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  1. How was Nicole at DW and in Canada at the same time? Great pics and love the kiddy coaster credit. It looks like the Mini Mine train at SFOG that used to be there and the one at Astroworld that was torn down.
  2. No it will be open 9 months out of the year and closed Jan, Feb and March. It could extend hours once the first year's numbers are looked at.
  3. It's great to see all the BOTBC peeps representin and stuff. I'm totally jealous!
  4. Great pics Derek...I gots to get to NJ. The piers looks great, but I will be sure to leave my ArticKeles-atories at home.
  5. They don't. The maximum height on the ARM/Larson Super Shots are 140 feet. I guess they could build them a custom one, so that isn't entirely out of the question. Larson is working on a 200ft tall drop. I have info from them on it from 05.
  6. too bad they did not have any Heinz 57 signs or you could have giveb me a holler.
  7. Who cares if its not a stand out ride, they saved the stupid coaster and that is what matters.
  8. wait, are we still talking about corn dogs? Dollywood has the best ones evah!
  9. BTW ^ that is Matt, the guy yapping in the Jarvis' photos...and my ride partner on GASM from back in the day. Thanks for helping with the event. One suggestion...free corn dogs with the next event:)
  10. OMG! Great PTR....lol at you finding the black folks AND a BIGGER BAAHAAAAAA to the photos of Matt yapping his cake hole...you forgot to add the annoying high pitched lisping that went with his voice. Great!!! (like James' BTW) ps he WAS my riding partner at SFOG GASM marathon....also.
  11. Yeah, I was there also. I did a PTR on my site: http://www.tommyandjames.net/hpr07.html Sorry that your's got deleted Barry....baaahaaaa
  12. The first drop should be sweet, and considering its over 150, should be like Goliath at SFOG. No, this park should NOT be in Orlando. I mean, how many parks does that town need? SC needs a major theme park since the Pavilion is gone, and Myrtle Beach is the biggest tourist area, then the HRP will be a nice replacement. Plus, MB is closer to my house.
  13. I like the fact that it does into the drop right off the lift with no dip before the drop. Also the zero g roll into a loop is something new for a sit down B&M I believe? Being over the water is pretty cool also.
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