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  1. So that is where you wuz goings when u had called me. James would be proud of your first class luxuriousness. Great pics. Brian is up your way this week deuce!
  2. If you are on a bus with 50 other people, you will end up getting to know alot of people pretty fast. You dont need to "know" anyone first. Unless you have really bad B.O., you will make friends. I am planning to go to Japan or Spain anyway...one or the other.
  3. If you are a girl, then you automatically will have a TON of friends. Just ask Lou and Elissa
  4. LOL to Robb. I still need to see the exact dates anyway before I can say for certain but... I will totally hang out with Robb if 3rd lift, American Beauty and Stills boy aint they....ELL OH ELL
  5. Hey Corkey, if its 16 days, and the 4 days would be weekend days, then that would be 12 work days...HI. Plus u said u were not going to Japan anywizzle.
  6. yea, we might end up doing Spain cause there is no way we can get of 16 days working for banks.
  7. That inverted shuttle design has been in the works for a while. I was told by a company rep for pax that "its looks painful" and he would "recommend the Cobra design over that anyday". I have a cd the company sent me with footage of their rides and the smaller family coasters look fun, but that Cobra looks crazy. You should see the one with two vertical loops and a hump after the spike.
  8. I have been putting my videos on the iPod for a while now, and I usually make a mov from the large avi file and the quality is ok, but sometimes there are small glitches, but usually on quick motion footage.
  9. This is good news, but I have never had issues with lines at Dollywood anyway. I have been when the park is so crowded that the parking lot is completely full, and the lines are never that bad. I have never waited over 45mins at DW. The magority of the peeps are older and go to all the shows anyway. But YEAH for DW.
  10. mmmmm, well It is a great addition but I love mine trains. Maybe they will connect that gap now when then open. That is a long walk to TT.
  11. I know cause a mine train is perfect for DW. It would have been cool to have a dueling arrow loopers and mine train.
  12. It was back where Tenn. Tornado is. I think it usues the same station and it began basically the same way turning left out of the station.
  13. It looked hot as hizzzell they. Great pics. I have not been to Kennywood since 2002, so it's time to go back!
  14. It was totally inhouse design..we walked thru while it was being built. I just remember you could not sit on the front row, or the back row, only the 2 middle rows...cause they boat gets stuck. Now if it was like maybe $5 ...yea, ok...but $12? That is more than the Screamin Swing.
  15. This ride is the biggest POS ever. We rode it last year a week after it opened and already a ton of the dinos were broke or falling apart.
  16. Well, if they DID have to take out Oblivion, they could get real technical and replace it with another vertical drop coaster and name it something else. Hey, they took out Oblivion, and you can't appeal again bitches!
  17. Why dont they move then? I mean the town itself prally has its fair share of noise from people and cars. you cant stop a town from growing, so why should the park have to chage to please those douch bags? They should get EVERYONE who supports Alton Towers to protest in front of their house, and then see how much quite time they get.
  18. Seems like they could hire someone to put a hit on that retarded couple and be done with it.
  19. I wanted an El Toro watermelon Derek! Did you get me one?
  20. Yea for pics Eric. They were great. I did not even get BOTBC pics! I hope I got video. I am still looking. HOLLA TOmmy
  21. "You are full of beans", is going to be a great elements.
  22. yeah, it is a Eurofighter. But it has elements that are not on any of the other Eurofighters, plus theming. It will be sweet. ps Derek has connections deuce
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