or Maurer Söhne Launched X-Car Which is best? Smoothest? Biggest appeal? Most fun? Obviously the El Loco doesn't exist with launch, but if you have tried the 'normal' El Loco, try to imagine it with a launch... If you were to choose your favourite launch coaster from ANY manufacturer which would it be?
  10. Angry_Gumball... Love yours. Brilliant with the multiple trashcans...
  11. Great trip report. Looks like you had a brilliant time. Made me miss Alton Towers... I want to marry my mr right on a coaster too... Never thought of Oblivion as a candidate for this though, but with a prolonged pause at the top it would be ideal.
  12. Looks FANTASTIC! I didn't have very high expectations for this. But now I cant wait to try it! I am in absolute awe of the speed at the top of the lift...
  13. No No Nooooooooooooo!!! This was my favourite out of the 5 different Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loops I have tried. Back in 2000 when I first tried it, it was running to perfection! No braking on the return through the station and even a water feature during launch. I truly am sad hearing this...
  14. Thanks for this amazing TPR. Why SFMM doesn't build one of these Wonders of the World is beyond me. Surely they must have noticed the huge success of El Toro at SFGAdv... What are they thinking??? That aside, I really must go ride this one day SOOOOOOON! El Toro and Balder are both Top 5 of my overall favourite coasters. Am sure T-Express would join them at the top... if not on top! Why is South Korea so far away... Eagle Fortress... Atlantis Adventure... I want to ride you too...
  15. Thanks for the brilliant updates... Looking so much forward to the Everland update that I'm nearly... EXPLODING!!!
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