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  1. World's First Mega Roller Skater, in a box! Fire effects created by a specially trained herd of goats, igniting their farts as the trains roll by. They're really expensive goats.
  2. A donation of 15 dollars was donated to your page. Thanks very much!
  3. Outside of Universal Studios Hollywood, just around the corner is an excellent Italian restaurant, Miceli's. Just North of Universal, on Lankershim Blvd. - or one Red Line Subway stop away, near North Hollywood Station is an excellent bar- the Federal Bar- they've got beer floats that are excellent, and really good food, too.
  4. I never got motion sickness on Jaguar, but my spine and legs really started to hurt. It's not a very comfortable ride to marathon.
  5. That was my favorite part of riding Venom Drop, my fatass would splash people pretty badly on the walkway
  6. For parks, definitely Central Florida - give me Busch Gardens for coasters, EPCOT for booze and beautiful locations, and I'm all set. I'm with Guy for airports in California, though - Bob Hope is awesome - I can take a train to/from my house there, and I've never waited more than about 10 minutes at baggage claim on the way back.
  7. Thanks Robb for throwing another great event - the morning tour of the log ride and the special ride through the Calico mine with Eric was worth the price of admission, and the ERT was just super delicious gravy.
  8. We were handing out promotional coupons at the tollbooths in 1996 when I worked there.
  9. Good ole Traction Park. The scariness of rides there was because there was real danger involved.
  10. It has been running this summer, I went through last week. It has been closed a few times when trams were redirected.
  11. The Mummy's Tomb, AKA Dante's Peak, AKA The Ice Tunnel closes for good September 3 - replacement will be announced soon.
  12. I'll be a little less diplomatic "How in the name of ever lovin' Jesus Mother Effing Christ would earthquake standards have anything to do with trackless rides?!?" The only thing keeping trackless rides out of California, would be COLD HARD CASH! Nobody's put up the dough, so nobody gets one.
  13. I think they're building the world's tallest, fastest Waffle House.
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