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  1. I got mines also, but I got it for FREE because I am a ninja beeyatch! I like the "heavy metal" music....lol...metal. Anywizzle, it's off the hindges and the "Dude, where is my passport" overseas one is my favorite! Great opening. Tomizzle
  2. I don't have any pics, and it's really not a real ride, but back in the day, I built a drum riser like Tommy Lee's from Motley Crue..you know the one he had on the Girls Girls Girls tour, that would rotate upside down and all around while he did a drum solo? I strapped my step sister in it and would flip her around and around and finally it collapsed...lol. That was the lick Tomizzle
  3. I guess I can go ahead and post the pics of Joyland I took over the past few months. Believe it or not, James and I were going to buy it and we paid to have the JogJam reburbished, but because we were unable to sell a few last properties that was holding up the sale, we lost out. But I am glad to hear that it sold. Stan and Margaret Nelson are aweome people and acutally both worked at the park before Stan bought it. At least one of the 3 defunct parks we toured this year will have a new life! Tommy
  4. sUPERMAN kRYTON cOASTER easy. The coaster is great, but the going off the cliff shizzz is the lick. Next would me KrackEnd. Holla
  5. That was off the hindges. I will be posting pics soon from Texas and thanks to Wally, Sea World Tex'as. holla
  6. A source told me that the guy who is helping with the rebuild of starliner wants to put one in at Knoebels. I'm sure it will happen, if not there, somewhere.
  7. That is terrifying! I can only imagine where those hairs are now. Tommizzle" I bet they are in a shrine a la Friday the 13th part 1 style" Fairclizzle
  8. ell oh ell! those sea world pics are not fat people. those are juggapotamuses...there is a difference. Here is a juggapotamus-rex that attacked us at Dollyfood.! Jugga-what?
  9. Red Devil still had the first inversion before the lift hill damn it! So what if the park is not open anymore!
  10. AND don't forget the awesome raft ride with whirlpool effect...that is my fav!
  11. Speakking of Christmas, I bet you used the same song that I am using for my Santa's Land video...which is the same song Dcadon used for HW last year. Nothing will enhance the Rudicoaster experience better than ICPizzle. ooops, I just realized that you are DCAdon....durrr
  12. Cool. We will be there all day on Sunday for shizzle. Holla at me if you are going or send me an email. Tomizzle
  13. I'm a juggalo and a juggaho...like whuuut? I just did our Cypress Gardens video and I used ABK...what a perfect match!
  14. I thought you said the Rudicoaster was your fav when it came to laterials.
  15. No way, Georgia Cycle is the best coaster ev! Lay off the anal drugs!
  16. After have ridden it 365 times over a 30 hour period I can say that it is, ok i guess. Then again it could have been my company:)
  17. Hey, since Monday Oct 10th is a holiday and we gots it off, we thought about heading ova to PKD on Sat the 8th and BGW on the 9th. Since Brian is having his anal problem worked on, he can't go...unless he gets a doughnut. Anyone else goings? Holla Tomizzle
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