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Knoebels Discussion Thread

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That 1st pic is amazing!


All of the bobsleds I've been on have felt sluggish, but the old flying turns apparently weren't. I hope Knoebel's can make their new ride more like the old while still being safe. Do I correctly recall (somewhere in the back of my mind) that classic flying turns had maintenance trouble? If I ever read that, it was in the ol' Traver book. If not, pardon me.

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A source told me that the guy who is helping with the rebuild of starliner wants to put one in at Knoebels. I'm sure it will happen, if not there, somewhere.


That would be John Fetterman and he is a Knoebels Employee.


Also [enter top-secret mode] ... a little birdie told me that the MSAP Log Flume may end up at Wild Adventures.

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  • 3 months later...

Knoebels has posted on their website some stuff that's new for 2006. The Flying Turns is listed, and two new stuff as well. One is a game called "Dog Pounder" and seems to be a spin off from the Whac-A-Mole game. The third thing is the "XD Theater" which looks like a 3D theater with motion seats, similar to the 4D theaters found at Paramount parks. Check it out here:





Found out that XD Theater is made by a company called Triotech Amusement Inc. Thier webpage is here: http://www.trio-tech.com/index.html


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The flying turns is going to be the old-school one, orginally developed by Norman Bartlett and John Miller in the 1930's. The only issue they are facing is the trains. They're talking to PTC about recreating them, since PTC was the company that built the trains. Here's a drawing of what Knoebel's is aiming for:




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"Dog Pounder"--a name that works on so many levels, ranging from having your feet pounded with a sledgehammer to engaging in forbidden acts of bestiality.


Interesting place, this Knoebels. Need to check it out someday.

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Haha, all it means to me is that I "still" have to get to Knoebels Grove. It's sad that I live in PA (clear across the state) and never been there before.


At least you needn't fear that Knoebel's is going to vanish anytime soon. I'm in TX and have been there three times, so if I'm any example, they have plenty of far flung supporters... But you do need to get there... Lovely drive along the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg.

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I've only ever seen archive footage of Flying Turns style rides, but they look like a lot of fun, and the nearest we've had to them for a while are the Mack & Intamin Bobsled coasters.
... and they aren't even in the same area code...


Is the achive footage on-line? If so, link please. All I have found are still photos.


I rode the Euclid Beach FT's many times as a kid and it is still atop my ride list. If you like out-of-control twisters, you will love the FT's. I mean how much more out-of-control can you get than no rails?


Of course I am assuming that Knoebel's will "do it right", which should be a pretty good bet. But I'd also bet we're looking at 2007 here given the absence of any design info, let alone construction updates. Hope I am wrong here though.


The only negative I see is ride capacity, especially if they use the EB style, 3-car trains as seen in my avatar. At only two per car (Wild Mouse style) the Coney Island 5-cars would obviously help some. Still I'd expect that it would be hard to get above 600/ hr or so given modern safety considerations... There were no mid-course, safety block, brake segments in the EB version.


Here is a post over at CF I made in a similar thread last November.



And here is a nice pic of a FT car.... note the caster wheels....


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