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  1. My boyfriend & I went there on Memorial Day. It wasn't crowded. The longest line was for Skyrush(45 min. wait). We both agree that Skyrush is an intense ride. Its like I305,but only smaller. Its our #2 Steel coaster. BTW:We got 7 rides throughout the day.
  2. I like Georgia Scorcher. It's small,quick to the point. Chang/Green Lantern is a close second.
  3. Personally,I'm happy. Finally,B&M comes to the state of Maryland,yay!! And from what I seen on their site for FrightFest,it should be nice. My boyfriend & I are going there on October 2nd. Went there this past Sunday. Wasn't crowded(due to the Redskins game @ FedEx Field and it being 9/11). I'm looking forward to 2012!!
  4. This was my 2nd TPR event(this was my boyfriend's 5th or 6th event). We really enjoyed it. Thanks!
  5. My boyfriend bought our tickets yesterday evening. Looking forward to it.
  6. Bob and I decided that since we're not doing the NE Trip,this event we will do..we're looking forward to it.
  7. This should be interesting to watch. Whatever it is,its sure to be good. BTW,my boyfriend & I went to the Springtime in the Park event. Liked the new Sidewinder train(the ride was having "issues"all day yesterday).
  8. We're thinking about coming,STILL in the planning mode. Hopefully,we can attend.
  9. It is soo much better with the new changes. My bf didn't even gray out at all.. Like I said before,we don't have to drive a long distance to experience this type of ride..yay!
  10. Intimidator 305;KD,Sunday,April 3,2011. It is so much better with the new changes.
  11. My bf will be there all day both days,I'll be there from 4-4:30 pm til closing both days(have to work in the morning). Looking forward to riding I305 with the new changes..
  12. Looks like everyone's having a good time. Thanks for posting the pictures.
  13. I voted for it. Hopefully it will be running Opening Day(I'll be there in the afternoon,have to work that morning)..
  14. After many times of trying to get to the site,I finally got through this morning & put my two cents worth in. I voted for I305. I rode it in both forms(pre and post-trimmed)and I still love it. Can't wait til April 2.
  15. Intimidator 305 @ KD,Sunday 10-31-10. Last train of the night(and the opening season of i305). Cold,but it was worth it..
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