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  1. Brant went by yesterday and took some pics of it and posted them on our forum...then went back today to the same spot and took some more...its completely leveled. How sad:(
  2. Yeah for the hotel! Looks sweet! Post more pics sizzle, for rizzle. Tommy
  3. Hey Soren, where are you staying when you get to Orlando? Are you in the dorms there at Disney?
  4. I did a 30 hour marathon on the Great American Scream Machine at SFOG in 03 and it turned out to be 367 circuits. My back was death after.
  5. I think now that Joyland has been closed, Wichita knows that a great place they lost, so I think they will rally around when it opens.
  6. That Etheridge dude is a jerkoff...if he is not worried about the competition, then I wonder why he has tried on numerious occasions to buy off certain items from Joyland to keep a buyer from opening the park as a park. I personally saw him lurking around the parking lot at Joyland checkin out the coaster, only to run off once we drove up with Stan Nelson. What a jerk.
  7. Great photos Don. I'm totally jealous. Did you ride the Blue Fall side with the warped rails? It's brutal! The rest is amazing.
  8. Great pics! I cant wait to go there. It will be like Wild Adventures! Just kidding.
  9. I rode it back in October and I thought it was great! The front was awesome and had good airtime. I was shocked that I had not heard more about this coaster. I have some photos of it here: http://www.tommyandjames.net/swt05.html Tommy
  10. I really hope the 2 Schwarzkopfs will be saved. The park itself looked really nice and is kept immaculate.
  11. Matt will be mad, that was his fav coaster on the Japan trip.
  12. Is that where that pic came from that you posted of that doll? I saw that and that is what I thought it was.
  13. Here are the photos from that trip...hollaa http://www.tommyandjames.net/xmas05dwoodpt2.htm Tommy
  14. Actually, it is Curse of DarKastle and The Beast is not at PKD but Paramount's Kings Island! Since I worked at BGW for 4 years in Entertainment, I am partial to the shows, so I would suggest taking in one or more once you get your fill of the coasters. Plus, if you are going in the middle of summer, it can get pretty hot in Virginia. I would also suggest doing Hypersonic first since it seems to have the lowest capacity. When I went this summer, we did Hypersonic, then Richochet, and Hurler since they are all very near each other. Volcano's line also moved rather quickly, and we were able to get 2 rides on it. I would suggest skipping PKD and spend 2 days at BGW..but that's just me:)
  15. Much props for featuring break dancers locking and popping to Huey Lewis! LOL
  16. Thanks for the review! I thanked you in my forum, but no one reads that, so I will thank you here were the thousands of coaster freaks are. Montu is the bomb CC
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