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  1. I think eventually all the Hopkins coasters are going to disappear. I was told by peeps at Adventureland that they expect their's to last maybe 2 more years, and then they are planning on taking it out also.
  2. I can't wait to go to SDC and compare it to Dollywood. Cool pics!
  3. The way I do the lip sync stuff is quite technical and it takes years of film school training to be able to accomplish it....ok, not really...basically, I think of what song I want to use, and just sing it as we are filming...but it all comes together in the magic of post production.
  4. Hey Ted, I am all about log flumes that are coasters. And lol to the mummy pic.
  5. Keep yer panties on...I only have to mail out like a million discs...and work..and model...and do James. They are coming! I promise!
  6. It's a comedian, go to www.shirleyqliquor.com he be crae!
  7. He is awesome! I booked some shows for him in SC and GA and they always sell out!
  8. It very WDW Haunted Mansion-esque...I can't wait to ride it in 2007...the tower that is.
  9. Thanks Guy, you pretty much sumed it up...I do have an R rating printed on my sleeve, right there below Corkey...so I do ATTEMPT to warn those younger viewers:)..but you will not see anything on my DVD that you would not see on any street corner in West Hollywood. tOMIZZLE ps It's only offensive if you consider questionable language, brief nudity, and making fun of people who wear shorts that should not wear them, offensive. Other than that, it's all fun stuff
  10. I'm glad peeps are getting they DVDs. I have been trapped in my office making them for about a week now...I miss the sun the most. Please keep posting what you like because I love hearing nice stuff about me...JK Oh, and John is still a drag queen...I mean, he dresses like a man...that is total drag for him. HOLLAAA Tommy "All our hotels are 4 star" Faircloth
  11. Poor deer. We got nailed by one this weekend when James' nephew's car got smacked by one...oh wellll
  12. Don't bother. It's bad enough to give you a headache just watching the POV. Holla!
  13. Smoking is bad for you also. So are sleeping with whores. But I know tons of peeps that still do it.
  14. Me deuce, for Carowinds, and it was only like $59 to renew and pay nothing till march! And get a free throw pillow!
  15. If the temp stays above 40 the coasters run, no water rides, and dolly's shows are around memorial day...im going to see her Dec 16th at the House Of Blues at Myrtle Beach... l o l...we saw her there but all the shows were sold out since April. I will post my pics from this past weekend also. holla
  16. I's got the B&W bootleg deuce! And the 2nd EXCLUSIVE DVD that you can only get if you go dizzle on Monicizzle or Dizzle.
  17. Space Mountain, Test Track, Rock N Roller Coaster, Primeval Whirl, Big Thunder Mountain. All examples of where there are several different cars on the track that many times cross over tracks with other trains full of passengers. These examples are no different than rides found in Six Flags, Paramount, Busch parks. And also, someone made a comment about "The only ride Disney really cares is Tower of Terror because they don't want people's hands up." Every time I've been on Tower they tell you to take your stuff with you, and these two shots give you PLENTY of examples to prove that! http://www.themeparkreview.com/orlando2005/halloween/mgm/mgm22.jpg http://www.themeparkreview.com/wedding/tot/tot-onride.jpg Not only can you see items in many people's hands, but also bags as well! --Robb http://www.themeparkreview.com/wedding/tot/tot-onride.jpg Yeah, I had to hold on to my sack real tight b/c I did not want to hit anyone in the face.
  18. AGREED! That kills...The Purple. Looks like a cross between Barney and a KKK member...
  19. How do I become a "ninja beeyatch" to get stuff for free? ...if you have to ask...ell oh WELL! hollaaaaaaaa
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