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  1. I forgot to do mine this year! Glad to see Maverick is finally getting the love it deserves. I've finally ridden a majority of the top 10 (6 soon to be 7). I don't get the Intimidator 305 love. Of course, I might like it more if I didn't grey all the way out on it. To me that's just not a fun or pleasant experience.
  2. And here's a link to the full film. I love this lady, so young at heart http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zD2NtzEPBcA
  3. Vodafone is doing a series on "Firsts" and this one was making me giggle the whole time. A 78 year old woman's first ride on a coaster...Formule X at Drievliet I believe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQBUChBG98Q
  4. Option #1. I don't want to have to scroll down, or click through the slide show to see the latest updates.
  5. Khan, just rode it last week again, and I love it. The extra loop and straight drop give it the edge over Kumba for me (though I wish it had that ending helix).
  6. I've used mine to hold my shoe together while the super glue dried, and to keep my pita chips fresh and tasty. Such a versatile gift.
  7. I got about 4 rides all by myself on E:GF. It was a rainy cold morning......
  8. This is why I always avoid Cesari's at PPP. I really like the pizza, WHEN they're not busy. It seems when they get busy, they pull the pies early, and the crust is soggy, and the cheese barely melted.
  9. My fav part about CA Fantasmic is the Peter Pan scene. I'll take that any day over Pocahontas.
  10. Obviously you rode this a while ago. The last few years, Blue Streak has been running crazy smooth. It used to be that I'd give this award to Thunderhawk at Dorney or Grizzly at CGA. But Thunderhawk got some TLC this year, and actually was very re-rideable in the front. And Grizzly wasn't as bad as I remembered it last time I rode. So now my vote would have to be for Wildcat at Hersheypark, or Gouderix at Parc Asterix
  11. So Far: King's Dominion Hersheypark Knoebel's Six Flags Great Adventure Cedar Point Dorney Park Waldameer Conneaut Lake Kennywood Yet to come: Six Flags America Port Aventura
  12. Of the ones I've ridden, here would be my order. I love Superman because the long-ish layout with no break in the middle, an airtime hill instead of the block. Hydra has aged really well, and Scream hasn't, but Hydra, Kraken, and Scream all are really close in my opinion. 1. Superman: La Atraccion de Acero - Parque Warner Madrid 2. Dominator - King's Dominion 3. Bizarro - Six Flags Great Adventure 4. Medusa - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 5. Hydra the Revenge - Dorney Park 6. Kraken - Sea World Orlando 7. Scream - Six Flags Magic Mountain 8. Batman: The Dark Knight - Six Flags New England
  13. Wow, great pictures. I love the one of Maverick where you can see downtown Sandusky in the background. This was a great trip for me, hopefully Oriolat will have a PTR of it eventually, because I didn't take many pictures. Cedar Point was definitely a highlight. We got on all 16 coasters, with 4 rides on MF, 6 rides on Maverick, 3 rides on TTD, and 2 on Raptor IN ONE DAY!
  14. And today comes part two! http://mashable.com/2013/08/29/action-park-shut-down/ LOL at , "Yeah, people got hurt, but that comes with the territory of operating a park" (paraphrased). Um, but your job is to minimize that risk. Now I want to go check out Mountain Creek. Especially because these still exist
  15. I have gone almost every year since 2007 and I would say YES. However, that's mostly because I've always gone with an awesome group of friends. If you want shorter lines, or want to avoid ACERs, it's not the time to go. That said, it's fun to be there with a lot of other people who just love to ride, and they run the Flyers much faster than they do on general operating days. If you do go, my suggestion would be to do the Saturday evening PPP event, and Sunday afternoon ride band. Saturday afternoon has gotten really crazy for lines with the PPP attendees mixing in with the Covered Bridge Festival people. Whereas Sunday is usually pretty dead. Also, the Cesari's pizza is nowhere near as good on Saturday evening as it is every other time. They pull them out too quick to feed the massive amount of PPP attendees, and the crust doesn't get crisp.
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